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MIC Terminology I

mecical terminology

adeno gland
angio vessel
articulo articulation
cephalo head
cranio cranium
dermo skin
gastro stomach
hepato liver
lipo fat
myo muscle
musculo muscle
adipo fat
arthro joint
cardio heart
chondro cartilage
cysto cyst
encephalo brain
hemo blood
hystero womb
hemato blood
mammo mammary gland
masto breast (mast)
a condition that causes inflammation of the heart muscle myocarditis
describing a disease of rapid onset, severe symptoms, and brief duration acute
describing a disease of long duration, sometimes involving slow changes chronic
any discontinuity of the skin or an organ lesion
tumor that is noninvasive (not affecting deeper tissue), localized , and non- spreading benign
a tumor that is invasive (has spread to deeper tissue), and is capable of spreading to other, remote parts of the body malignant
any benign or malignant tumor neoplasm
"water on the brain" hydrocephalus
angio duct
articulo joint
mammo breast
cranio skull
adipo lipid
cysto bladder
lipo lipid
cysto sac
hystero uterus
masto nipple
masto mastoid
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