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Integumentary system

What are the most common cell type in the epidermis Keratinocytes
What is melanin Pigment that absorbs UV radiation from sunlight
What does melanin prevent Radiation from harming structures in the skins underlying layers
What happen to the dermal blood vessels when a person is hot They dilate, carrying body heat to the body’s surface where it can escape
What happens to the dermal vessels when cold Construct to prevent the heat in the blood from escaping
What is the most complex layer of skin Dermis
What does the dermis contain Major tissues types including the epithelial, connective , muscle, and nervous tissue.
Where are sweat glands located The dermis
What skin cancer accounts for 90% in the United states Basal cell carcinoma
What arise from flat cells of the epidermis Squamous cell carcinomas
How many stages does melanoma have? 5
What herpes simplex type is caused by virus Types 1 and 2
Partial-thickness or second degree burn involves what? Epidermis and the dermis
What is a second degree characterized by Redness,swelling,pain, and blisters but does not affect the muscles or bones
What are apocine glands activated by? Nervousness, pain l, or stress, although can be by heat
What are scabies Notes that burrow beneath the skin and lay eggs
What is psoriasis Most likely an inherited autoimmune disorder
What causes pediculosis Parasitic lice
What three forms does pediculosis come in Head lice, body lice, and pubic lice
A person with skin that is pinkish or has a rosy hue to it. Rich supply of oxygenated blood
What promotes healing and why Inflammation because more blood travels to the area and the extra blood carries more nutrients and defensive cells to clear up the cause of inflammation
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