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Zoological roots

A Without Not Negative
Ab Away from
Ad, Af, An, At To Toward
Adipo Fat
Aero Air Gas Oxygen
Alba White
Ambi, Amphi Both Double
Ana Apart
Ante, Antero Before Previous to
Anti Against
Arthro Joint
Auto Self
Bio Life Live
Bis, bi Two Double
Blast Germ
Brachi Arm
Brevis Short
Bronchi Windpipe
Bulla Blister
Capit Head
Cata Down
Cauda Tail
Cephalo, cranio Head
Chemo Chemical
Chondr Cartilage Granule
Circum Around About
Clast To break
Co With Together
Cost Rib
Cox Hip
Cruci Cross
Cubit Elbow
Cyto Cell
De, Des From Away Lost
Delta Triangle
Dent Tooth
Derm Skin
Dextr Right hand
Di Two Double
Dia Across Through
Diplo Double
Duct Lead
Duo Two
Duo Two
Dura Hard
E, ex, ef Out of From
Ecto On the outside of Outer
Ella, ium, olus, olum, culus, culum, Cle, cule Small thing
En, endo In Inside
Entero Intestine Gut
Epi Upon Above
Erythro Red
Eu True Well Real
Ex, extra Beyond Additional Outside of
Fer Bear Carry Possess
Flex Bending Turning
Gaster Stomach
Gene, gen Producing
Glossa Tongue
Haplo Single Simple
Hem, heme Blood
Hemi Half
Hepato Liver
Hetero Other Different
Histo Tissue
Holo Entire Whole
Homo Alike Same Equal
Hydro, hygro Water
Hyper Above
Hypo Under
Ia, id, Osis, tion, y State of Condition
Im , in In
Infra Below
Inter Between
Intra, intro Into
Iso Same Equal to
Ist, or, er, ite Agent of
Itis Inflammation
Lact Milk
Later, latus Side
Leuco White
Lingua Tongue
Lympho, lyo Water
Macro Large
Maxilla Jaw
Meso Middle
Meta Between Beyond After
Micro Small
Mito Thread
Mono One Single
Morph Form
Myo Muscle
Necro Dead
Neo New
Nephro Kidney
Neuro Nerve
Nom, onomy Name
Nuc Nut
O, ovo Egg
Ob In front of Inverse
Oid Resemblance
Oligo Few
Ortho Straight
Osse, ost, os Bone
Para Side by side Near
Pariet Wall
Ped Foot
Peri Around
Phage, phag To eat
Phile To love Require Attraction
Photo Light
Physis To grow
Plasm, plast Anything formed
Pleur Side
Pod, ped Foot
Poly Many
Post, postero After Hind part
Pre Before
Proctum Anus
Proto First
Pseudo False
Pteron, pter Wing
Pulmo Lung
Quadr Four
Re, retro Again Turn back Turn again
Rect Straight
Ren Kidney
Rhage, rhea Flow
Sagitta Arrow
Sarc Flesh
Scler Hard
Sect To cut
Semi Half Part way
Septa Wall
Soma Body
Stasis Stop Stand
Stom Mouth
Sub Under Below
Super, supra Over Above Beyond
Sym, syn Together Resemble
Tel, tele Far Distant
Teres Round
Tetra Four
Thyro Door Shield
Tom To cut
Tri Three
Troph Nourishment Growth Food
Uni One
Vaso Vessel
Villi Shaggy
Viscer Organs
Vita Life
Zoo Animal
Zygo Join United Yoked together
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