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Edge Exam

Real Test #8

Holes in reusable wrappers should be patched on both sides of the wrapper using which of the following methods? heat patch machine
Bar codes on an instrument are used to scan an item’s last known location
Regular street attire may be worn in which of the following areas? non-restricted hallways
Service to operating rooms is usually done by which of the following? case cart system
Which of the following should be the center of every quality concern? patients
Proper scrub attire must be worn in the Central Service Department. It is the best preventative approach to reducing airborne contaminants, such as skin. 1,000
Studies have shown that bacteria are continually being shed from the human body. On average, a human walking of one minute release how many skin particles? 1,000
Which of the following procedures is usually used for large packages? flat wrapping
Never pour chemicals down the sink. This can be dangerous and lead to: significant fines
If an instrument has sharp points, which of the following should never be used to protect instrument tips because it will inhibit sterilant penetration, compromising the setup for a sensitive patient? latex tubing
A comparison benchmark that is strongly recommended by a governing agency and that provides recommendations and guidelines to provide better patient care is which of the following? voluntary standard
Which of the following is a major cause of contamination of sterile items? moisture
The main purpose of labeling each package to be sterilized with a lot number and maintaining detailed sterilization records is which of the following? to enable items to be retrieved if their sterility becomes suspect
Phenolic compounds are good for disinfecting walls, floors, exterior surfaces, and equipment where what disease risk is not a concern? viral diseases
There are three optical surfaces to clean on a laparoscope. Which of the following is not a part of a laparoscope? hinged jaws
Which of the following would be an appropriate guideline for enhancing the drying of surgical instrument sets? If instruments need to be separated inside a set they may be wrapped in single-ply material.
The 400 series of stainless steel is used for all of the following types of patient care instruments EXCEPT: rib spreaders
Requirements for routine sterilizer BI efficacy monitoring for low temperature sterilization include all but which of the following? Ozone sterilization – in every load
Persons are alerted about the presence of harmful bacteria, viruses, or other dangerous organisms by which of the following? biohazard signage
The average concentration of a chemical in the air to which a worker can be legally exposed over a particular period of time is the permissible exposure limit (PEL)
OSHA published the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard in response to concerns and recognizing the potential for occupational exposure to bloodborne disease such as hepatitis C. The Standard places the responsibility for providing a safe work environment on the employer
When a package is wrapped using the simultaneous method it requires which of the following? double-layered synthetic non-woven material bound on two or four sides
Which type of cart would be necessary when a health care facility receives a rapid influx of patient due to an industrial explosion? disaster cart
A new technician suggests a way to improve a procedure. The response is “sorry, this is the way we do it here.” This is which of the following logical fallacies? appeal to tradition
There are no set standards for record retention except for: EtO exposure
Diversity effort is not only the right thing to do, it has strong business impacts as well. Each of the following is a valid impact on business EXCEPT: turnover is maximized
High-level disinfection will destroy all of the following organisms EXCEPT: bacterial spores
Preparation of surgical instruments for packaging involves all of the following EXCEPT: re-cleaning if necessary
There are six links in the chain of infection. Which of the following is the first link? causative agent
Which of the following terms is used to indicate it is not possible to open and reseal an instrument package without it being evident? tamper proof
Hemostatic forceps can have serrations on the jaw. The type of hemostatic forceps that has longitudinal serrations is the Rochester Carmalt
All of the following are appropriate medical gas cylinder safety precautions EXCEPT: No cover should be used on the cylinder’s valve during transport.
Which of the following is NOT a positive communication technique? asking “yes or no” questions
Which of the following is used in the first step in the decontamination process? pre-soaking chemicals
Which of the following materials are used in the design of disposable sterilization packaging? cellulose fibers
The Federal Safe Medical Devices Act of 1990 requires that the healthcare facility report malfunctions of medical equipment that have contributed to patient injury, illness, and/or death to which of the following entities? FDA and manufacturer
Which of the following powered surgical instruments is used for removal of bone cement? cebatome
Woven textiles can be used for wrapping, but repeated laundering and sterilization cycles can diminish which of the following? their barrier qualities
One of the infection prevention and control goals of the Central Service department is to: eliminate and destroy all potentially infections contaminants present on reusable instruments and equipment
One of the infection prevention and control goals of the Central Service department is to: safely distribute reusable and single-use items required for delivery of patient care
One of the infection prevention and control goals of the Central Service department is to: establish and enforce standards for decontamination, disinfection, and sterilization in various healthcare settings
Integrity involves treating others with respect – communicating with one another in a positive, courteous maintaining confidences of colleagues, customers, and others
manner, honoring confidences, and maintaining a professional demeanor both in and out of the workplace. Which of the following situations involves integrity? maintaining confidences of colleagues, customers, and others
The first step in selecting a disinfectant is to consider the use of the item according to which of the following? Spaulding System
When testing water samples, where is the best location to take a sample? where the final rinse enters the sink
There are three levels of decontamination. The most stringent of these levels is which of the following? sterilization
In terms of labeling, which of the following statements is least accurate? Write directly on the packaging material.
Which of the following statements about chemical indicators is least accurate? If the external chemical indicator has changed color, sterilization condition were met inside the package.
What is the best way to ensure getting the best results with the correct cleaning method? consulting the instrument manufacturer's written instructions
Which of the following requires that preventive maintenance standards be established for healthcare equipment? The Joint Commission
The par-level restocking distribution systems require which of the following? determining an optimum level of stock for each item used on a regular basis for each customer
When a package is labeled with the last day the item may be used, this day is known as the: outdate
For sterilization of medical devices needed in the event of an emergency which of the following steam sterilization methods would be used? flash sterilization
Sterilized items which have come directly from sterilization must be: cooled
In the preparation and packaging area the humidity should be kept between 30% to 60%
Which of the following pH measures is considered neutral? 7
The Central Service team serves customers who utilize its services. These customers include all but which of the following? vendors
The prefix used in medical terms to mean painful is which of the following? dys-
Understanding the purpose of basic types of patient care equipment can improve customer service and reduce frustrations. hypothermia unit
Which of the following is patient care equipment that pumps heated or cooled water through a coiled pad to therapeutically raise or lower body temperature? hypothermia unit
The level of regulation placed on any device depends upon how the FDA has classified that device. Heart valves, pacemakers, and other life-sustaining devices are considered Class III devices
Documentation can be accomplished with the use of a paper or electronic record keeping system, or a combination of both. Each of the following is an example of a paper record keeping system EXCEPT: scanned instrument tray labels
A STAT order is one that is needed immediately
Which inventory distribution system involves the nursing staff or the various customers within the health care facility being responsible for maintaining an adequate level of supplies for use in that department? demand distribution system
Each of the following statements about the ethylene oxide process is accurate except for: Colder cycle temperatures require shorter exposure times for the same sterilization level.
Which of the following is the process of establishing regulations for relations, operations, and outcomes in a health care enterprise? policy making
The rack used to protect cutting edges, especially in a washer decontaminator is called a: curette rack
A single or double peel package should have how much clearance on all sides of the packaging? 0.25 inches
Which Spaulding classification includes devices that contact mucous membranes or non–intact skin? semi-critical
The conditions essential for EtO sterilization include: gas concentration humidity time
Which of the following is the newest type of sterilization method? ozone
The rack used to protect cutting edges, especially in a washer decontaminator is called a: curette rack
All of the following are examples of the most common reservoirs where infectious agents can survive EXCEPT: labels
Newly acquired patient care equipment is safety checked by which of the following? biomed technician
A common mistake occurs when blood is allowed to dry on instruments after surgery. Therefore, a post-operative instrument care process should be implemented within how many minutes of surgery? 20 minutes
When a hospital retains control of its equipment but contracts with an organization to manage and insure the costs involved in maintaining the equipment this is known as maintenance insurance
When you receive a list of specific supplies, utensils, and instruments for a specific procedure this is a case cart pull sheet
For which of the following packs would you NOT use the envelope fold or diagonal method? large packs and instrument trays
The removal of residue after the cleaning process is called free-rinsing
Noncritical items are those that come in contact with intact skin but not mucous membranes. where they are used
Examples of noncritical patient-care items are bedpans, blood pressure cuffs, crutches, and computers. These noncritical reusable items are typically decontaminated in what setting? where they are used
The personnel who inspect, test, and repair patient care equipment are: biomedical technicians
Parallel grooves in the jaws of surgical instruments are called: serrations
Of the following inventory management strategies, which one is an inventory ordering system that identifies a PAR value and a highest order point of supplies? minimum/maximum system
Which of the following statements about the case cart system of inventory replenishment is least accurate? A disadvantage of the case cart system is that it provides little control over supplies and instruments.
Three membranes surround the brain and provide nourishment and protection to it. The middle membrane is which of the following? arachnoid mater
When loading a gravity-displacement cycle, which of the following guidelines would NOT be appropriate? Basins and solid bottom trays are placed in such a position that if they contained a liquid it would not pour out.
Active listening is vital in communicating with customers of the central service department. Which of the following active listening techniques involves helping others see their concerns in a new light? reframing
Which of the following details the instructions for assembling sets or trays for sterilization packaging? recipe card
The agency of the federal government that is organized within the Department of Health and Human Services and that works to promote the health and quality of life by responding to health care emergencies is which of the following? Centers for Disease Control
Under which of the following circumstances does the healthcare facility usually have a loan of equipment from the manufacturer? as part of an agreement to use the manufacturer’s disposable products
The probability of a viable microorganism being present on a product unit after sterilization is which of the following? sterility assurance level
The system in which the identity of an item is wirelessly transmitted is which of the following? RFID
The relevant measurable characteristics of water are all of the following EXCEPT: deposits
Which of the following would be the least appropriate procedure for loading a steam sterilizer? When combining loads, place hard goods on the top so that the condensation drips down.
Occasionally, manufacturers provide equipment to healthcare facilities as part of an agreement in which the facility will use its disposable products such as pads, tubing, and sleeves. This is a(n) loan
Items such as syringes, needles, dressings, and cotton balls should be packaged in which of the following manners? in small usable quantities
Consumable products found in user areas such as surgical locations and labs are which of the following? unofficial inventory
Documentation regarding safety training to handle hazardous chemicals used within the department, to use Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs), employee’s work record
and to update employees about the facility’s hazard communication program must also available for the agencies who survey safety. These training records must contain all but which of the following? employee’s work record
The distribution system that is able to reduce in-house inventory and free space for other uses is the stockless distribution system
The decision whether to sterilize or high-level disinfect an endoscope is based upon which of the following? its use according to the Spaulding classification system
Which of the following statements about the simultaneous wrapping technique is least accurate? Two detached wrappers of nonwoven material are used with this type of wrapping.
The device which is designed to respond with a characteristic change to one or more of the physical conditions within the sterilizing chamber is which of the following? chemical indicator
The material that allows for the air removal, steam penetration and facilitates drying is known by which of the following terms? wicking material
Communication in the workplace is prompted by which of the following? precipitating event
Six basic steps are required to clean and reprocess endoscopes. They include all but which of the following? lubrication
Created by: Pink Guy
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