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Computer ERM # 4

Computer Terms ERM # 4

Fields from the patient record which can be added to template files to include pt. info. Data dictionary / liquid links
How certain medications will react with pt. conditions & with the presence of food / meds Drug interactions
Where records are selectd based on the the contents of certain fields of information Filter
A field in an exam document indicated by brackets [] where narrative data is entered Bracketed field
History of present illness. A pre-defined section in a patient exam template. HPI
Histry. Also indicates when you can view the history of changes made to a record Hx
Tests, (blood, urine, or other culture) used by providers to assess medical condition Labs
These consolidate info regarding as permanent part of the patient record. Messages
Within gloEMR, this refers to a provider's request for a x-ray or other Dx tests Orders
A process where infomation is placed into A-Z or Z-A order based based on contests of a field Sort
A predefined selection of text that can be used to quickly document an interaction. Tag
A pane on the main gloEMR display showing a list currently assigned to the user logged on. Tasks
Area in the gloemr display where information about the currectly selected pt is displayed. Patient demographics pane
The pane where the list of patients included in the system is displayed. Patient list pane
Area in the gloEMR display where you can selectively view information from the record Patient record pane
A basic billing fuction within goEMR to select a diagnosis code (ICD9), assign a treatment code, DxCPT
Feature that alows you to associate CPT codes, tags, drugs, and paitent education Dx code. SmtCPT (Smart Treatment)
Feature that allows you permanently associate CPT codes, tags, drugs, & pt information SmtDx (Smart Diagnosis)
Feature that allows you to associate a set of labs and/or orders along with a referral letter. SmtOrders (Smart Orders)
Dx Diagnosis
Created by: spawmary