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ABO (NOCE) Practice

Q&A Chapter 2 Basic Optical Principles

1 meter is equal to _____ inches (in) 39.37
1 inch is equal to ____ millimeters (mm) 25.4
1 meter is equal to __ decimeters 10
1 meter is equal ___ centimeters 100
1 meter is equal to ____ millimeters 1000
Visible light is how many nanometers? 390 to 750
What are the three types of UV (Ultra Violet) A, B and C
What is the most dangerous UV type? C
What UV type causes sunburn and may contribute to cataracts? A
What UV type causes sunburn, corneal burn, retinal damage and cataracts over time? B
Sun light, molten glass, metal and lava are what type of radiation? Infrared
The __________ is the distance from the crest of one wave to the crest of another. Wavelength
The highest point of the wave is call the _____ crest
The lowest point of the wave is called the ______ trough
When rays of light diverge and radiate outwardly in all directions from their source. This is known as... Radiant Energy
The number of times the crest or trough of a wave passes a point in space in a given unit of time is known as the... Frequency
What does CR-39 stand for? Columbia Resin #39
What is the standard index of refraction used in the optical industry? (Also known as the Geneva Standard) 1.53
What is the index of refraction of the Cornea? 1.37
What is the index of refraction of the Crystalline lens? 1.42
What is the index of refraction of the Vitreous Humor? 1.333
What is the index of refraction of Flint Glass? 1.805
When light hits a lens there are 3 things that happen. What are those three things? Absorption, Transmission and Reflection
Light is always bent toward the ____ of a prism. base
What will a prism do? Displace the image to the apex
Two prisms that are placed base to base will form a ____ lens. Plus
Two prisms that are placed apex to apex will form a _____ lens. Minus
Base up prism in a minus lens will produce prism _____ the pupil. below
Base out prism in a minus lens will produce prism _____ in
Base up prism in a plus lens will produce prism _____ the pupil. above
Base out prism in a plus lens will produce prism ___ out
What is the index of refraction for air? 1.00
The power of the prism is equal to the power of the lens in diopters times the amount of decentration in millimieters divided by 10. What is the name of this Formula? Prentice's Rule
Created by: burukkusu
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