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Med/Surg Terms

Head crani-
Eye optic-, opt-
Ear ot-
Nose nas-rhin-
Mouth stomat-
Pharynx pharyngo-
Tooth odont-
Mind psych-
Brain cephal-
Nerve neur-
Spine spino-
Neck cervic-
Throat pharyngo-, fauci, laryngo
Windpipe trache-
Chest thorac
Chest lining (membrane) pleur-
Lungs pneum-, pulm-
Heart cardi-, cordi-
Artery arteri-
Vein phleb-, vene,
Blood, Bleeding hema-, emia
Gland aden-, adeno-
Life bio
Rib cost-, costo-
Pelvis pelvi-
Arm brachi-
Hand chir-, man-
Leg mel-
Foot ped-, pod-
Bone ossi-, osti-
Marrow myel-
Joint arthr-
Cartilage chondr-
Gullet esophag-
Stomach gastro-
Liver gastr-, hepae-, adeno-
Belly abdomin-
Cell cyt-
Cancer carcin-, carcino-
Tissue hist-, histio-
Body somat-, somato-
Movement -duction
Gall Bladder cholecyst-
Intestines enter-, colo-
Kidney nephr-, ren-
Kidney pelvis pyel-
Breast mamm-
Ovary ovari-
Woumb uter-, hyster-
Testicle orchi-
Skin derm-, epithel-
Muscle myo-
cutting -sect
puncturing -centesis
breaking (remedy a deformity) -clasia
dilation -ectasis
removing, cut out -ectomy, -tomy
making an opening -ostomy
a process or its result -iasis
inflammation expansion -itis
knowledge of, science of -ology
gradual decline -lysis
measure instrument -meter
cutting instrument -tome
tumor, swelling -oma
use of heat displacement -thermy
condition of state caused by -osis
disease -pathy
fixation -lexy
molding, repairing -plasty
bursting forth -rrhagia
suturing, sewing -rrhaphy
flowing -rrhea
instrument of examination -scope
dilation or -extasis
sensation -esthesia
graphic record -gram
graphic recording instrument -graph
incision into a part -otomy
lack of -penia
downward -ptosis
breath -pnea
away from ab-
without a-, an-
to, at ad-
before ante-
position in front of antero-
against anti-
slow brady-
through dia-
difficult, painful, unusual dys-, dis-
outside of ecto-
electric electro-
within, inside endo-
upon epi-
out of, away from ex-, ec-
over, excessive hyper-
under, below less hypo-
below, after infra-
around circum-
large macro-
excessively large mega-
new neo-
within intra-
bad mal-
middle (half way) medio-
middle of meso-
beyond, more than meta-
beside, beyond para-
surrounding peri-
many, several poly-
grayish polio-
false psuedo-
backward retro-
beneath sub-
above super-, supra-
across, beyond trans-
beyond ultra-
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