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Eng1 SAT Voc 6 Sen

belittled Caren _____ Henry's fear of the dark by flickering the lights on and off in his room when she knew how scared he would be.
benevolent It was very _____ of Jan to give all of her birthday money to the charity.
candid My mom was being _____ when she told me that the pale yellow dress made me look like I was ill; the color was not good on me.
elucidated The pictures on the recipe further _____ the directions so that my cake turned out perfect.
lucid The man at the bar had had a bit too much to drink and was not very _____ when he spoke.
resolute After my sister was late getting home for the third time, my parents were _____ in their punishment that she would not go out for a month, no matter how much she begged.
irresolute It takes forever for Peyton to order in a restaurant because she is so _____ about what she wants to eat.
inconspicuous The man was _____, hidden in the shadows of the stage; no one even knew he was there.
cynical I hate to be _____ about politicians, but it seems like they are always telling you one thing and doing the opposite.
collaborated The firemen and policemen _____ at the scene to make sure that first aid was administered and those involved in the fighting were taken into custody.
caprice The little girl showed _____ when her dad took the lollipop away from her; she was happy, but now she is wailing.
capricious Mom's _____ nature showed when she went from laughing one minute, to crying the next; boy, those pregnancy hormones are playing with her emotions.
candor It is important to have _____ when you go to a job interview so that the potential employer knows who you really are.
Created by: tonyawheeler


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