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Commission earning based on how much a worker sells
Certificate An official document that proves you have successfully completed specific courses contest
Part time jobs requiring less than 30-40hours a weeks, depending on the employer.
Education in training requirements the instructional background and skills needed to qualify for employment.
Fringe benefits extras provided by employers (other than wages).
Full time job working at least 40 hours per week.
contract worker employers of an employment agency who work for other business on a temporary basis
Global economy worldwide financial management system.
Deduction amount of money taken from an employee's gross pay for taxes, insurance, and social security
job duty a task one is expected to perform on a job
job benefits the extras an employer provides employees in addition to pay.
Job qualifications a special skill, knowledge, or ability that enables a person to perform a particular job
Nontraditional occupation/ Career a career in which a gender has 25 percent or less of total workers.
work schedule a set of numbers of days or hours the employee is expected to work.
salary fixed amount of money earned, regardless of hours worked
License a permit to do a particular thing or allow an activity to take place
Temporary job jobs that last for a limited period of time.
piecemeal wages to be paid based on a quantity produced or number of repetition performed
wages payment for work, usually figured by the hour
self employed/entrepreneur a person who organizes, manages, and assumes the risk of business
seasonal job a form of employment linked to specific periods of the year and sectors
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