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OOD Board

OOD should be completed within how many days from reporting onboard? 2 months of assignment to a duty section
Who is the SWO? The Navigator
Who assigns and supervises CDOs? The Swo
Who reports to the SWO/ASWO? CDO, ACDO, SEWC (senior enlisted watch coordinator)
Who approves the watchbill and distributes it? The OSL
Who is the Officer designated to cary out routine of the unite while in port, supervise the OOD in safety, and act as the CO's direct representative? The CDO
Who reports to the CDO? ACDO, OOD, HODs in absence of XO
Who does the CDO report to? The CO and XO
Whom does the CDO coordinate with regarding Airwing personnel issues? SDO
Whome does the CDO coordinate with on matter concerning STrike Group Commander Staff? Strike Group Commander Duty Officer
In absence of the CO and in time of danger or during an emergency, who is the "only" person that has weapons release authrotiy? The CDO
Who is responsible for training, quals, assignments, and supervision of all enlisted watch standards? The SEWC
Who is responsible to the ASWO for assignment, supervision, and proper training of the quarterdeck watchstanders? The OSL
Who assist the SESL in the mangagement of all E6 and below watch standers? The Enlisted Section Leader
Who is responsible for mustering the sideboys and handling honors and ship tour requirements? The OSL
Who is responsible for mustering sideboys and handling any ceremonious honors? The ACDO with the the Honors OOD
Who assists the OSL in the execution of his or her duties? The SESL
Who coordinates POOW boards for duty section personnel? The SESL
Who is responsible for conducting OOD preboards and serves as the chair board member on POOW boards for inidivduals in his/her duty section? The OSL
Who can authorize watch standers Liberty? The CDO
How often wil DDOs muster with the ACDO Officer Section and SESSL? Twice a day minimu, 0830 and 1800 or more
What rank must an OOD be? Chief (E7-E8), Officer (O1-O3), CWO (CWO3 and lower)
Can an E6 be an OOD? No
Who are the Department Duty Officers? The SENIOR person in each department
Who is responsible to the CDO/ACDO for the execution of the ship's routing and other duties assigned by the CDO? DDO
Who is the primary enlisted assistant to the OOD that also supervises all aspects of the watch? The POOW
Who is responsible for receiving the 8'oclock reports from DDOs and informing the CDO of the results of the 8 o'clock reports? The ACDO
Who is responsible for meeting with sister ships to divide duties as appropriate on the pier? ACDO
Why does the ACDO muster the duty section during actual casualties? To provide manpower if needed
Who is responsible for ensuring the proper display of absentee pennants, colors, and general information signals OOD with coordination of the Nav Dep
Who is responsible for ensurain that all in-port watch material is turned over to the Assistant Navigator when the in-port watch is secured? OOD and OSL
Who is the OOD required to contact for collection of quarterdeck material prior to the ship getting underway or prior to returning to port from sea for setup? Duty Nav
What does ATO stand for? Anti Terroism Officer
Who is the Ship's Anti-Terrorism Officer? ASECO
What are the three sides of the Deadly Force Triangle? Opportunity Capability INtent
What in the definition of intent? Willingness to cause death or serious bodily harm demonstrated through aggressive actions or lack of compliance
Weapons Condition for 9mm. Condition I: Magazine in the weapon, round champered, slide forward, safety on
Weapon Condition 2: None
Weapon Condition 3: Magazin in the wapon, round not chambered, slide forward, safety on
Weapon Condition 4: Magazine released, no round chambered, slide locked to the rear
How many levels of force are in the force continuum? 6
State the levels of force in force continuum? Presence, verbal commands, soft control, hard control, intermediate weapon, deadly force
What are some exampels of intermediate weapons? Expandable baton, OC Spray, MWED, hand strikes
Which levels fo force are used for a passive subject? Presence, Verbal commands, Soft control
Whicvh levels of force are used on active subjects? Hard control, intermediate weapon, deadly force
What controls are used for soft controls? Escorts, handcuffs, flexi-cuffs
What is the relationship between the ATTWO and Security Forces? ATTWO takes tactical control of the Security Forces when a Security Alert is called away
Who is responsible to the CO for FP requirements? AT Officer
Who can secure from a Security Alert? CDO
What does RAM stand for? Random Anti-Terrorism Measure
What is the purpose of RAM? Present constant changing security posture
What is our current Baselien for Protection Condition? FPCON BRAVO
Who submits the RAMS, who reviews them, who approves them? Submitted by the ATO, Reviewed by the SECO, approved by the CO
What procedures are taken when a bomb threat is called in? Keep the caller on the line, gets as much info as you can, fill out OPNAV 5580/8, and notify the Chain of Command. Don't hang up the phone.
What does SOFA stand for? Status of Forces agreement
Can the OOD or CDO not perform a RAM? No. CO directed RAMS must be performed.
Can the CDO add a ram? Yes.
What does PPR stand for? Pre planned response
How many PPRs are in the PPR binder 17
What are the required watches on the quarter deck? JOOD, AJOOD, POOW, MOOW, Duty Driver, ID Checker, Security Sentry, Baggage Check
What are the inport Command watch standers besides the QD staff? CDO, ACDO, OSL, SESL, ESL, Security, DDOs, ATTWO, Sideboys
What watch standers are added once we are in foreign ports? EmergencySortie Officer of the Deck, Shore patrol, Waterborne security patrol, Beach Guard, Boat OFficers, Boat control Officer, Liberty Boat Officers, Navigation Anchors Bearing Watch, Tactical OPS Pllot, Anchor Watch
Periodic checks of mooring lines and brows shall be conducted during regular watch intervals and high wind conditions. High wind conditions are how many knots? 25 or more
What rank does the OOD have to be when Deckhouse 3 shifts to the Ebrow? Qualified OOD
What gun does the security quarter deck sentry carry? 9mm, P92 Beretta
Which condition is the 9mm pistol in that the Security quarter deck sentry carries? Condition 1
How many whistles are there for a security alert? Four short whistles
If the Security quarter deck sentry is carrying an M16, what condition is it in? Condition 3
Who can order the sentry to put an M16 in condition one? ATTWO and Watch Commander
(T/F) The OOD can order the Security Quarter deck sentry to use deadly force False
What does PRF stand for? Primary reaction Force
What does the acronym SRF stand for? Secondary REaction Force
T/F - a male patrolement can search a female patrolmen if no female patrolman is available? True
What must an OOD ensure armed watchstanders are familiar with? Deadly force procedures, Rules of Engagement
Some OOD tasks when assuming the watch: Review deck Log, CO's Standing ORders, required pubs and instruction, inspect QD, ensure POOW has a proper understanding of the 1MC. Prepare dV tours, inspect quarterdeck watches, inspect brows, Check Brick and Cell phones for battery charge
What are the requiremed pubs and documents in the quarterdeck? 17 PPRs, In port security plan, SOPA instructions, green sheet, plan of the day, watchbill
What time is reveille 0600
What time does the Alpha Working party muster in the morning and with whom? 0600 with the ESL
What is one of the tasks the Alpha working party performs in the morning? Walk the Pier
What time does the IET muster? 0815
What time is Clean Ship? 1300 or as directed
What time are colors observed? 0800
Who calls to obtain permission to take over the 1MC for Colors and executes colors? Nav department
Who are the primary personnel that observe colors? CO, CDO, OOD
What reports constitute the 12 oclock reports Boat, Av fuels, Draft, Muster, Oil/water, Magazine Temperatue
Who executes evening colors and at what times are colors observed? Nav at sunset
Who turns on the lights required at sunset? Nav Dept- Anti collision Ac warning lights. Air Dep - 69 lights , Deck - boat starboard, RAS station 13, and sponson deck lights
Deckhouse three quarterdeck will be manned from what time and what days while moored? 0515 until 1930 Monday through Friday
Where does the Quarter deck (DH3) shift from 1930 until 0515 inport? Hangar Bay II
Who are the only personnel that are allowed to and from acces through deckhouse three from 1930-0515 (when its secured) CO, XO, any O-6, CDO, ACDO, Security
What are some situations/events that happen during the 2000-2400 watch? Restricted muster, request to secure deckhouse 3, duty section drills, Colors, departure of the CO/XO, visitors request ot depart the ship, taps
what logs must be made on the 0000-0400 Midwatch? Where moored, anchor underfoot, Pier SOPA, area SOPA, plant status, MATl condition set, LOC of CO, Potable water %, feed water %, pier services, ships present on the pier, mooring line status
How are late corrections made to the deck log? left hand column, place an asterisk. Add "late entry" next available line, and another asterisk
How many errors allowed in deck log? 2 per page, none in header
What required information shall be logged regarding emergencies? Times, Pier, Berth, REason for emergency, names of personnel, # of personnel affected, location by TAC/frame number of the emergency, who and how many responded
What information is required in the deck log OOD shall supervise keep of the ship's deck log and shall require all oeprations and navigational data and all other information relevant to each event through the watch to be entered accurately and chronologically as they occur
When does the OOD sign for the receipt of notification of divers? Day before unless its an emergency
Who deliveres the receipt of notification/certificate diving officer
Who are three personnel from ship's company that sign for the receipt of notification, certificate CDO, OOD, EDO
What department is responsible for the coordination of divers over the side? Reactor
If you have divers working over the side IKE for 3 days, how often is diving notification required to be routed to the command? Each day
Name one of the responsiblitiles of the OOD after receiving a diving notification/certificate for the day? Notify adjacent ships of the divin operations. Ensure the watch standers understand the 30 minutes announcement requirement. Ensure the Code Alpha flags are raised. Know the approximate area the divers are working
Personnel Working aloft- who maintains the personnel aloft request form while personnel are working aloft? OOD
If the weather conditions or sea state change while personnel are working aloft, who should the OOD notifify? CSOOW
What flag shall the OOD to ensure is hoisted up to indicate personnel working aloft? Kilo flag
What shall the OOD first verify when they receive a PErsonnel aloft request chit? Verify appropriate signatures have been obtained on the Personnel alof trequest
Who does the OOD keep informed of when personnel are working aloft and when work is completed? CDO is kept informed when personnel are aloft and when personnel working aloft has been completed
What shall the OOD attempt to do if the ships whistle must be sounded? Ensure Sailors working aloft are forwarend wehnt eh ships whistle must be sounded
What shall the OOD ensure personnel going aloft request from adjacent ships on the same pier in-port prior to authrozing them to work aloft Concurrence and signatures from all adjacent ship's OODs on the same peir
Who shall the OOD notify of any changes in weather or sea conditions, which might affect aloft operations? CSOOW
How long shal the OOD retain the personel aloft request chit? Retain the personnel aloft request chit during the time that personnel are aloft
Upon authorization of personel aloft chit, what word shall be passed over the 1MC? There are personnel working aloft. Do not rotate or radiate designated electronic equipment while personnel are working aloft onboard USS Dwight d eisenhower
What are the procedures if other ships are on the same pier? There are personnel working aloft. do not rotate or radiate designated electronic equipment while personnel are working aloft onboard uss Dwight d Eisenhower, uss xxx, etc.
How often are the personnel working aloft announcement made over the 1mc? Every 30 minutes
How are the second and future annoucnements of personnel passed over the 1MC if no other ships are moored on the same pier? There are personnel working aloft onboard USS Dwight D eisenhower
After working aloft is completed, what is passed over the 1MC? Secure from personnel working aloft onboard USS Dwight d eisenhower
Beside the CDO, who whall the OOD notify when personnel working aloft has been completed? CSOOW
Who raises the flag for personnel working aloft, divers in the water, ammo movements, and any other pertinent signal evolutions? Navigation department
IET musters with the duty fire marshal but to whom does the IET report to? the ACDO
Can the OOD or CDO eliminate a RAM? The CDO can add to rams but not take away without CO permission
How many repair lockers are there? 10
What locker is back up to DC central? REP 3
what locker area of responsibility is the forcastle? Rep 1F
What locker area of responsibility is aft steering? Rep 3
What locker area of responsibility is WR 1/2? REp 7F
What locker area of responsibility is the island? Rep 7b
Who do you contact about setting/requiremtns of hero restrictions CSOOW
What must you verify prior to weapons handling and movements? Bravo flag flying, smoking lamp secured, and HERO set if required
Who doyou contact about getting the pier SOPA msg? Radio, Duty OPS
Who drafts SITREPS? Department responsible for incident
Who submits finalized SITREPS via NTIRA with concurrence of Whom? Duty OPS with CDO concurrence
Who tracks all command SITREPS? OPS
Who is responsible for submitted all finalized SITREPS via naval message? Combat Systems
Who do you contact if you are receiving stores? The supply DDO
Who you contact if you need the EZ pass for the duty driver? Supply DDO
Who drafts the pier SOPA message? A-nav
What must you do if a sailor is turned in or returns from UA/Deserter status? CDO, DDO, Medical, Security
Further disciplinary action for UA/Deserters will be a the discretion of whom? CDO
You are OOD, and senior officer is acting belifereant. be tactful
If sea conditions are getting rough, what do you do? Notify CDO, terminate permission for personnel working aloft, over the side, or in the water
What do you do if you are anchored out and sea conditions are changing or getting rough, if you notice the ship is draggin anchor? Notify emergency sortie OOD, inform deck department, notify CDO/ACDO, all away emergency sortie team over 1MC
If ship requires for the ship to get underway, what should you do? Transfer responsibility for getting underway to the Emergency Sortie team
Is there a checklist for getting underway in this situation? If so, who manages it and where is it located? The sortie ood will manage it, checklist is in the bridge
Angry dude tries to enter the ship. What do you do? Secure the ship, inform CDO/ACDO
What departments should be notified in case of spill? Air, Engineering, Reactor
What should you do if you have just been notifed that GCCS has suffered catatrosphic failure? Call the CSMO trouble desk to find out if they have assigned technician to investigate the failure, then notify the CDO/ACDO
If emergency access is need to any safe, what is the point of contact? Command security anager through OPS DDO
What should you do if you have a man overboard at anchor in liberty port? Stop all liberty boat traffic, and get an accurate muster.
Who are stingers for an annoucnements over the 1MC? Embarked Senior Officers
How do you announce CSG 10 arriving? 6 Bells, CSG 10, arriving, stinger
announcement for CSG coming back from lunch 6 Bells, CSG 10, returning, stinger
CSG 10 departing? 6 Bells CSG10, departing, stiner
Ike CO (or Chief of Staff) arriving/ departing/ returning 4 bells, Name, action, stinger
Who do you inform immediately of any visiting O-6? XO, CDO
When shall the 1MC normally not be utilized to make announcements? Between taps and reveille, devine services, captain's call, nav briefs, replenishment at sea briefs, captains mast, formal functions
What should you do if 1MC becomes inop? Contact combat systems, notify ACDO, establish comms with DC central via 2JZ
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