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11-12 Antibody structure and function

What is the adaptive immune system? Acquired immune system, antigen specific immune response that keeps memory of infectious agents
What cells are in the adaptive immune system? B lymphocytes, antibodies, and T cells
What is the most common cell surface protein? Glycoprotein
Describe the structure and function of integral proteins Span the entire membrane, hydrophobic part that anchors the lipid in the membrane, hydrophillic on the extracellular side (extracellular molecule interaction) and hydrophillic part on the cytoplasmic side (intracellular molecule interaction)
What can cell surface proteins act as antigens
What makes a good antigen? Highly folded, uneven charge distribution, size,
What are most antigens made out of? Protein
How does the immune system use surface proteins to make antibodies? APCs phagocytose foreign cell, fuse lysosome with phagosome, digests foreign cell into many immunogens
What cells do APCs present immunogen to? Th2 cells
What does the immunogen cause th2 cells to do stimulate B cells to become plasma cells make antibodies against that immunogen.
Lymph system is a part of which immune system? adaptive
Describe lymphokinetic motion and pressure gradient Highest pressure: blood capillaries -> interstitial fluid-> lymph caplillaries->llymph veins->lymph ducts->Large circulatory veins: Lowest pressure
Describe the role of the Lymphatic circulatory system in the immune system important for removal of large molecules ie proteins, Transit for immune cells ie dendritic cells
How do DCs travel and adhese Released from epithelium and travel in the interstitial current into the lymph system. then makes new adhesion molecules that anchor the lymph nodes
How do antibodies function? Bind to antigen and allow destruction via phagocytosis and the complement system. Used after innate system
what are antibodies?
What are the five classes of abs IgM, G, A, D, E
What abs have the y shape? G, D, and E
What abs have the double Y shape? A
What abs have the 5 Y shape? Ig M
What are the bifunctions of all but IgD Recognize and bind Ag and promote the killing of the ag-ab complex
What holds together ab dimer and pentomer J chains
Describe IgG Most common, complement activation , pposinzation, neonatal immunity
IgM? Early Ab, pentamer on surgace of B cells
Ig A? Mucosal surfaces
IgE? Monomer bound to basophils and mast cells
How many immunogens do each ab fight? Only one
What imp. structural features are required for ab-ag binding shape of ab most complement ag, charge must complement, # of charges must be sufficient to hold the complex together, and configuration of both is altered
What does the hinge region do? Makes for a better fit
What tests are used to detect ags? Agglutination, precipitation, ELISA, and monoclonal antibodies. Labeling antibody and measuring turbidity of a solution via light scattering are also used.
What is agglutination? particulate antigens ie rbc, bacteria. USe for infectious agents or to classify blood types
What is preciptation used for> soluble antigens-solution or on gel
Elisas are used for what? detecting ag
Steps of PCr? denature, anneal, elongate
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