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Medical terminology

Macro Large; visible to the naked eye
Micro Small;not visible with the naked eye
Hyper High;above normal; elevated
Hypo Low; below normal; decreased
Eu/ normo Normal
Pan/ omni All
A/ An Absent; lacking
Megalo Large; larger than average
Mono Single; singular
Di Two; double
Tri Three; triple
Quad Four; quadruple
Poly Many; a lot
Oligo Few; several; very little
Tachy Rapid; fast
Brady/ Brachy Slow
Epi/ Peri/ Circum Around
Endo/ Intra Inside; inner; interior
Exo/ Extra Outside; outer; exterior
Inter Between
Trans Across
Dia/ Per Through; complete
Medi(o/a) Middle
Para Nearby
Juxta Next to; beside; adjacent
Ab Away
Ad Toward
Dis To separate
Chromo/ Chromato Color
Leuko White
Erythro Red
Cyano Blue
Chloro Green
Melan Black
Flav Yellow
Homeo Body
Cephalo Head
Cerv Neck
Thoraco Chest
Abdomeno Abdominal
Pelvoli Pelvic
Periton Peritoneum
Derm Skin/ dermis
Neuro Nerve
Hemo Blood
Arterio/ Angio Arteries
Veno/ Veria Venous (veins)
Vasculo Vascular
Myo/ sarco Muscle
Skelet Skeleton; bones
Osteo Bones
Cyto Cell
Cyte Cell: cellular
Thyro Thyroid
Tracheo Trachea
Esophago Esophagus
Thymo Thymus
Masto/ Mammo Mammary gland
Pulmo/ pneumo Lung
Cardio Heart
Gastro Stomach
Hepato Liver
Cholecysto Gallbladder
Spleno Spleen
Pancreato Pancreas
Adreno Adrenal gland
Nephro Kidney
Entero Intestines
Colo Colon/ large intestine
Ology Study of
Philia Love of
Phobia Fear of
Tension Pressure
Xia Oxygen
Capnea Carbon dioxide
Pnea Air
Ase Enzyme
Created by: Stardemonialv



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