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Edge Exam

Real Test #4

Chemical indicators that are used to test the humidity, temperature, sterilant or a variety of parameters of the sterilization process are called: chemical integrators
There are four primary objectives for all packaging materials. Each of the following is one of them EXCEPT: They must not allow penetration of the chosen sterilant and must be compatible with any other requirements of the sterilization process.
Lighting in the decontamination area should be adequate for detailed cleaning and inspection. All of the following are factors that lighting be based EXCEPT: the same wattage of lighting throughout
Brushing should be done underwater and by: following the grain
Prohibiting recapping needles with a two-handed technique is an example of which of the following? work practice controls
The removal of contamination from a surface to the extent necessary for further processing for intended use is: cleaning
A piece of patient equipment is returned in a nonfunctioning condition. This piece of equipment should be tagged for repair
The internal path through a needle is known as which of the following? lumen
Ideally, which type of wetting agent should be utilized as the free rinsing agent to minimize the deposit of minerals that appear as water spots when dry? de-ionized water
In terms of patient care equipment which of the following would be an appropriate safety tip? Cover contaminated equipment that is being transported to the Central Service Department for processing.
For larger packs, which of the following is often done to absorb moisture? tray liners
An active listener would incorporate all but which of the following practices? Always take notes.
When healthcare facilities lease patient care equipment, at the end of the contract which of the following happens? equipment is returned or purchased
Central Service technicians must track all patient care equipment for all but which of the following reasons? for reporting to the manufacturer on performance
Which of the following is not a part of the chain of infection? portal of entry of the agent from the reservoir
Which of the following statements about disinfection is accurate? A disinfectant is used on inanimate objects to kill all organisms except spores.
The percentage of items unavailable when an order is placed for sterile items is known by which of the following terms? inventory stock out rate
Liquid loads may only be sterilized by which of the following cycles? gravity-displacement
If items being packaged are “double peel pouched”, it must be which of the following to ensure sterilant penetration? double protected with an adhesive “peel” inside of larger packaging
“Flat wraps” are another name for which of the following? non-woven wraps
Which of the following should be used to sterilize liquid loads? gravity-displacement liquid cycle
The test material used to test the sharpness of scissors measuring 4 inches or smaller is which of the following? yellow test material
Which of the following requires that preventive maintenance standards be established for healthcare equipment? the Joint Commission
Surgical procedures involving the nervous system include reconstruction of the eardrum. This surgery is called a: tympanoplasty
To ensure that sterile items are stored in a way that will reduce the potential for contamination, humidity should be controlled so that it does not exceed which of the following percentages? 70%
Manufacturers of surgical instruments may use a chemical process that provides a corrosion-resistant finish. This process is which of the following? passivation
If you are checking to determine if water contains sediments or solids that, when stirred, make the water appear cloudy, you are checking the turbidity
Which of the following is an example of the correct workflow order? receiving, inspection, staging
Gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, halogenated fluorocarbons, and ozone are considered greenhouse gases
In 2000, the FDA released its final guidance document for reprocessing single-use devices. However, the enforcement document does not currently apply to which of the following? unopened but unused SUDs health care facilities that are not hospitals pacemakers
The period during which an item is considered safe for use is which of the following? shelf life
Items with lumens must be flushed with sterile, distilled water immediately before sterilization
When selecting enzymatic detergents for use with endoscopes, which of the following is least appropriate? They must be high-foaming.
Central service technicians must be familiar with medical terminology. The initials “THA” stand for which of the following? total hip arthroplasty
Even when all processes are carefully followed, a recall of sterilized items may be necessary. Initiating a recall procedure and report involves specific components to ensure a complete and accurate report is created to clearly identify name of manufacturers of all products recalled
what happened and how the recall was handled. Which of the following is not typically included in the recall report? name of manufacturers of all products recalled
The practice of central service technology requires professionalism, and includes the essential elements of a profession which include all of the following EXCEPT: regulation by both state and federal government
Which of the following would NOT apply to recordkeeping in the Central Service Department? Recordkeeping is voluntary.
The most stringently regulated medical devices are classified as which of the following? Class III
When dehydrated textiles are subjected to steam sterilization this may cause which of the following? superheating
A replenishment system in which items removed from inventory are identified and tracked is called: automated supply replenishment system
The first step in the packaging process is to choose the appropriate type of material for packaging. Which of the following types of sterilization would require packaging that is able to tolerate a deep vacuum draw without absorbing the sterilant? gas plasma sterilization
Which of the following disease-producing agents can be destroyed by low-level disinfectants? gram positive and gram negative vegetative bacteria
One of the long-term effects of using glutaraldehyde as a disinfectant is that is a(n) sensitizer
Which of the following is the best time to ensure that electrical cords have no frays or cracks? whenever the equipment is cleaned
Which of the following are considered low-level disinfectants? quaternary ammonium compounds
Companies should maximize the benefits of their communication activities. Which of the following actions would be least likely to improve communication? increase the number of messages
Which of the following types of wrapping is inappropriate for use within wrapped sets? paper/plastic pouches
For items with lumens it is necessary to soak them in a(n) enzymatic solution
The reordering function involves which of the following? the reorder point and the order quantity
Which of the following is not an appropriate guideline for loading sterilizers? Linen packs should be placed flat on the carrier cart or the sterilizer racks.
If an actual EtO exposure has occurred, documentation must be done. These documents must be retained for how long after the affected employee’s last day of employment? at least 30 years
Laparoscopic instrument ring handles can be designed in all but which of the following styles? sealed handle
Medical devices and instrument that are fragile may require physical protection from damage and so sometimes it is necessary to: use rigid plastic and metal containers
Properly labeling the contents of a package is necessary for all of the following reasons EXCEPT: whether it has been sterilized
When a person has to make a choice between two equally unfavorable alternatives this is known as which of the following? ethical dilemma
Sterile storage areas should have a controlled temperature and humidity of which of the following? temperature less than 75 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity of 30-70%
Active listening is giving your full attention to the customer for the entire time the message is being sent. Each of the following is an appropriate guideline for developing active listening skills EXCEPT: interrupt when necessary to add your own information
Not all peel pouches can be used in all types of sterilization processes. Plastic/paper peel pouches are used with: steam sterilization
Documentation for each sterilizer cycle must contain all but which of the following? manufacturer of the sterilizer
When products are ordered from a vendor prepacked for a particular department this is known as which of the following? pick-n-pack system
An agent such as alcohol or ethylene oxide that can cause birth defects is known as a teratogen
The NIOSH immediately dangerous to life and health index for exposure to EtO is which of the following? 800 ppm
Laparoscopic instruments with minute holes in insulation of shaft or handle may result in burns to patients
Bili lights are used to treat infants with jaundice
The act of withdrawing supplies from storage for transfer to areas where they will be used is: issue
The density of linen packs should not exceed: 7.2 pounds
The technique used to find the best practices to incorporate within a department is which of the following? benchmarking
Bili lights are used to treat which of the following? jaundice
Every reprocessed medical device, especially an implant, should be fully traceable to the patient on whom it is used or in whom it is implanted. If infection occurs from implants, it will be evident within 24 hours.
There are many reasons that there is a higher degree of risk of infection to patient with implants. Which of the following statements about the risk to patients with implants is least accurate? If infection occurs from implants, it will be evident within 24 hours.
Sometimes packaging is damaged. If this happens which of the following statements is correct? The item must be considered contaminated. If reusable, the item must be reprocessed before it can be used. it is a disposable item, it may have to be discarded.
Official inventories of consumable supplies are generally included on the facility’s balance sheet as a current asset
Which of the following actions is most important when performing equipment cleaning? attention to detail
Of the following, which organization requires that a material safety data sheet be maintained with information on all potentially dangerous chemicals used in the workplace? OSHA
The best time to begin the instrument cleaning process is within how long after the procedure for which it was used? 15 minutes to one hour
Popular enzymes used in the central service department include protease enzymes. These enzymes do which of the following? break down blood, mucous, feces, and albumin
Surgical instruments, supplies, and most other medical devices must be prepared and packaged so that their sterility can be maintained: up to the point of use
Horizontal work surfaces in the decontamination area should be cleaned and disinfected: at the beginning and end of each shift
Damage to stainless steel instruments being processed in a washer/sterilizer can be avoided by doing which of the following? separating them from instruments made of other metals
Environmental cleaning should start at which of the following areas? sterile holding area
The annual dollar value of the items issued from a storeroom, divided by the dollar value of the supplies stored in the storeroom is the formula for: inventory turnover
Service provided to equipment to maintain it in proper operating condition is called preventive maintenance
Ethylene oxide destroys microorganisms by which of the following processes? alkylation
Compounds that contain a positive electrical charge on the large organic hydrophobic molecule are which of the following? cationic
Heat transmission for sterilization is accomplished in a number of ways. The type of heat transfer that involves transfer of heat in solids from molecule to molecule is conduction
Chelating or sequestering agents help do all of the following EXCEPT: measures alkalinity
There are three categories of quality control indicators. Which of the following is NOT one of them? random
Instrument decontamination begins in which of the following places? point-of-use
Sterile packages should be arranged and maintained with the FIFO system of inventory. This ensures that the oldest items are used first
Which of the following statements about routine sterilizer efficacy monitoring is accurate? Results of all routine efficacy monitoring should be documented.
If on an examination of a culture, it is determined that no microorganisms have survived, the BI test is: negative
In which of the following places should sterile packs never be stored? near a window
Of the following, which is the healthiest style of communication? assertive communication
The three basic types of packaging systems for sterilization include each of the following EXCEPT: aluminum foil
Human tissue or body parts are considered which type of waste? pathological waste
Water used in the cleaning process should be free of particulates, total dissolved solids, microbes, and pyrogens. Pyrogens are defined as fever-producing substances
There are certain rules for transporting sterile packages between healthcare facilities. which of the following statement in regard to this is least accurate? All transport vehicles (motorized or manual) may be constructed of any type of materials.
Dressing forceps are identical to tissue forceps except for which of the following? serrations rather than teeth at the distal end
A wet pack is created when sterilization results in condensation of too much moisture. This can be caused by which of the following? if packs are too dense
Inspection of a sample from a larger lot to decide whether the lot should be received is called acceptance sampling
A decision that requires a unique solution in an ill-structured situation in which the decision-maker has little or no experience is which of the following? non-programmed decision
Created by: Pink Guy
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