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mod f unit 4 review

the review for our final test

This gland regulates the exchange of the calcium between bones and blood: parathyroid
secretions from the ductust glands: hormones
this gland increases metabolism, influences both physical and mental activity,a nd promotes normal gtrowth and development thyroid
the pituitary gland is also know as: master gland
ACTH stimulates the corex of which gland: adrenal gland
insuficient production of growth hormone during childhood resuts in dwarfism
over production of growth hormone during childhood results in: gigantism
an edocrine disorder of the thyroid gland that affects adults: myxedema
thos gland is esential metabolism of cabohydrates and reduces blood sugar level: pancreas
weight, pregnancy, heredity, emotional stress, and virus may cause: diabetes melitus
in respondsible for normal growth of body tisues: pituitary
most common form of hyperthyroidism: graves disease
can increase heart, blood presure, and flow of blood adrenal
disorder that results from serious lack of thyroxin begining in the early stages of life: cretinism
controls onset of puberty penail bady
hormone that stimulates skin pigmentation MSH
controls electrolyte balance by regulating sodium and potassium: aldostrone
if a patient's blood sugar is too low, they may go into diabetic coma; false
hypothyroidism is the result of excess secretion of thyroxin: false
TSH cuases the production in estrogen in females: false
a GTT test is used to determine the contriol of glucose over a period of 6-8 weeks: false
prolactin stimulates the production of milk in the brest: true
a patient who is alergic to iodine may not have an Thyroid scan true
after sperm are produced in the tubles they pass into epidydmis
why does sterility result with undecended teticles sperm can not survive the internal heat of the internal bory
the first mature sperm are ejaculated at the age of 14
may result from severe trauma or strain, but is frequently related to degeneration of intervertible joints herniated disc
passageway of sperm to exit the body from the epedidymis: vas defrons
is surgical sterlization for a male vesectomy
the testicle is the most common site for cancer in men from what age range 15
condition that psychgentic in origin impotenece
orchitis is found testies
cryptochidiam is undecended testies
painfull cramping associated with menstration dydmenorhea
fetus implanted outside of the uterine cavity eptopic
wart-like growth on external genitilia condyloma
acute or chronic infection of the reproductive tract DID
most frequent STD in America chlamidia
a chronic viral infection with two strains: herpes
usually asymptomatic in females, and can cause blindness in newborns during birth ghonorea
name the mojor glands of the endocrine system pituitery, pineal, thyroid, parathyroid, pancreas, adrenals, gonads and thymus
gland known as the master gland pituitary
prolactin is serceted by adenohypohysis
enlargement of the extremities due to exessive growth hormone acromegaly
not a true statement concerncing epinephrine increases the heart rate in cardiac output
gland that plays a vittal role inn metobolism and regulates the body's metobolic process thyroid
essential for maintenance of normal blood sugar insoluin
minoeralcorticoid secreted by the adrenal cortex aldosterone
medical term for softing of a gland adenalmalaycia
any disease of the adrenal gland adrenal pathy
congenital deficiency in secretion of the thyroid hormone cretinism
stimulates uterine contractions during childbirth oxytocin
also called as adreanline epinephrine
masculinity developed in a female virialsm
ressembling a sheild thyroid
to go through diabetes
male sex hormone testosterone
also called ADH vasso pressin
a tumor of a gland adenoma
a condition of being abnormally small dwarfism
a condition of being abnormally large giagantiasm
abbreviation GH stands for groth hormone
abbreviation ACTH stands for adenocortcotropic hormone
abreviation FSH stands for folicle stimulating hormone
abreviation BMR stands for basal metabolic rate
abreviation DM stands for diabtetes melitus
Created by: alexiscm88