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ABO (NOCE) Practice

Q&A Chapter 6 Instrumentation & Regulations + Standards

The __________ is the single most important and most frequently used instrument in the optical dispensary. lensometer
The lensometer may also be refered to as a _________ or a vertometer. focimeter
True or False: A lensometer is capable of measuring lens thickness. False
True or False: A lensometer is capable of measuring the amount of prism in a lens. True
True or False: A lensometer is capable of measuring the direction of prism base. True
True or False: A lensometer is capable of determining the lens material. False
When verifying a lens from a known prescription what is the first step to do before positioning a lens in the lensometer? Focus the eyepiece
What is the Latin term for Right Eye? Oculus Dexter
What is the Latin term for Left Eye? Oculus Sinister
The lensometer reticle measures for ____ prism
Quadrant 2 in OS is Base ___ or ___ in or up
Quadrant 3 in OD is Base ___ or ___ out or down
Quadrant 4 in OS is Base ___ or ___ out or down
Quadrant 1 in OS is Base ___ or ___ out or up
Quadrant 1 in OD is Base ___ or ___ in or up
Quadrant 4 in OD is Base ___ or ___ in or down
A _______ _____ traces the eye wire and makes a pattern. pattern maker
A ______ _______ blocks the lenses and can affix a chuck. layout blocker
"___ ______" - cut certain plastic lenses, especially polycarbonate. Dry Edgers
"___ ______" - not meant to cut polycarbonate lenses. Wet Edgers
A ____ _____ cuts lenses, reduces bevel, removes sharpness on a safety bevel. Hand Edger
A ______ _____ will create a groove in the edge of the lens. Groove Maker
A _____ _____ creates holes in the lenses for rimless frame styles. Drill Press
What does HMO stand for? Health Maintenance Organization
What does PPO stand for? Preferred Provider Plan
What does EPO stand for? Exclusive Provider Plan
What can not be dispensed or used past their expiration date and are regulated by the FDA? Contact Lenses
What does ANSI stand for? American National Standards Instiute
What does FDA stand for? Food and Drug Administration
Managed care Medicare Providers must retain records for ___ years. 10
The traditional statute of limitations was set at ___ or more years, depending on state law. 3
HIPAA and CMS requires records to be retained for ___ years after the closure of the cost report. 5
HIPAA requires a covered entity, such as a physician billing medicare, to retain required documentation for ___ years from the date of its creation or the date when it was last in effect, whichever is later. 6
What does FMLA stand for? Family Medical Leave Act
What is the size of the steel ball used in the drop test to test standard lenses? 5/8 inch
What is the size of the steel ball used in the drop test to test safety lenses? 1 inch
At what height is used to drop the steel ball in the drop test? 50 inches
Created by: burukkusu
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