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Anatomy Root words

a-, an- Absence or Lack
Angi- Vessel
Arthr-, Arthro- Joint
Brady- Slow
Bronch- Windpipe
Cardi-, Cardio- Heart
Cephal- Head
Cyt-, Cyto- Cell
Crani-, Cranio- Skull
Ect-, Ecto- Out, Outside, Away From
Epi- Over, Above
Exo- Outside, Outer Layer
Extra- Outside, Beyond
Gastr-, Gastro- Stomach
Hem-, Hemo- Blood
Hepat- Liver
Hist- Tissue
Hyper- Excess
Hypo- Below, Deficient
Inter- Between
Intra- Within, Inside
Iso- Equal, Same
Leuk-, Leuko- White
Lip-, Lipo- Fat, Lipid
Macr-, Marco- Large
Mes-, Meso- Middle
Nephr-, Nephro- Kidney
Neur-, Neuro- Nerve
Ocul-, Oculo- Eye
Odont-, Odonto- Teeth
Osteo- Bone
Path-, Patho- Disease, Sickness
Peri- Around
Post- After
Pseud-, Pseudo- False
Super-, Supra- Above
Tachy- Rapid
Therm- Heat
Visc-, Viscero- Interal Organs
-algia Pain in a certain part
-blast Bud or Germ
-emia In the blood
-gen To be produced
-itis Inflammation
-ectomy, -tomy Cutting
-logy, -ology Study of
-lysis Loosening or Breaking
-oma Tumor
-osis Abnormal Increase in Production
-stasis Standing Still
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