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Hesi vocabulary

aberration deviation
abrasion scrape, scratch
acrid bitter,caustic,pungent
acute experienced to a severe degree
adverse unfavorable, harmful
ambulate to walk, saunter, stroll
anomalous abnormal,atypical, deviant
aspirate to inhale,to withdrawal fluid
assuage to alleviate, allay ease
atrophy waste away, wither, weaken
bengin not harmful, noncancerous
bifurcate to divide, branch, fork
cadaver corpse, dead body
cathartic invigorating, therapeutic, liberating
caustic corrosive,biting, acerbic
cauterize to burn for curative purposes
chronic persistent long lasting
coagulate clot, congeal, solidify
contagion infection, contamination
contusion bruise, discoloration
corporeal bodily, physical
corpulent fleshy, overweight, fat
deliquesce to melt, liquefy
delirium confusion, disorientation
dilation expansion, stretching, enlargement
dilute to weaken, water down
distend stretch, swell, expand
efficacy effectiveness, value
endemic prevalent, widespread
enervate to weaken, debilitate, enfeeble
excise to remove, eliminate
febrile feverish, flushed
fissure cleft, crack, crevice
flaccid saggy, limp, lifeless
flex to bend, contract
gait walking movement
geriatric elderly senior
gestation pregnancy, development in the womb
gravid pregnant
impervious impermeable, resilient, impenetrable`
infestation invasion, as by a parasite
inflammation swelling, irritation, redness
innocuos harmless, inoffensive
insidious sinister, silent , stealthy
juxtapose to place side by side
latent dormant, underlying, potential
lesion cut, wound, damaged region
lethargic sluggish, inactive, weary
malaise discomfort, dissatisfaction, unease
malignant cancerous, menacing
masticate to chew, chomp, munch
nostrum remedy, potion
noxious harmful, lethal, toxic
obesity fatness, heaviness
ossify to harden, solidify, set
palliative soothing, relieving, easing
palpable tangible, obvious, physical,
papule pimple, swelling
paroxysm convulsion, spasm, outburst
penumbra shadow, shade, obsurity
permeable porous, leaky, penetrable
pernicious deadly, destructive, harmful
postmortem autopsy, examination
prognosis projection, prediction
prone lying facedown
putrefy to decay, rot, molder
quarantine seclusion confinement
quiescent latent, inert, dormant
reflex reaction, impulse, spontaneous effect
resilient flexible, hardy, durable
respiration breathing
respite reprieve, break, rest
senescent aging, maturing
soporific monotonous, hypotonic, sleep inducing
spasm tremor, contraction
stanch stop restrict
succor assistance, aid, help
supine lying on the back
suppurating festering, discharging pus
suture stitching, seam
syndrome patterns of symptoms and signs
tepid lukewarm, apathetic
torpor inactivity, lethargy
toxin poisonous, lethal
transverse crosswise, oblique, slanted
trauma injury, damage, suffering
tremulous shaky, wavering
valve controller, as of material through a passageway
vertiginous dizzy,giddy, reeling
virulent infectious, contagious
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