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Edge Exam

Real Test #7

After sterilization, self-contained BIs are crushed and nutrient broth covers the spore-impregnated disk. After completion of incubation, if bacteria live through the sterilization process, the nutrient broth turns: yellow
The type of recall in which there is little chance that using or being exposed to the product will cause health problems is which of the following? Class III
The cycle parameters for liquid chemical sterilization include all but which of the following? relative humidity
The patient care equipment that mechanically controls the administration of IV therapy fluids is which of the following? infusion pump
Some heavier sets may need additional protection on the corners of the tray in which they were packaged for which of the following purposes? to prevent tears
Which type of fold is commonly used to wrap small packs, or individual items? envelope
The term used for the moving of supplies throughout the healthcare facility is distribution
The organization which requires that preventive maintenance (PM) standards be established for healthcare equipment is which of the following? The Joint Commission
All sterile items should be checked for an expiration date before being distributed. Which of the following statements is true in regard to this fact? Outdates are costly to the health care facility because they must be completely reprocessed.
Which of the following inventory distribution systems is typically used to provide specific products for individual surgical procedures? case cart system
The level of decontamination required depends on: how the item was last used
The number of purchase units that should be in inventory when an order is placed is called the re-order point
For testing the sharpness of surgical instruments, an index card is used for all but which of the following instruments? bone curette
All of the following information should be recorded and maintained for each item of patient care equipment EXCEPT: equipment cost if purchased
The cutting edges of trocars should be all but which of the following? level
The type of interview in which the interviewer seeks facts that bear on a decision or contribute to basic understanding is which of the following? informational interview
To make penetration of microorganisms difficult, packaging materials must provide a reliable barrier. This is done by establishing which of the following? a tortuous path
In terms of patient care equipment which of the following would be an appropriate safety tip? Test and document all patient care equipment before it leaves the department.
Consumable products found in user areas such as surgical locations and labs are considered unofficial inventory
There are several characteristics of self-directed work teams. Which of the following is NOT one of these characteristics? internal competition
Which disease is caused by abnormal forms of normal proteins called prions? Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
Borosilicate glass containers are only for use with which type of process? dry heat sterilization
When items are stored on shelves that are positioned at a downward slope to allow supplies to slide from the back over tracks or rollers to the front this is which type of system? gravity flow racks
The broad range of human characteristics and dimensions that impact people’s values is called diversity
The type of communication which uses positive reinforcement to encourage someone to follow proper work practices and negative reinforcement to discourage inappropriate work practices is: coaching
Instruments for large sets are arranged so that: like instruments are together
The FDA requires reference to which of the following on liquid chemical sterilants? safe use of the product active ingredients in the product concentration level of ingredients
Which chemical is used primarily on the skin? iodine
Dehydrated textiles may compromise the efficacy of the sterilization process because of which of the following problems? superheating
Acids turn litmus paper what color? red
Benefits of automated systems relate to the number of items being monitored and the facility’s size
In terms of housekeeping in the decontamination area, which of the following statements is least accurate? CSD technicians should follow federal waste disposal regulations only.
The most widely used temperature for dry heat sterilization is a minimum of how many degrees, preferably for two hours? 320° F
The working part of a surgical instrument that clamps, holds, or grasps is which of the following? jaw
The conflict resolution style in which one person achieves his or her own goals at the expense of the other person is which of the following? force
The total acquisition costs are all costs incurred by a facility to purchase a specific supply or equipment item from which starting point to which ending point? point of authorization through its disposal
After patient care equipment has been cleaned, inspected, and assembled, it should be stored in a clean secure location
Microgrind or supercut blade scissors can be identified by which of the following? black rings on the handles
Which of the following statements about peracetic acid as a liquid chemical sterilizing agent is least accurate? It is used as a high-temperature sterilization process.
The ideal level of silicates in water used for cleaning is which of the following? 100 ppm
Enzymes are specific in their action. A protein enzyme will recognize which of the following? proteins in their natural state
The purpose of an interview and the nature of the participants determine the types of questions that should be asked. Which type of question invites the responder to expand on an answer? mirror question
Which of the following low-temperature sterilization methods needs a longer exposure time than other alternatives? liquid chemicals
Phenolics are recommended for use in the decontamination area for disinfection of which of the following? hard surfaces
Failure of sterilizers or loss of sterilant supply may require the use of alternative sterilization services from a nearby healthcare facility. One thing that will help in this type of situation is initiating an agreement with another facility before it becomes necessary
The act of withdrawing supplies from storage for transfer to areas where they will be used is called: issue
Which of the following guidelines would be least helpful when using email to communicate? Never investigate why a timely response to your email has not been sent.
In terms of dry heat sterilization, the quantity of a liquid or powder to be sterilized should be limited to that required for a single-use application, and should not exceed 1 ounce
The best time to begin the instrument cleaning process is: within 15 minutes to 1 hour after the procedure in which it was used
With latex products, manufacturer’s assign an expiration date. This is for which of the following reasons? possibility of product degradation
One way that detergents work is by deflocculating soil. Deflocculating soil means that it breaks up and disperses it
Preventive maintenance is done on a routine, scheduled basis
Passivation removes all the iron contents still found on the outside layer of the surgical instrument. This is done with the use of which of the following? nitric acid
Which of the following statements about detergents used as cleaning chemicals is least accurate? Detergents kill microorganisms.
Items in a sterile environment should be stored in which of the following ways? 8 to 10 inches above the floor, 18 inches below the ceiling and at least 2 inches from outside walls
Which of the following entities emphasizes the need for Central Service staff to use appropriate methods to verify the decontamination process? Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation
Which of the following is used to treat infants with jaundice? Bili lights
Softeners are used to remove the calcium and magnesium in water. The process involves use of which of the following? cation resin tank
All packaging materials should be at what temperature for at least two hours before use? 68° F – 73° F
The proper size for a single or double peel package should leave how much clearance on all sides of the package? 1/4 - inch
The linen room in the central service department is usually separate from the processing areas for which of the following reasons? generation of lint
A continuous passive motion (CPM) device is a device that treats which of the following? synovial joints
Complete elimination of all microorganisms in or on an instrument, except for small numbers of bacterial spores is which of the following? high-level disinfection
Which of the following pieces of patient care equipment is used to aspirate intestinal contents? gastric suction unit
Packaging materials can resist moisture penetration by: either retarding wicking action or being treated with a process that will render the material repellant to water
If an injury to an employee occurs, it must be documented and reported to the appropriate administrative personnel, in compliance with OSHA regulations
In an effort to keep employees safe from potentially infectious materials, all of the following must be provided to employees at no cost EXCEPT: labels for use with red bags or containers
Power sources for surgical instruments are of three types. Which of the following is not one of these types? water
The three major areas in sterility assurance related to environmental controls are: temperature, humidity, and air exchanges
When a load of processed medical devices is released prior to obtaining the results of a BI and the BI subsequently indicates a sterilization process failure and the source of failure is not immediately identifiable, a recall must be initiated. names of staff involved in the recall
A written report should be prepared following the recall, to document the recall. The report should include all but which of the following? names of staff involved in the recall
Which chemical is used primarily as an antiseptic on the skin? iodine
Formaldehyde consisting of 8% formaldehyde + 70% alcohol is considered to be which of the following levels of disinfectant? high-level
Patient care equipment should be cleaned according to which of the following? manufacturer’s instructions and infection control protocols
Which of the following statements about product standardization is accurate? Product evaluations should be quantitative.
Waste containing substances with genotoxic properties such as drugs used in cancer treatment and their metabolites are which type of waste? cytotoxic
The employee’s exposure to an air contaminant which should not be exceeded during any part of the work day (according to OSHA) is called the ceiling limit
The guidelines for handling contaminated items set forth by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control is which of the following? Standard Precautions
Automated instrument tracking systems can do many things. One thing they cannot do is identify product recalls
The weight of wrapped basin sets should not exceed 7 pounds
Hydrogen peroxide destroys microorganisms by which process? oxidation
Semi-restricted areas include which of the following? peripheral support areas to the OR
The most economical and reliable form of sterilization is with: saturated steam
There are a variety of flexible endoscopes A cystoscope is used to visualize which of the following? urethra and bladder
Steam permeates and heats through the process of which of the following processes? condensation
What should the CST do post-surgical procedure to promote cleaning of instruments? remove gown and gloves and PPE to begin cleaning of instruments
A log book should be maintained when using which of these disinfectants? glutaraldehyde
Plastic/paper peel pouches are used with which of the following methods of sterilization? steam sterilization
If there is a possibility that a medical device will cause a temporary or reversible health problem, this is considered which class of FDA product recall? Class II
Which of the following would be helpful in cleaning heavily soiled or difficult-to-clean devices? enzyme products
For packages that contain alcohol, iodine, aromatic, fragrances, or other active substances, which of the following considerations is essential? chemical resistance
Each of the following is one of the four primary objectives for packaging materials EXCEPT: They must not allow penetration of the chosen sterilant and must be compatible with any other requirements of the sterilization process.
When wrappers are also used to create a sterile field, they must be large enough to extend at least how many inches below the edge on all four sides of the table? 6 inches
In terms of dress requirements for CSTs in the clean assembly and sterile storage area which of the following is required? surgical scrubs and hair covering
OSHA has designated EtO as which of the following? a known carcinogen
Which of the following would NOT be a characteristic of a successful group? There is no disagreement between group members.
When a facility discovers a quality assurance issue in a commercially prepared product or equipment, which potentially could cause serious harm or death, this must be reported to: the FDA
In building a synergistic team, all of the following should be done EXCEPT: Be rigid in perspective.
A person’s emotions or willingness that cause him or her to react in a predetermined way is which of the following? attitude
An inflammatory reaction of a particular segment of the eye is known as: toxic anterior segment syndrome (TASS)
Created by: Pink Guy
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