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south carolina review

How many major regions are in South carolina? What are they? three. Low Country, Midlands, and Up Country
What are the three major regions of South Carolina Up Country, Midlands, and Low Country
What states border South Carolina? North Carolina and Georgia
What ocean borders South Carolina Atlantic Ocean
What are the regions that make up the low country, up country, and the midlands? Blue Ridge, Piedmont, Sandhills, Inner Coastal Plain Region, Outer Coastal Plain Region, Coastal Zone
Which region has table rock, water falls and mountains? Blue Ridge
Which region is nick named "the foothills?" Piedmont
Which region was once the coast of a beach? Sandhills
What major city is located in the Sandhills? Columbia
What major cities is located in the Piedmont Region? Spartanburg, greenville, and Rockhill
What major cities are located in the Coastal Zone Region? Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head Island, North Charleston, Georgetown
Who was responsible for naming Hilton Head Island? William Hilton
Which region is good for growing crops? Inner Coatal Plain Region
Which region has Swamps and marshes? Outer Coastal Plain Region
In what region would you find waterfalls, table rock, and mountains? Blue Ridge
What is a natural resource? those things that are made or found in nature that people need and use
What is one important resource that is used to heat homes, make furniture, and make pencils that is found in nature? wood
What is the name of the river that borders South Carolina and Georgia? Savannah River
What is the river that is shaped like a fork and runs through Orangeburg? Edisto River
Name the four river systems? Savannah, Edisto, Santee, Pee Dee
What words describe South Carolina's climate? Humid Subtropical
Which Region is good for farming? Inner Coastal Plain
If you wanted to visit a place that would allow you to enjoy hiking, Which region of South Carolina would you tour? Blue Ridge
If you wanted to visit a place that would allow you to enjoy swimming, sun tanning, and laying on the warm sands of the beach, which region of South Carolina would you tour? Coastal Zone
If a person visited a place that they were able to take pictures of alligators, explore the swamps, and was possibly swarmed by bugs as they got stuck in thick brushed marshes we could predict that they visited which region of South Carolina? Outer Coastal Region
If I were a farmer and made a living from farming, I would probably live in Which of the following regions. Inner Coastal Region
If you were hungry and wanted to eat some freshly picked peaches, which region would you visit to find a peach orchard? Piedmont Region
If I like wooded areas with cabins, waterfalls, mountains, and table rock, hiking, which region would I most likely visit? Blue Ridge Region
Created by: cfw42