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Module 1

The brushes are the part of a DC Generator that transmits the current from the generator to its external circuit.
The standard frequency of alternating current in the United States is 60 Hertz.
What is the multiplier of peak voltage to determine voltage? V X .707
In order of low-speed generator to provide power at the same frequency of high- speed generators, the low- speed generator would need more pairs of poles.
The edison hookup is a common wiring arrangement for a transformer.
In a purely Inductive circuit, the current waveform by 90 degrees.
How do you calculate VA on a transformer? Voltage X Amperage
If the primary winding of a transformer has 100 turns with 240 volts, how many turns will be on the secondary if we have 24 volts? 10
Isolation transformers have a one-to-one ratio.
The speed of a single-phase motor is determined by the number of stator winding and the frequency of the applied voltage.
A split-phase AC motor removes the start winding from the circuit by using a centrifugal switch.
In three-phase motors, in order to provide more starting torque, the stator would be connected in a delta configuration.
In a single-phase motor, the resistance of the run winding will less than that of the start winding.
The proper and safe method of discharging a capacitor is to bleed off the charge using a capacitor- discharging tool.
At approximately 100 mA, shock is likely to be fatal if it lasts more than one second.
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