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The Roman Empire

Vocab for Chapter 7

Civis Romanus Sum I am a Roman citizen
The period of peace and prosperity The Pax Romana
A sports arena that opened in A.D. 80 The Coliseum
A silver coin circulated through the empire to make trade easier Denarius
A long bridege like structure that carried water Aqueduct
What made roads, buildings and bridges possible Concrete
The salaried workers that were in charge of the grain supply, road repair and the postal system Civil Servants or Civil Service
The army of 9,000 stationed in Rome that proteted the emperor The praetorian guard
A blending of two cultures Greco-Roman
The exciting sport held at the Circus Maximus Chariot Racing
Worshiped many gods Polytheists
Worshiped one god Monotheists
Saul the Jew became Paul the Christian
A Jewish revolutionary Zeolot
People who died for their religion Martyrs
Head of the Huns Attila
A philosophy to gain happiness, free the body from painn and free the mind from fear is called Epicureanism
A philosophy of avoiding excesses and accepting death and living a serious sober life is known as Stoicism
The word Stoi means Porch
The most famous Stoic was Marcus Aurelius
A country house Villa
Constantine wisely moved the capital of the empire to Byzantium
The first emperor to persecute Christians Nero
When the Christians wer tortured and killed for entertainment, it was usually done at the Circus Maximus
Minting coins with less silver was a big mistake and caused massive Inflation
This emperor tried reform, but it was too little to late Diocleatian
The emperor who was a pyromaniac Nero
This Wacko emperor appointed his horse consul Caligula
When an emperor died, there was a lot of fighting over who should be the next emperor. This was part of The problem of succession.
The poor lived in seven story buildings build by the government called Tenements
The biggest problem with mercenaries was No loyalties
This emperor believed that a sign from God helped him win a battle so he converted Constantine
This emperor made Christianity the official religion of the empire Constantine
Rome had about this many holidays 150
Fought for other entertainment Gladiators
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