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Edge Exam

Real Test #6

The act of granting authority to employees to make key decisions within the employees’ areas of responsibility is the concept of empowerment
Central Service Technicians should be familiar with which entity’s regulations on how to handle medical waste? Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Which of the following organizations regulates all sterilization packaging systems used by healthcare facilities to package and sterilize surgical instruments, medical devices, and equipment? FDA
Patient care equipment that is not visibly soiled should be be handled as contaminated
The 300 series of stainless steel is used for all but which of the following types of patient care instruments? needleholders
In the clean/sterile storage work area the air exchanges must be no less than 4 per hour
At the center of every quality concern is which of the following? patient
In terms of rigid containers, which of the following is true? Some containers feature a reusable filter that can be used for a number of cycles.
An equipment-tracking system should provide information on where each patient care equipment is being: used or stored
Which of the following would NOT be considered a non-critical item? cystoscope
Three conditions can compromise the ability of a package to maintain the sterility of its contents. They include all but which of the following? the sterilization method used
More and more cultural expressions and practices are crossing national borders and having an effect on the traditions and customs of the societies exposed to them. Sociologists call this: diffusion
In an ultrasonic cleaning unit with three chambers the last chamber is used for which of the following purposes? drying
Judgment would include all of the following elements EXCEPT: positive self-regard
Modern woven textiles are suitable for use in sterilization packaging for all but which of the following reasons? They are not reusable.
The key to equipment cleaning is which of the following? attention to detail
The inventory control system for products and equipment typically used in the operating room which involves use of a cart that is generally prepared for one special surgical case is which of the following? case cart system
Relative humidity in the sterile storage area should not exceed 70%
Procedures to care and handle electric-powered equipment include all but which of the following? Always use lubricants on the equipment.
It would be recommended that which of the following should be used as a disinfectant for laryngoscope blades? glutaraldehyde
When a group of employees from different departments within the healthcare facility work together to resolve operating problem they have formed which of the following? a cross-functional team
Relative humidity is expressed as which of the following? a percentage of the total amount of vapor the atmosphere could hold without condensation
A preconceived belief or opinion about a group of people that is applied to every person in that group is known by which of the following terms? stereotype
To strengthen surgical instruments’ resistance to damage by chemicals and water, they undergo a process known as: passivation
Mechanical washers work on the principle of: impingement
Temperatures above which temperature can affect the chemical reaction of enzymatic detergents? 140 degrees F
The broad term describing a wide variety of plain-weave cotton or cotton/polyester fabrics having approximately 140 threads per sq. inch is which of the following? muslin
Instrument baths run an increased risk of which of the following? contamination
In terms of the FDA labeling document which requires manufacturers to comply with seven new criteria involving reprocessing instruction ensuring that instructions are followed
when they submit medical device applications to the FDA for evaluation, the user is responsible for which of the following? ensuring that instructions are followed
To limit the development of peripheral edema in immobile patients, which of the following would be used? sequential compression unit
A suspension of ultramicroscopic solid or liquid particles in the air or gas is which of the following? aerosol
The first step in a prevacuum steam process is: creation of a vacuum
After the instrument is placed in a peel pouch and before sealing it which of the following is done? excess air is removed from the pouch
Which of the following documents indicates that a new product is “substantially equivalent” to one or more medical devices already being marketed? 501(k) application
Of the following traditional instrument identification systems, which one is not recommended? engraving
The weight of combustible materials per square foot of area in which those materials are located is known as combustible loading
The polypectomy snare can best be described as which of the following? a pre-formed, oval, or hexagonal wire loop inside a plastic tubular sheath
Which of the following allows a direct comparison of the heat resistance of microorganisms? D-value
Chemicals should never be poured down the sink. This can be dangerous because if they enter the sewer system it can be dangerous
Equipment and product testing results should be maintained for which of the following periods of time? as long as the product is available in the facility
If employees are given the authority to make decisions this is an indication of: empowerment
Packs that were improperly prepared or loaded incorrectly for sterilization most frequently become wet packs. Packs should be checked for wetness when they are thoroughly cooled
The concentration of OPA solution during its use-life must be verified by use of OPA Solution Test Strips to assure that the minimum effective concentration (MEC) is present. The MEC should be 0.3%
Which of the following concepts involves the development and maintenance of effective interpersonal interactions that enhance teamwork? human relations
In terms of the environmental design of the decontamination area, which of the following statements is least accurate? The ventilation system should allow for not less than 25 air exchanges per hour.
Which of the following is an appropriate guideline for area cleaning procedures in the decontamination area? Floors should be cleaned and disinfected daily.
The difference between a single action and a double action rongeur is which of the following? how the jaws close
When using EtO for low-temperature sterilization all but which of the following statements is accurate? Aeration is not needed after sterilization.
In terms of the nervous system, which of the following controls many automatic body functions such as heartbeat and breathing? brain stem
Low-foaming detergents capable of digesting organic material such as blood and mucus are: enzymatic detergents
Some instrument sets are not owned by the facility; they are loaner instruments. When they are brought to the facility, which of the following should be done? open and decontaminate the instruments
Some package methods are never appropriate. Of the following, which package closure method is never appropriate? binding clips
Which of the following guidelines for email communication is not appropriate? Cover all topics to be discussed in one email.
The decision whether to sterilize or high-level disinfect an endoscope is based upon which of the following? its use according to the Spaulding classification system
Rigid container systems may be used for sterilization packaging. These are made of all but which of the following materials? glass
When gold is placed on an instrument, this indicates that the working portion is made of: tungsten carbide
There are four major primary tissues of the human body. The type of tissue that is the tissue of communication is which of the following? nervous tissue
Inventory such as wrapping supplies or processing chemicals which are used up as healthcare services are provided to patients is which type of inventory? consumable
The concept of measuring the current output of a process or procedure, and then modifying it to increase the output, increase efficiency, and/or increase effectiveness is which of the following? total quality improvement
Lubricants are an important part of the instrument maintenance program. It is performed at what time in the process? clinical contact surfaces
The biological indicator used for EtO and dry-heat sterilization is which of the following? Bacillus atrophaeus
When the wrappers will also be used to create a sterile field, they must be large enough to extend how many inches on all four sides? 6 inches
Pouches have been designed with paper on one side of the pouch to allow for which of the following? steam to penetrate
The procedures used by equipment manufacturers to obtain, record, and interpret test results required to establish that a process consistently produces a sterile product is called validation
The passivation layer of a surgical instrument can be damaged by which of the following? brasive cleaners exposure to damaging chemicals ultrasonic cleaning
Which of the following is used to treat infants with jaundice? bili lights
Which of the following statements about gravity-displacement sterilization cycles is least accurate? The air is gradually displaced by the incoming steam with the aid of a pump.
If the inventory system used depends on the supplier to provide complete inventory, storage, and distribution service for the facility this is which of the following? stockless supplies
Fingernails of personnel working in high-risk areas should be maintained at a length of one-quarter inch or less
The MedWatch Program is designed for which of the following? voluntary reporting of device related problems
Which of the following provides the least effective bacterial barrier of all the various wrapping materials available? reusable woven textile fabrics
The coolest place in the steam sterilizer is which of the following? drain line
The first step in quality planning should be which of the following? Identify the needs of customers.
The straight method of wrapping is used to wrap which of the following? instrument trays
Disinfectants should not be mixed with each other or with detergents because this may inactivate their disinfecting properties
Which of the following is a piece of patient equipment that artificially stimulates the venous plantar plexus? foot pump
The moisture content of saturated steam in steam sterilization should be which of the following? 97% to 100%
The 400 series of stainless steel is used for all of the following types of patient care instruments EXCEPT: rib spreaders
Which of the following entities requires that preventive maintenance (PM) standards be established for healthcare equipment? TJC
When any equipment enters a healthcare facility, it must be safety-checked and tested by which of the following? Biomed department
If a new staff member professes pleasure at being part of your team, but draws back when a hand of greeting is extended this is which of the following negative communication techniques? conflicting message
Which of the following is most important when storing time-sensitive materials? proper use of stock rotation principles
Post-market device requirements that apply to third party and hospital reprocessors include all but which of the following? minimum price mandates
Which of the following personnel is responsible for insuring that patient care equipment is ready to use, clean, safe, and functional? central service technicians
Each of the following constitutes regulated medical waste EXCEPT: municipal solid waste
Gas plasma is used for low-temperature sterilization of heat- and moisture-sensitive items. It is composed of which of the following? ions, electrons, atoms, and free radicals
The most common method for storing sterile items is: open shelving
At the end of a leasing contract, which of the following typically occurs? the facility can return the equipment or purchase it
The mission of which of the following organizations is to continuously improve the safety and quality of health care in the U.S. through provision of education, publications, consultation and evaluation services? The Joint Commission (TJC)
An emphasis should be placed on increasing awareness of ergonomics in the Central Service Department. A comprehensive ergonomics program will address all of the following needs EXCEPT: variance
When dehydrated textiles are subjected to steam sterilization, this can cause which of the following? superheating
An inventory control system for products and equipment that is typically used in the operating room is which of the following? case cart system
For pouches, labels should not be placed on the paper or spunbond polyolefin side because they may inhibit sterilant penetration
Examples of other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) include all of the following EXCEPT: intact tissue of a dead human
In packaging for sterilization, when the containment device load is configured according to the manufacturer’s instructions it should not weigh over how many pounds? 25
Each time the water is changed in a sonic cleaner, the water must be degassed by doing which of the following? fill the sonic cleaner, close the lid and run it for 5-10 minutes
To assure that items with time-sensitive expiration dates are used before they must be discarded which of the following is most important? stock rotation
Created by: Pink Guy
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