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Edge Exam

Real Test #10

Records of maintenance and repair for sterilizers should contain all but which of the following information? name of person requesting repairs
To enhance air removal and steam penetration drapes and sheets should be fan-folded
Bloodborne pathogens are: pathogenic microorganisms present in human blood
Which of the following is the most widely used method of sealing pouches? heat sealing
You have identified and resolved a work task-related problem. This is known as: process improvement
Sterile packages should be arranged and maintained to allow stock rotation where the oldest items are used first. This method is known as FIFO
The healthcare department that is responsible for researching, ordering, and receiving inventory is which of the following? Materiel Management Department
To properly care for and handle battery-powered instruments you would do all but which of the following? Never immerse handpieces, attachments, or batteries in any solution except pure water.
Moving the correct items in appropriate quantities to the right places at the right times in the most cost-effective manner by the appropriate personnel is the goal of which of the following? distribution
Some products are more effective in hot water because molecules move more quickly. Temperatures for hot water range from 120° F to 165° F
Which of the following applies statistical methods to improve work processes? continuous quality improvement
The flexible connective tissue that provides framework to the body is which of the following? cartilage
If a staff member speaks to you but fails to say what is meant this is known as which of the following? passive communication
The sterilization process cannot produce a sterile device if it has not first been: cleaned
The most commonly used packaging material for small instruments and light-weight items is which of the following? peel pack
The term for the percentage of the total amount of vapor the atmosphere could hold without condensation is relative humidity
Which of the following situations would be inappropriate for the storage area environment? negative air pressure
Peracetic acid formulation is available for single-use in an automatic endoscope reprocessor (AER). Concentrated liquid peracetic acid is diluted with a buffer, surfactant, and anti-corrosive dry powder to the recommended dilution of: 2000 ppm
Many facilities use the term “R-A-C-E” to help staff recall appropriate fire response procedures. All of the following are part of this acronym EXCEPT: Act with haste.
Which of the following is used to make sure that instruments sets are complete and in proper order? tray list
Drapes and sheets should be fan-folded for which of the following reasons? to enhance air removal and steam penetration
To allow users of sterile items to determine if the packaging has been opened, which of the following is used? tamper-evident seals
Storage room temperature should be: 75° F or less
There are a number of different ways to replenish inventories. The system in which the desired amount of products which should be on hand is established, and inventory replenishment returns the products to this level is which of the following? periodic automated replenishment system
A variety of methods and types of equipment are used for the transport, delivery, and storage of items. The most common means of transport and storage is which of the following? distribution carts
A sterilizer that uses higher temperatures for shorter exposure times is which of the following? flash sterilizer
The main difference between renting and leasing patient care equipment is: Renting is more cost-effective.
Documentation of employee injuries is required by which of the following? OSHA
The distribution system in which a cart is prepared and stored until it is needed for a procedure, at which time it is delivered to the customer is which of the following? case-cart distribution system
The most important aspect of manual cleaning is to physically remove deposits by the use of which of the following? friction
Which of the following would NOT be a valid purpose of inventory management? maximize capital charge on average inventory
Which of the following active listening techniques involves helping others see their concerns in a new light? reframing
All of the following are examples of manual tracking systems EXCEPT: bar codes
Packaging used for steam sterilization must be capable of withstanding high temperatures of 250° F to 275° F
Manual cleaning to physically remove deposits that were not removed, or were only softened during the pre-soak is done by the use of friction
Involuntary or visceral muscles are which of the following? smooth muscle
A listing of each staff member’s telephone number that can be used to inform them to report to work in an emergency is called a call-back roster
Which of the following personnel is responsible for insuring that patient care equipment is ready to use, clean, safe, and functional? central service technicians
Radio frequency chips applied to a device allow for proper tracking of the device
To facilitate the cleaning process, the water temperature for manual cleaning should be below which of the following degrees Fahrenheit? 110
When must a written exposure control plan that summarizes the employers program for the protection of workers from occupational exposure to blood-borne diseases be reviewed and updated? annually and whenever new tasks or procedures affecting occupational exposures are instituted
In terms of the hierarchy of disease-producing agents, prions are destroyed by which of the following? extended sterilization times
Infections which are health care-acquired or associated are: nosocomial infections
Once instruments have been properly decontaminated, which of the following is important to help assure surgeon satisfaction and patient safety? functional checks
The killing of all forms of microbial life is done by: sterilization
Perkins describes all of the following as a general procedure for loading and operating a dry-heat sterilizer EXCEPT: Always load the chamber to its maximum limit.
The sterility assurance level (SAL) can best be defined as which of the following? the probability of a viable microorganism being present on a product unit after sterilization
Of the OSHA personnel conduct violations, the one in which there is a substantial probability that death or serious physical harm could result and that the employer knew or should have knowns of the hazard is serious
Crash carts and disaster carts are types of which distribution system? specialty-cart distribution
When equipment fails to function as it should, which of the following is done? repair
Contaminated items must be labeled with fluorescent orange or orange-red biohazard labels. Labels are not required when using red bags or containers
Sterilization packaging is classified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as which Class of device? Class II
A Central Service Technician should help peers to achiever their highest possible levels of job satisfaction This is part of which of the following? human relations
In the medical term “hemicolectomy” the prefix word element means half
Three types of errors that impact quality in the patient equipment area are: inadvertent, intentional and those resulting from incompetence
All drapes and sheets should be fan-folded. This is most important for which of the following reasons? to enhance air removal and steam penetration
Air exchanges in the CSD sterile storage area should be at the rate of 4 per hour
A biological indicator must conform with USP testing standards. A control test must be performed how often in each sterilizer? at least weekly
Water soluble lubricants designed for surgical instruments were originally designed as which of the following? rust inhibitors for drills
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has all of the following responsibilities EXCEPT: promoting health and quality of life by responding to health emergencies
If a CSD technician uses a large cart of items to replenish each area back to the desired preset level, this is which type of distribution system? par-level restocking system
Each of the following statements in regard to the Department of Transportation’s role impacting Central Service Departments is accurate EXCEPT: State or local regulations may be more restrictive than federal regulations and, in these cases, regulations with the least stringent provisions apply.
The instrument that is used to move tissues and organs to keep them exposed during surgery is which of the following? retractor
A defibrillator, a wall suction unit, and a sequential compression unit are examples of which of the following? patient care equipment
Which of the following statements about chemical indicators in the sterilization process is least accurate? A chemical indicator cannot verify exposure to a sterilization process.
Packaging choices for dry heat sterilization must be able to tolerate 2 – 3 hours of exposure time and a temperature of 320° F to 400° F
Too much or too little environmental humidity can adversely affect package seals and the adherence of sterilization indicator tape and other labels. For this reason and others, sterile storage areas should maintain a relative humidity not to exceed: 70%
It is very important to monitor water temperature when using enzymatic detergents. The chemical reaction can be affected by temperatures above 40° C
Insuring that an item can be quickly located and measuring item usage are factors in which of the following? equipment tracking process
In the central service department which of the following is the single most important method of preventing cross-contamination? handwashing
Which of the following materials is suitable for use in a gas plasma sterilization process? polypropylene wrappers
According to the Spaulding classification, cystoscopes are considered: semi-critical
A control biological indicator (BI) test, with the same lot number as the BI test packs being used must be processed how often? once a day
The percentage of items unavailable when an order is placed for sterile items is known by which of the following terms? inventory stock out rate
Which of the following pieces of equipment is used to relieve pressure of a blockage in the intestines? gastric suction unit
Items to be sterilized are completely immersed in which of the following sterilization processes? liquid chemical
Assets that are relatively expensive and are of considerable durability are known as which of the following? capital equipment
Some detergents used in cleaning with hard water can form other chemicals made from minerals. These are called precipitates
Which of the following would not be considered a nonwoven packaging material? synthetic textile blends
Many facilities use the acronym RACE to help staff recall appropriate fire response procedures. Each of the following is part of this response plan EXCEPT: aerate room
OSHA published the Blood-borne Pathogen's Standard in: 1991
The funds which an organization has available to conduct its daily activities is called working capital
The ability to mentally place oneself in another person’s situation to better understand the person and to share the emotions or feelings of that person is which of the following? empathy
Saturated steam under pressure is the most economical and reliable method of sterilization. Steam permeates and heats through the process of: condensation
Which of the following channels of communication is the LEAST effective? bulletins
The types of woven textiles that are used for sterilization packaging can be all of the following EXCEPT: wool-blend
A disadvantage of floor-grade instruments is which of the following? They may bend or break easily.
Helping new employees to develop effective leadership and management skills would be considered a part of which of the following roles? mentor
Instruments for large sets are placed in which of the following types of packaging? basket of appropriate size with a perforated bottom
Inadequate sterilization of surgical instruments and tubing that results in an inflammatory reaction of the anterior segment of the eye is known as which of the following? toxic anterior segment syndrome (TASS)
Mandatory recalls of medical devices are a function of which of the following entities? FDA
Do not use paper clips or binding clips to close packages because they can be removed and replaced without evidence of barrier compromise
Which of the following is NOT an advantage of using rigid sterilization containers? shorter cycle time
“Instrument milk” is another term for which of the following? instrument lubricant
The most radical of all outsourcing equipment systems is which of the following? selling all hospital equipment to the outside entity, and then leasing it back
Complete elimination of all microorganisms in or on an instrument, except for small numbers of bacterial spores is which of the following? high-level disinfection
Joints are any place where two bones meet. The type of joint which is found in the knees, knuckles, and elbows which allow backward and forward bending motions is which of the following? hinge joints
Suitable environments for specific bacteria may be as different as the bacteria themselves. Which of the following is a cold-loving bacterium? psychrophiles
Lubrication is performed at which of the following times? after cleaning
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