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SSAT roots

Aqua, aque water
auto self
biblio book
bio life
cap take
ible/able changes words into adjectives
chron time
cide, cis cut
ize changes words into verbs
cog, cogn knowledge of
visualize make a mental picture
duce, duct lead
fact, fect, fict make, do
affectation something made up; a pretense
flect, flex bend, turn
fring, fract break
graph, gram picture or writing
greg group, gather
gress, grad move (2)
hydr water
Ject throw
junct join
juris law, justice
logue speaking, speech
loq, loc talk, speak
mand order, command
manu hand
mem, ment: Mind, memory
commemorate to remember with
demented out of one's mind
reminisce to call back memories
mis, miss, mit send
emit to send out
remission state of being sent back
transmit to send across
ped, pod, foot
pel, pulse drive, push
pend, pense hang, weigh
plac please
biped animal that walks on two feet
pedestrian person who is walking
podiatrist foot doctor
tripod an object with three feet
dispel to drive away
propel to push forward
repel to push back
appendix part that hangs, portion of book in the back
impending hanging over something
suspend to hang from
implacable not able to be pleased or appeased
placate to please
fictictious made up, not true
vers/vert turning
contra against
contrary turn back
contrary stubbornly against
versus against
vertigo spinning, turning sensation
avert turn sideways or away, ward off
introvert a person who is turned inward, not social
cosmopolitan representative of many countries
poli belonging to city or government
gen belonging to family or race
nat belonging to birthplace or nation
metropolitan having to do with city
policy plan of action or governing principle
spir breath, alive
photo light
flam fire
flammable able to catch fire
photosynthesis Using sunlight
spirited very alive, lively
respiration act of breathing
deplorable aweful, terrible
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