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Chapters 22 &23

Study Guide

What do you do if a sterile pack feels wet? Repack and sterilize
What type of laser is used for cutting tissue? Carbon Dioxide Laser
What does dehiscence mean? Separation or opening of the edges of a wound
What is the purpose of epinephrine in a local anesthetic? Cause vasoconstriction and to slow absorption by the body and lengthen the anesthetic's effectiveness
What is a swaged needle? Metal fused to suture material
If extensional surgery, what items are needed? At side? On the filed? Sterile gloves, local anesthetic, antiseptic wipes, adhesive tape, and specimen container with competed laboratory request. Basin for solutions, gauze sponges and cotton balls, antiseptic solution, sterile drape, dissecting scissors, disposable scalpel.
What area is considered sterile? Surgical asepsis
What if you think or see a contamination of the sterile field? Start over
What types of needles are used in the medical office? Curved swaged needles
What does minor surgery in the office include? Procedures that penetrate the body's normally intact surface
Is it possible to sterilize your hands? No
What type of needle is used on skin? Cutting Needles
Can peel apart packages be opened in a sterile filed? Yes
What device uses high-frequency alternations electric current to destroy or cut tissue? Electrosurgery
How would you describe a small amount of wound drainage? Scant
What devices focus high-intensity light in a narrow beam? Laser surgery
What ways can phase one of wound healing be described? Inflammatory, lag, or exudative
What level should sterile items be held? Waist level
How many ways can a peel-back package be opened onto the sterile field? 1 way, Flip
What are some ways a physician to excise lesions? Electrocautery, laser, cryosurgery, or standard surgical
What is the purpose of the chemical name of a drug? It identifies the chemical components of the drug
What is a hypersensitivity to a drug? Drug allergy
What is the classification for a drug whose purpose is to dissolve blood clot? Anticoagulants and thrombolytics
What is the medical assistant's role for medications? Also administer medication under the direct order of a physician
Know examples of bronchodilators Albuterol sulfate, metaproterenol
Why do men and women react differently to certain drugs? The ratio of fat to body mass or fluctuating hormone levels
What indicates a condition or reason when a drug should not be given? Contraindications
If you think any health care professional is diverting controlled substances, Where would you report it? Drug Enforcement Agency and the American Medical Association (AMA)
Know the processes of phoarmacokinetics? Absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion
What is the classification of a medication to prevent or treat nausea? Antiemetic agents
What is the classification of a medication to treat pain? Analgesics
What is the classification of a medication to reduce excitability in the brain? Antianxiety agents
What is the classification of a medication to treat blood clots? Anticoagulants and thrombolytics
What drug may be ordered for parasitic worms? Anthelmintics
What is a drug effect and drug action? Drug effect: physiologic change Drug action: cellular change
What is the study of how drugs act in the body? Pharmacodynamics
What is a idiosyncratic reaction and anaphlyactic reaction? Idiosyncratic reaction: Abnormal or unexpected reaction to a drug peculiar to the individual patient: Not technically an allergy. Anaphylactic reaction:
What is the term for opposite or contrary action of a drug? Antagonism
What is the effect of a drug absorbed by the blood and carried to a organ or tissue? Systemic effect
What route is through the mouth? Sublingual
Created by: Jbrooks1283
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