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OOD writted test

OOD written test

who assigns and supervises Assistant Command Duty Officers and Officer Section Leaders? The Assistant Swo
Who is responsible for managing the balance of leave requests, snivelts, etc, and for ensuring the duty section is adequately manned at all times? OSL
(T/F) The OOD is overall responsible for the Enlisted Brow Watch Team True
Who is the only person tha tmay authorize personnel to depart the ship on a duty day? CDO
Who is overall responsible for ensuring training occurs each duty day? OSL
Who is responsible to the ASWO through the SEWC for assignment and supervision of the Junior Officer of the Deck, Petty Officer of the Watch, Messnger of the Watch, Duty Driver, ID Checker, Shore Patrol, and other enlisted watches as applicable? SESL
Who is the Assistnat Senior Watch Officer? The assistant Navigator regardless of rank
Who is responsible for ensuring that honors prescribed by tradition and higher authority are rendered? OSL
What times are colors conducted in port? 0800 and sunset
Responsibility of the morning and evening colors belongs to Duty Section for raising and lowering the colors, Navigation Department for Whistle Calls
What should you do for questions from outside media? Direct their questions to the COMNAVAIRLANT PAO
(T/F) The JOOD can receive a crewmember from local law enforcement or Base Police? False
What two departments are responsible for setting up and breaking down the Quarterdeck on an arrival/departure Day? Deck Department and Navigation Department
What's the first procedure you must do in order to secure the Deck House 3 brow? Request permission from the CDO
What must the MOOW post at the end of the brow when securing the brow? A "Secured" sign at the bottom fo the brow on th epier
What else must be secured, besides the brow, when securing Deck House 3? Secure Deck House lights
What must be transferred when securing Deck House 3? Deck logs, Hydra, Cell phone nad charger, OOD Notebook, Vehicle Keys
How may emergencies be called away after Deck House 3 is secure? Dispatch POOW to Deck House 1
At what time does the OOD complete turnover with the JOOD to reopen Deck House 3? 0510
What must the OOD do once they have re-opened Deck House 3? Un-forward phones, Contact ACDO, REmove secured sign, Inventory items, Turn on Deck House 3 lights
Can requirement for manning of Deck House 3 Quarterdeck be altered? If so by who? Yes, by the CDO or higher authority
What must you ensure your duty driver possesses prior to him or her assuming the watch? valid drivers license, vehicle key, vehicle turnover sheet, duty driver cell phone
What are the turnover procedures for the duty drivers and responsibilities? All of them, except there is no age restriction
Who is responsible for servicing of the duty vehicle? Public Works Command in Norfolk, Contracted agent overseas
What do you do if your duty driver calls you and informs you they have been in an accident? Police Report, Complete Vehicle accident for SF91, Call the GSA number listed in the documents in the glove box for towing
Whse arrival and departures are required to be logged in the deck log? Eisenhower Strike Group, Chief of Staff, CO. Not XO
(T/F) The mid watch entry (0001-0400) in the deck log should always begin a new page True
A mistake on the Deck Log entry should be corrected by Draw a single line through the discrepancy and continue the correct entry. Initial in the left hand margin.
(T/F)When conducting a drill onboard, enter the times for commencing and securing from the drill on separate lines in the Deck Log. When an actual emergency occurs, enter all significant events and the time they occur. True
(T/F) Always skip a line between watch sections. True
In general, under no circumstance will the 1MC be utilized without the permission from the ___? OOD
Which absentee pennant would the signal bridge fly if the CO is not onboard? 3rd substitute
You have just received word that the Commanding Officer will be arriving with COMFLTFOR at 2300. Upon arrival you will: Be standing by with the CDO and call "Attention on Deck" as they arrive
How many bells (and sideboys) is a Vice Admiral entitled to? eight and eight
What pennant is flown when personnel are working aloft? Kilo
How often is an announcement made for personnel working aloft? 15 minutes
What pennat is flown for divers? Code Alpha
What department is associated with Divers in the water? Reactor
What department is associated with Personnel working Aloft? Combat Systems
What department is associated with Personnel working over the side? Deck
What condition of readiness is checked at the end of a normal working day? Yoke
When calling away an emergency over the 1MC, three individual bell strokes after the rapid ringing bells indicate what? aft of frame 180
(T/F) The OOD must ensure that they have communications with DC Central using sound powered telephones and hydras during a DC emergency. True
When notified of a fire, what is the minimum information you are required to request? Name of Caller, and Compartment or vicinity of where fire is located
What sound pwered telephone circuit will the OOD use to establish communications with DC Central during a DC emergency? 2JZ
The first step to be taken in case of a spill overboard is stop the source of the spill
Who can order the Security quarter deck sentry to place his M16 rifle in condition one? ATTWO
For a bomb-threat, who do you call to initiate the OPREP-3 message? ACDO
The Commanding Officer will notify the OOD that he is under duress by Requesting that the ship's previous Commanding Officer be paged to the Quarterdeck
An asterisk next to a step in the ATFP pre-planed responses indicated Critical memory items which need to be performed from memory
Conditions of low vis exist when Visibility is less than three miles
Who shall recommend to the CDO to assign Boat Officers when the weather is unfavorable? Boat Coordinator
During boat operations, when are boat officers assigned? During heavy weather and 1/2 prior to sunset to 1/2 hour after sunrise
What are the two departments responsible for anchora ssociated watches? Nav and Deck
What deck watches do we set when anchored out? Anchor Bearing Watch, Anchor Watch, Low Vis Watch
What watch or watches does Navigation Stand? Anchor Bearing Watch
What watch or watches does Deck Department Stand? Anchor Watch
Where is the Anchor Bearing Watch Stood at? The Bridge
Where is the Anchor Watch set when anchored out? The Forecastle
Liberty boats shall be loaded up to __ percent in capacity during bad weather? 50%
(T/F) Each man/woman shall wear a kapok life preserver during bad weather while transiting in a liberty boat? True
Where is the Sten Dock set when anchored out? At the Stern Dock
Who is responsible for providing stern dock watchstanders? Deck
Except in an emergency, permission should be obtained from the CDO to hoist boats in/out of water. What other personnel require notification of this evolution? First LT, Ship's Boatswain, engineering duty officer
What is the anchor watch responsible for reporting? Chain tending and strain
To whom does the anchor watch report chain conditions to? To the Anchor Bearing Watch on the bridge
How often does the anchor watch report chain strain or tending to the anchor bearing watch on the bridge? Every 15 minutes
Whom does the Anchor Bearing Watch keep informed of weater conditions, nearby surface units, and hsip's position relative to swing and drag circles? The Emergency Sortie OOD
Who is responsible for overseeing the ship's position at anchor and advising the CDO of nay necessary requirements for getting underway? The Sortie OOD
What is the pupose of the Emergency Sortie OOD when at anchor? Get the ship underway from anchor on short notice
Who is the Sortie OOD? A designated Underway OOD
During a liberty launch, what do three 1-secon interval bells indicated? Boat will depart from the ship in 10 minutes
What flag is flown when the Flag Officer is absent? First Substitute
What flag is flown five minutes before colors? Preparatory flag
What color is the flag flown five minutes before colors? Yellow and green
Created by: waldgw
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