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Wordly Wise Lesson 1

Word List One Grade 6

affection affectionate A fond or tender feeling. Gentle and loving.
appeal To make an earnest, request; to ask. To be of interest to; to be attractive to.
clasp To grasp or hold tightly. A strong grasp or hold. Something, such as a hook or fastener, that holds two parts together.
conspicuous Easily or plainly seen.
contribute To give along with others who are giving. To have a part in bringing about.
declare declaration To make known; to state openly. A public statement.
eloquent Skilled at speaking or writing; having the power to move people.
exhibit To show in public. An item or collection of items in a public show.
ferry A boat that carries people and goods back and forth across a stretch of water. To move people or goods by boat across a stretch of water.
immigrant A person who comes into a country to live there.
lofty Very tall or high. Noble in feeling or ideals. Showing a too-proud or superior attitude.
pedestal A base or support on which something stands.
persecute To treat cruelly or harshly because of political, religious, or other differences.
poverty The state of being poor.
unveil To remove a covering from. To make known or reveal for the first time.
Created by: aabaker
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