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ASM Block 8 TO’s (R)

What T.O. talks about when surfaces are exceptionally dirty, oily, or greasy, and need to be properly cleaned? TO 1-1-691
What T.O. Outlines specifications, procedures, materials, and equipment needed for the paint removal process? TO 1-1-8
What T.O. Will dictate the usage of chemical paint removers? Weapon Specific -23
Which T.O.’s do not authorize their usage on advanced composite surfaces due to the possibility of damaging the resin matrix? TO’s 1-1-8, & 1-1-690
What T.O. Outlines protection of all special areas, equipment, and materials with proper masking and other specified protective devices such as insert plugs/covers? TO 1-1-8
What T.O. Gives information about selecting the proper abrasives? TO 1-1-8
What T.O. talks about how advanced composites are referred to as non-metallic and defined as fabric covered surfaces? TO 1-1-8
What T.O.’s talk about the total removal of the topcoat and primer? Weapon Specific, then TO 1-1-691
What T.O. talks about paint removal procedures? TO 1-1-8
What T.O. Currently approves of the topcoat removal only? TO 1-1-8
What T.O. Recommends using wheat starch? TO 1-1-690
Which T.O. Currently defines the six different plastic media types? TO 1-1-8
What T.O. talks about masking for PMB, the aircraft, and AGE equipment, or components to be thoroughly cleaned? TO 1-1-691
What T.O. Refers to air pressure? TO 1-1-8
What T.O. talks about removing or feather edging any remaining paint with a vibrating sander? TO 1-1-8
What T.O. Recommends the proper PPE for your local Bio-Environmental engineer and safety office? TO 1-1-8
What T.O. talks about how a metal surface will be prepped (generally sanded)? Weapon’s Specific & TO 1-1-8
What T.O. talks about cleaning the surface with a suitable aircraft cleaner? TO 1-1-691
When mixing chromate solutions, what T.O. Talks about mixing Form I (concentrate) and Form II (powder)? TO 1-1-8
What T.O. talks about the proper PPE to wear when mixing Alodine? TO 1-1-8
What T.O. talks about cleaning with thinners or lower vapor pressure solvents as alternatives? TO 1-1-8
What T.O. Discusses the five different coating defects? TO 1-1-8
What T.O. Lists all authorized cleaners to wash aircraft? TO 1-1-691 & Aircraft Weapon’s Systems Cleaning and Corrosion Control
What T.O. talks about using the correct thinner mixing instructions, and cure times? TO 1-1-8
What T.O. talks about approved solvents? TO 1-1-8
What T.O. talks about mixing instructions? TO 1-1-8
What T.O. talks about how many hours are required for applying topcoat? TO 1-1-8
What T.O. Approves the usage of 320-400 grit sandpaper? TO 1-1-8
What T.O. talks about dwell time, and using a Zahn Cup? TO 1-1-8
Created by: Tphan4462
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