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Edge Exam

Real Test #5

The decision as to whether to purchase, lease, or rent equipment is made by which of the following? hospital administration
Which of the following statements about performance appraisal interviews is least accurate? The problem-solving rater has a helpful and constructive attitude. The rater acts with the knowledge that being very critical improves behaviors.
Which of the following would not be appropriate for instrument tape identification procedures? The site should always be the ring of the instrument.
An agent that prevents spores from multiplying and replicating but does not kill them is which of the following? sporostatic
For infection to occur, a source or reservoir of organisms, a susceptible host and a mode of transmission is necessary. There are four primary modes of transmission. Food and water fall into which mode of transmission? common vehicle
The purpose of manual cleaning is to physically remove deposits that were not removed, or were only softened during the pre-soak. This is done by use of friction
All of the following are essential factors in achieving effective sterilization EXCEPT: kind of instrument being sterilized
The process of hearing what others are saying with a sense of seriousness and discrimination is known as which of the following? active listening
If you are a team leader building a synergistic team, all of the following should be done EXCEPT: Be rigid in perspective.
Some items, such as bed side rails, may come in contact with nonintact skin for a brief period of time. These are usually considered which type of item? non-critical
An employee’s average airborne exposure to low-temperature sterilants in any 8-hour work shift of a 40-hour week is known as the time-weighted average
Quaternary ammonium compounds (quats) are which type of disinfectant? low level
Which of the following statements about ultrasonic cleaning is least accurate? The lid of the sonic cleaner should be open to allow aerosols to disperse.
Which of the following statements about OSHA inspections is least accurate? Every OSHA visit must be unannounced.
In terms of the plastic/paper pouch, each of the following should appear in the labeling of package except for: temperature and humidity in which it was stored
Prefixes are word elements that are placed before the root to alter or modify its meaning. Of the following prefixes, which is used to mean “beside” or “near”? para-
Which of the following steps occurs earliest in the central service department processing cycle? assemble
Which of the following tray assembly tips would be least appropriate? Curved instrument should be placed alternately in opposite directions.
When a paper-plastic peel pouch is loaded onto the sterilizer cart, it must be loaded in what position? on its side
The proper term to use for the withdrawing of supplies from storage for transfer to areas where they will be used is which of the following? issue
When cleaning laparoscopic instruments, if cleaning cannot be done immediately, all of the following are acceptable practices to ensure debris does not dry EXCEPT: rinsing off obvious debris
When selecting enzymatic detergents for use with endoscopes you must assure that: they are effective at room temperature
Which of the following is the least appropriate recommendation for tray assembly? Heavy instruments should be placed on top of the lighter instruments for easier removal.
Which of the following is associated with the handling of hazardous substance? material safety data sheet
The term for the sequence of steps used to address customer complaints and problems in a manner that yields a win-win situation for the customer and the department is: service recovery
An autoclave tape would be which type of chemical indicator? Class I
Wicking material does all but which of the following? inhibits growth of microorganisms
When a new item of patient care equipment is brought into the facility, Central Service personnel should do all of the following EXCEPT: store in a “ready to dispense” state
The ventilation system in the decontamination area should allow for at least how many air exchanges per hour? 10
Which of the following low-temperature sterilization methods needs a longer exposure time than other alternatives? liquid chemicals
One way to help determine the difference between staining and rusting on patient care instruments is which of the following? eraser test
The main difference between renting and leasing patient care equipment is: Leasing is long-term, while renting is short-term.
The 300 series of stainless steel is used for all but which of the following types of patient care instruments? needleholders
A comparison benchmark that is strongly recommended by a governing agency is which of the following? voluntary standard
Which of the following would be an appropriate action for disposable components of patient equipment that has been used? It should be removed and discarded at the point of use.
If holes or punctures are discovered in linen packaging wrap, which of the following is used for repair? heat-sealed patch
Documentation for each sterilizer cycle must contain all but which of the following? humidity level of room
The organ that is located under the liver, and serves as a reservoir for bile produced by the liver is which of the following? gallbladder
Many items processed through a facility’s decontamination area do not require sterilization
All sterilization packaging systems used by healthcare facilities to package and sterilize surgical instruments, medical devices, and equipment are regulated by FDA
Which of the following should be used to alert persons about the presence of harmful bacteria, viruses, or other dangerous organisms? biohazard signage
At times personnel may have to transport sterile packs themselves. The only way to do this properly is to: carry with hands only
In terms of sterile storage the expiration date is used to do all but which of the following? indicate whether an item is sterile
There are three priority goals of soiled item transport. All of the following are goals EXCEPT: to assure all items are transported efficiently and timely
The percentage of items that cannot be filled when an order is placed is called the inventory stock out rate
The ionic charge of water indicates which of its qualities? conductivity
Virus-like infectious agents that cause a variety of neurodegenerative diseases in humans and animals is called: prions
The temperature for the decontamination work area should be: 60 to 65°F
Which of the following systems is used for the final rinse water in manual and automated cleaning processes? deionization
For closed shelving care must be taken to open doors slowly because: rapid air movement can draw in contaminants
The primary role and responsibility of OSHA is to: ensure the safety and health of workers in the workplace
The action taken to address a problem with a medical device that violates FDA regulations is a recall
Which of the following is not one of the three conditions that can compromise the ability of a package to maintain the sterility of its contents? transportation vehicle
Each of the following is a valid guideline for handling reusable linen EXCEPT: Drapes and sheets should be cross-stitched to prevent bacteria from entering.
Each of the following is a requirement for the environment where cleaning/decontamination is performed EXCEPT: be part of the area where clean/disinfected/sterile equipment/devices are handled or stored
Which of the following fabrics is not recommended for use in sterilization anymore? canvas
In the United States, chemical germicides utilized in health care are regulated by two federal agencies. They are the Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration
Saturated steam under pressure is the most economical and reliable method of sterilization. Steam permeates and heats through the process of: condensation
Tracking items from the central service department is done to accomplish all but which of the following? determine the measure of satisfaction with the supplies
The ultimate goal of packaging must always be to create a pack that can be successfully sterilized
Which of the following is the indicator that disinfection has occurred with the process of thermal disinfection? surface temperature of instruments
In terms of the FDA’s medical device classification, most types of sterilization equipment, and biological and chemical indicators are considered to be which of the following? Class II
EtO sterilizers require more documentation than other types of low temperature sterilizers because EtO has been classified as a mutagen
Which of the following instrument identification techniques uses a stencil, solutions, and electricity to mark stainless steel? acid-based etching
When an inventory of stock on hand is taken at regular intervals and items at or below their reorder points are ordered, this is part of which of the following systems? periodic-review system
In terms of channels of communication, which of the following allows for transfer of information through networks and acquaintances? informal channels
Some packaging materials can be penetrated by moisture, which will carry microorganisms into the package contents and cause them to be unsterile. Therefore, sterile storage areas should have controlled temperature and humidity. 70%
Common practice is to maintain the room temperature at 68° F to 73° F and the relative humidity in the range of 30% to 60%, not to exceed 70%
What is the most important procedure to prevent and control the transmission of microorganisms? hand washing
Purified water should have a pH in what range? 6.5 – 7.5
For sterilization, multi-part instruments should be: disassembled
In order to find an instrument within the health care facility in real time, the hospital would use which of the following tracking systems? Radio Frequency Identification
Plastic film is unsuitable for items to be steam-sterilized for which of the following reasons? It resists penetration by steam.
The surgical prefix which means beside or near is which of the following? para-
Tray cards are used for which of the following purposes? to generate user comments about quality
An ECG machine would require which of the following types of processing after use? cleaning followed by low-level disinfection
Phenolic compounds are derived from carbolic acid and are effective against all but which of the following? bacterial spores
Using appropriate barriers to prevent transmission of infectious organisms from contact with blood and other body fluids is known by which of the following terms? standard precautions
High-level disinfection(HLD) has become more common in recent years to process semi-critical items such as expensive flexible endoscopes. More record-keeping is required for HLD for these items because complex processes are needed to clean and high-level disinfect complex scopes
When items are needed at once the order is which type? stat
The weight of combustible materials per square foot of area in which those materials are located is called combustible loading
The most critical step in processing surgical instrumentation, equipment, utensils, and other related devices is: proper cleaning before sterilization
Which of the following packaging materials is unsuitable for packaging items to be sterilized with gas plasma? textile products
A minimum space of what size should be left between the item and the seals of a pouch? 1 in.
When a quantity of each item equal to that item’s reorder quantity is segregated from the stock picked routinely, which of the following order processing systems is being used? two-bin system
The distribution system that is carried out on a regularly scheduled basis or as necessary is which of the following systems? demand distribution system
Drapes and sheets should be folded in which of the following styles? fan fold
The amount of microbial contamination on an object is known as which of the following? bioburden
Sterilization is a process in which you cannot determine its effectiveness by inspection and testing of each product. A risk analysis should be performed at least annually
How should tissue and dressing forceps be placed in the instrument tray? nested together
Which of the following would be categorized as a semi-critical item in terms of disinfection? endotracheal tubes
Some facilities are using a new method for wrapping items, which involves the use of two wrappers made of nonwoven material that have been attached on the edges by the manufacturer. The method is called the simultaneous wrapping method
The length of an instrument is determined by measuring in what manner? from the tip of the jaw to the bottom edge of the finger ring
Steam sterilization cycles are based upon which of the following relationships? time and temperature
Suffixes are word elements that come after the root word. A common surgical suffix is “-rrhaphy.” This indicates which of the following? to suture
The standards for manufacturing today’s fabric packaging materials have been based on penetration and microbial barrier capability measurements for a minimum of 140 thread count muslin
An anterior cervical fusion involves which of the following? removing disc tissue, inserting a piece of bone, and fusing the area
A process used by an ultrasonic cleaner in which low-pressure bubbles in a cleaning solution burst inward to dislodge soil from instruments is: cavitation
Which of the following would be considered capital equipment? sterilizers
Each of the following statements about basin set preparation is accurate EXCEPT: Nested basins should differ in size by at least 1/4 inch.
Created by: Pink Guy
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