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SAT Words 4

of 1000

adhere (n.) to stick to something (We _____d the poster to the wall with tape.) 2. (n.)to follow devoutly (He _____d to the dictates of his religion without question.)
admonish (v.) to caution, criticize, reprove (Joe’s mother ______d him not to ruin his appetite by eating cookies before dinner.)
adorn (v.) to decorate (We _____d the tree with ornaments.)
adroit (adj.) skillful, dexterous (The _____ thief could pick someone’s pocket without attracting notice.)
adulation (n.) extreme praise (Though the book was pretty good, Marcy did not believe it deserved the _____ it received.)
adumbrate (v.) to sketch out in a vague way (The coach ______d a game plan, but none of the players knew precisely what to do.)
adverse (adj.) antagonistic, unfavorable, dangerous (Because of _____ conditions, the hikers decided to give up trying to climb the mountain.)
advocate 1. (v.) to argue in favor of something (Arnold _____d turning left, even though the directions said right.) 2. (n.) a person who argues in favor of something (Arnold was also a great _____ of increasing national defense spending.)
aerial (adj.) somehow related to the air (We watched as the fighter planes conducted _____ maneuvers.)
aesthetic (adj.) artistic, related to the appreciation of beauty (We hired Susan as our interior decorator because she has such a fine _____ sense.)
affable (adj.) friendly, amiable (People like to be around George because he is so _____ and good-natured.)
affinity (n.)a spontaneous feeling of closeness (Jerry didn’t know why, but he felt an incredible _____ for Kramer the first time they met.)
affluent (adj.) rich, wealthy (Mrs. Grebelski was _____, owning a huge house, three cars, and an island near Maine.)
affront (n.) an insult (Bernardo was very touchy, and took any slight as an _____ to his honor.)
aggrandize (v.) to increase or make greater (Joseph always dropped the names of the famous people his father knew as a way to _____ his personal stature.)
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