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Law & Ethic Mid Term

Medical Law & Ethics Mid Term

Define Ethics Set of moral standards not laws
Define Bioethics Moral issues that arise as a result of science & technology
Define Law Rule enforced by a governing authority
Define professional courtesy / manners / etquette Customs and courtesies shown to other profes-sionals, involves discounts or waiver of fee
Example of professional courtesy Placing a Dr. on hold & getting your Dr. to the phone
Hippocrates wrote what Oath of Hippocrates,
Nickname for Hippocrates considered the 'Father of Medicine'
Who wrote the first official code of ethics for physicians English physician Thomas Percival
Who wrote the Principles of Medical Ethics American Medical Assication in 1847, it has four sections
What is the Principles of Medical Ethics about Morels not laws / ethical guidelines for physicians
What does the ethical problem ethical distress mean Course of action is indicated but something stops action. (wear gloves to handle blood)
Ethical problem - Ethical dilemma (Can be called caught between rock & hard place) Two choices are acceptable/correct but doing one stops the other - something will be lost
What does the ethical problem Dilemmas of Justice mean Choices about who receives benefits / Organ donation & distribution of scarce meds
What does ethical problem - Locus of Authority issues mean Two authority figures have own ideas but only 1 will prevail/ 1 says surgery 1 Dr. no
What is step one of ethical decision making Gather relevant information
What is step two of ethical decision making Identify the type of ethical problem
What is step three of ethical decision making Determine the ethics approach to use
What is step four of ethical decision making Explore the practical alternatives
What is step five of ethical decision making Completing the action
What is Euthanasia Removing life support when there is no evidence of biologic life with the support
Who cannot make the decision to 'pull the plug' The doctor
What kind of ethical problem is euthanasia Ethical dilemmas
What does Durable Power of Attorney in Health care mean Instructions of health care prior to becoming incapacitated
Who does Federal law require get Durable Power of Attorney information Medicare / Medicaid patients
What must a Dr. follow about a Clinical Study & investigation Due concern for welfare, safety, & comfort of the patient whether they do test or refer
What is AMA opinion of Clinical Study & investigation They recognizes the value of Clinical trials & investigations
What does the participant get paid for a Clinical Study Nothing - Voluntary; written consent required
What does interprofessional relationships mean Dr. is free to choose who they want to treat / can refuse anyone
What is step one to drop an established patient Letter of withdrawl
What is step two to drop an established patient Physician considers patient's illness
What is step three to drop an established patient Consides availability of another physician
What can happen if a doctor does not follow proper termination steps He / she can be charged with abandoment
What is something a doctor should consider before refering a patient Will that person receive competent treatment
What is 'News in the public domain' Information considered public record
Who in the medical can release information considered public knowledge or record Only the Physician
What are some examples of public domain births, deaths, accidents and police cases
Examples of personal information included in 'Public Domain' Name, address, age, sex, merital status, boss, job, next of kin, names of parents
Examples of other information considered 'Public Domain' Nature of accident, Diagnosis, prognosis, Patient's general condition
What information is NOT considered 'Public Domain' Test results, x-ray findings, lab, autopsy reports
What fees and charges are allowed missed appointment if patient knows below and it is posted
What is another fee and charges that are allowed Requiring payment at time of service
What fee is unethical Charge for admitting patient to hospital
What is fee splitting A doctor accepts payment from another doctor for referral of a patient/ lab/ drug co.
What is the main requirement of medical advertising Must be factual information and not misleading
What is not allowed concerning advertising Testimonials or statements regarding quality of care/ subjective considered misleading
What is Ghost surgery Substitution of another physician without patient consent
Who owns a patients record The physician or site where record is generated such as a hospital or clinic
Medical records are considered confidential Must have permission to release info unless required by law
What is it called if a patients record is released without permission breach of confidentiality or invasion of privacy
What are some examples of what must be reported to the State by law Communicable diseases, animal bites, drug/child abuse, violent wounds, fugitive
What happens to a patients record if doctor dies, retires or moves Patient must give consent for record to be transfered
If patient can not be reached for consent to transfer record what happens to record Cannot be thrown away, must stored or destroyed
How long must records for patients covered by medicaid or medicare be kept 5 years
What is the Scope of practice Guidelines that designate the limits of your practice
What is part one of the AAMA Code of Ethics Render service with full respect for the dignity of humanity
What is part two of the AAMA Code of ethics respect confidential information
What is part three of the AAMA Code of Ethics Uphold honor, high principles of the profession & accept its disciplines
What is part four of the AAMA Code of Ethics Continue to improve the knowledge & skills of MA for benefit of pt & colleagues
What is part five of the AAMA Code of Ethics Help with community activies aimed at health and well-being
What is part one of the AAMA creed Believe in the principles & purposes of the profession of Medical assisting
What is part two of the AAMA creed Endeavor to be more effective
What is part three of the AAMA creed Aspire to render greater service
What is part four of the AAMA creed Protect the confidence entrusted to me
What is part five of the AAMA creed Dedicated to the care & well-being of all people
What is part six of the AAMA creed Loyal to my employer
What is part seven of the AAMA creed True to the ethics of my profession
What is part eight of the AAMA creed Strengthened by compassion, courage & faith
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