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ASM Block 8 PC

When you stroke the gun too far from the surface? Sandpaper Finish
When you stroke the gun at the wrong angle? streaking
When you fail to remove moisture from the surface? Peeling
When Spray painting in a humid environment? Blushing
When your atomizing pressure is too low? Heavy Center
When your atomizing pressure is too high? Split Spray
What causes Pinhole Cavities? Insufficient primer dry time
A well maintained spray booth will provide ______ results on a _________ basis with day to day cleaning and maintenance. Positive, and Continuous
When the pressure is too high, coating too thin Fogging
What is the purpose of the pressure pot? Volume
What are the parts of a pressure pot called? Material Regulator
Most spray booths draw how much velocity? 100 FPM
What is the minimum safety PPE? Eye and Hand Protection
What is the Air Force program that deals with expired materials? Shelf Life Program
When the paint booth’s atmospheric pressure gets bad Air Velocity
Causes Runs and Sags Spraying too close
Not maintaining 90 degrees Streaks
Adhesion toughness, flexibility Vehicle
What are the techniques of application when painting? Do not arc or wave the gun Stay 90 degrees to the surface Maintain 6” - 10” from the surface Use proper triggering Maintain the same speed speed with your strokes Always overlap 50%
How is fluid flow increased on the HVLP gun? Counter clockwise
The gun will not be used above how many psi at the nozzle? 10
Nozzle assembly consists of what? Air cap and fluid tip
Fluid tip and fluid needle should come how? As a matched set
Why must The flow of air and fluid at the gun must be adjusted? To obtain proper atomization
Spraying in a horizontal movement, the wings on the nozzle are at what position? Horizontal
To change from a vertical to a horizontal position, the air cap must be rotated how many degrees? 90 degrees
When cleaning a spray gun, proper PPE required is Face Shield/Goggles and what else? Respirator, Acid Apron, Rubber Gloves
Never leave a spray gun immersed in thinner due to possibility of damage to what? Non-Metallic parts
What is The dis-advantage of using suction or gravity fed HVLP gun? The capacity of the fluid container
What is the cleaning TO? 1-1-691
Cure times: Before handling, taping, masking 6 Hrs
Cure times: Before movement from controlled environment 6 Hrs
Cure times: Before application of decals 8 Hrs
Cure times: Before engine run up 30 Hrs
Cure times: Before wet tape test 48 Hrs
Cure times: Before first flight 72 Hrs
Cure times: Leading edges, Control Surfaces, major skin panels 9 square feet and over, and engine intake 72 Hrs minimum
Cure times: Skin panels less than 9 square feet, fasteners, rivet heads, screw heads, and minor chipped and scratched areas less than 36 square inches 30 Hrs minimum
Created by: Tphan4462