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Intro to HAMS 1

Alternative Therapies Method of treatment used in place of biomedical therapies
Geriatric Care Care of the elderly
Complementary Therapies Method of treatment used in conjunction with biomedical therapies
Holistic Health Care Care that promotes physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual well being
Pandemic A infectious disease that affects many people over a wide geographic area; a worldwide epidemic
Cost Containment Procedures used to control costs or expenses
Home Health Care ANy type of health care provided in a patient's home environment
Telemedicine The use of video, audio, and computer systems to provide medical and/or health care services
Diagnostic Related Groups Method of classifying diagnoes into specific pament or reimbursement categories
Integrative Health Care A form of healt care that uses both mainstream medical treatments and complementary and alternative therapies to treat a patient
Wellness state of being in good health; well
OBRA Federal Law that regulates the education and testing of nursing assistants (CNAs)
Primitive Times Believed that illness and diseases were caused by supernatural spirits and demons
Primitive Times Tribal witch doctors treated illness with ceremonies to drive out evil spirits
Primitive Times Herbs and plants used as medicines, and some are still used today
Primitive Times Trepanation or tephining was used to treat insanity and epilepsy
Trepanation boring a hole in the skull
20 years What was the average life span in primitive times?
Ancient Egyptians Earliest people known to maintain accurate health records
True True or false: the Ancient Egyptians called upon the gods to heal them when disease occured.
Priests Who were considered physicians in Ancient Egypt?
20 to 30 years What was the average life span in Ancient Egypt?
False True or False: The ancient Chinese made many advancements in anatomy and physiology due to their frequent dissections of the human body
Pulse What did the Ancient Chinese monitor closely?
Ancient Chinese Which ancient civilization used accupuncture often?
20 to 30 years What was the average life span in ANcient China?
Hippocrates Who is considered the Father of Medicine?
Ancient Greeks Which civilization began a more modern study of medicine?
Hippocratic Oath Hippocrates was a huge believer in ethics which lead him to develop what. (It's taken by every doctor who completes training)
Aristotle Who is the father of comparative anatomy?
Ancient Greeks What was the first civilization to believe that disease was caused by natural causes instead of a curse from the gods?
Hippocrates Who first stressed the importance of a good diet, fresh air, cleanliness, and exercise to human health?
Ancient Romans Who were the first to have public health and sanitation systems?
25 to 35 years What was the average life span in Ancient Greece and Rome?
Dark Ages When was the study of medicine prohibited?
Dark Ages When was prayer used to treat illness and disease?
75% The bubonic plague killed what percentage of Europe in the Middle Ages?
Bubonic plague, diptheria, malaria, smallpox, syphillis, TB, and typhoid Name the major diseases/pandemics of the Middle Ages
Rhazes Who is the Arab Hippocrates?
Rhazes Who began to use animal gut for suture and suggested that pathogens could be blood-bourne?
Renaissance What time period is considered to be the rebirth of medicine?
Leonardo Da Vinci Used dissection to make anatomically correct drawings. His findings increased the understanding of anatomy and physiology
Ambroise Pare WHo is the father of modern surgery?
Gabriel Fallopius Who identified the fallopian tubes?
William Harvey Who discovered how blood circulates to and from the heart?
Anton van Leewenhoek WHo invented the microscope?
16th and 17th centuries Ambroise Pare, Gabriel Fallopius, William Harvey, and Anton van Leewenhoek made advancements in medicine in which century?
Gabriel Fahrenheit Who created the first mercury thermometer?
Benjamin Franklin Who invented bifocals?
James Lind Who used citrus to treat scurvy?
Edward Jenner Who developed the smallpox vaccine by innoculating a young boy with cow pox?
18th century Gabriel Fahrenheit, Benjamin Franklin, James LInd, and Edward Jenner made advancements in medicine in which century?
Rene Lanennec Who invented the stethoscope?
Ignaz Semmelweis Who encouraged physicians to wash their hands after performing autopsies and before delivering babies after discovering its correlation to child bed fever?
Florence Nightingale Who is the founder of modern nursing?
Elizabeth Blackwell Who was the first female physician in the United States?
Dorothea Dix WHo founded the international red cross?
Louis Pasteur Who developed a rabies vaccine and the concept of pasteurizing things such as milk?
Gregory Mendel Who is the father of Genetics that established the science of heredity and simple dominant/recessive gene relationships?
Joseph Lister Who started using disinfectants during surgery?
Clara Barton WHo founded the AMerican Red Cross? She was also known as the angel of the battlefield
Robert Koch WHo is called the Father of MIcrobiology and also developed the culture plate method?
Wilhelm Roentgen WHo developed x-rays?
19th century Rene Lanennec, Ignaz Semmelweis, Florence Nightingale, Dorothea Dix, Louis Pasture, Gregory Mendel, Joseph Lister, Clara Barton, Robert Koch, Wilhelm Roentgen, and Elizabeth Blackwell all made advancements in medicine in which century?
Marie Curie Who was the first to isolate Radium?
Sigmund Freud Who made major advancements in the field of psychology and discovered the conscious and unconscious mind (as well as studying psychosomatic illness)?
Alexander Fleming WHo developed penicillin?
Gerhard Domagk WHo developed sulfa drugs?
Jonas Salk WHo developed the polio vaccine?
Franklin, Watson, and Crick Who discovered the structure of DNA?
20th century The following people made medical advancements in which century? Marie Curie Sigmund Freud Alexander Fleming Gerhard Domagk Jonas Salk Franklin, Watson, and Crick Christiaan Barnard
OBRA 1) NA must take an approved training program; 2) Pass a written and skills test; 3) Requires cont ed and skill evaluations provided by employer; and 3) if does not work for 2 or more yrs has to retake class & pass test. These are the requirements set by
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