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Edge Exam

Real Test #3

Filters are made of numerous materials for the different applications for which they are used. The filter size is measured in microns. Each of the following equals one micron EXCEPT: 1/25,000 of a centimeter
If an equipment malfunction causes harm to a patient, which of the following should be done? It should not be disassembled.
Which of the following statements pertains to the hydrogen peroxide gas plasma method of sterilization as a low-temperature sterilization method? It is reactive and unstable in its liquid state.
One of the hazards in the Central Service Department is fire. Fire requires three elements to be present at the same place and same time. Which of the following is NOT one of these elements? human error
Formaldehyde is considered to be which of the following level of disinfectant? can be high, intermediate, or low level
When air in an area flows out into other less clean areas, this is known as: positive pressure
Which of the following terms best describes assets such as wrapping supplies or processing chemicals? consumable inventory
Most handheld instruments are prepared in sets. The contents of each set are usually determined by the staff of the department in which the set will be used
Personnel are required to be immunized against Hepatitis B. If they decline to be immunized, OSHA requires which of the following to happen? A vaccine declination statement must be signed.
Which of the following items of information should be recorded and maintained for each item of patient care equipment? assigned equipment location ownership status schedule for preventive maintenance
OSHA is an agency that has the responsibility to protect workers from occupationally-caused illnesses and injuries. OSHA violations in which an employer intentionally and knowingly commits a violation is classified as willful
All patient care equipment dispensed for use must be considered Contaminated
Recording both temperature and relative humidity in the central service department is the responsibility of which of the following? personnel in each work area
The purpose of record-keeping is to do which of the following? collect data to provide a history of what has occurred
It is important to keep sterile packs at least how far away from exterior walls? 2 inches
Which of the following low temperature sterilization processes does not rely on oxidation for sterilization? EtO
Chemical germicides in the United States are regulated by which of the following agencies? EPA and FDA
A three-sink arrangement used for manual cleaning should consist of all of the following EXCEPT: a plain filtered water bath
Automated instrument tracking systems can do many things. One thing they cannot do, however, is identify product recalls
Which of the following would be an item that could be placed safely in a sonic cleaner? stainless steel
There are certain steps that are taken when interviewing a person. The initial discussion of mutual topics of interest is considered transitional conversation
Which type of instrument should be used for labeling packages? indelible quick-dry alcohol-based felt tip marker
The killing of all forms of microbial life is done by: sterilization
The contents of a containerized packaging should be identified in which of the following ways? on the outside on a label
There are two general grades of instruments. One is surgical grade, the other is: floor grade
EtO is listed as a pollutant under the Clean Air Act. As such, it is regulated by which of the following agencies? EPA
Reverse osmosis removes little, if any, of which of the following? dissolved gases
Surgical scissors with serrated blades are designed to do which of the following? prevent tissue slippage or escape during the cutting process
There are many important factors to be considered when a packaging system is required. The major factor to consider when selecting a packaging system is which of the following? sterilization method
Which of the following sterilization monitors would be considered a physical monitor? gauge
It is very important to monitor water temperature when using enzymatic detergents. The chemical reaction can be affected by temperatures above 140° F
Content requirements for basic and specialty packs must be specified on which of the following? instrument tray packing list
Which of the following is the process of using a chemical to inanimate objects such as medical instruments to kill all organisms except spores? disinfectant
The removal of contamination from a surface to the extent necessary for further processing for intended use is: cleaning
The number of times per year that inventory is purchased, consumed, and replaced is the: inventory turnover rate
Pouches are often used for which of the following types of items? lightweight
The materials and techniques used for packaging surgical instruments must do all but which of the following? prohibit air removal
Which of the following is not an appropriate guideline for packaging items sterilized or to be sterilized? All packaging materials should be held at temperatures of at least 75° F for a minimum of 2 hours before sterilization.
Critical devices are those instruments that: introduced directly into normally sterile areas of the body
How often are specialty-cart items restocked? after each use
The tissue of the body which covers the external surface is which of the following? epithelial tissue
At the end of a leasing contract, which of the following typically occurs? the facility can return the equipment or purchase it
When the wrapper will also be used to create a sterile field, it must be large enough to extend how far below the edge on all four sides of the table? 6 inches
Surgical procedures that involve the skeletal system include one in which an incision is made in the skin to realign a fractured bone, inserting screws and plates to promote healing. This is which of the following procedures? open reduction internal fixation
High temperature sterilization depends upon the transfer of heat. Transmission of heat from one part to another part of a material is which type of heat transfer? conduction
Each of the following are keys to maintaining sterility EXCEPT: expiration date
To avoid mixing processed and unprocessed packages, which of the following should be done? use indicator tapes or stickers which change color after exposure
Which of the following statements about high-level disinfection of endoscopes is least accurate? Leave endoscopic components assembled when immersing in enzymatic cleaner.
Which of the following choices is least appropriate for authorized individuals entering a storage area? may wear street clothes
Basic attire worn by central service technicians includes all but which of the following? gloves and mask
Behavior that relates to what is right and wrong relative to the standards of conduct for one’s profession is which of the following? ethical behavior
In terms of patient equipment, disposable components such as pads, tubing, and suction canisters should be removed from each piece of equipment and discarded at the point of use
Removing disc tissue pressing on the lower spine area and inserting a piece of bone between the vertebra is which of the following? posterior lumbar interbody fusion
A stockless or “just-in-time” distribution system is a modification of which of the following systems? par-level
The infectious disease process is a complex interrelationship between all of the following EXCEPT: severity of infection
Which of the following is not a common inventory replenishment system? tote system
Information about hazardous materials that employees must know to work safely with any given material is known as a: material safety data sheet
The Standard Bar Code Label system allows staff to know which of the following? the last location of an instrument set or tray
If you keep minimal stock on site and deliver orders when needed this system is which of the following? just-in-time system
If an ultrasonic cleaning unit has three chambers, the third chamber does which of the following? dries
A wet pack is created when sterilization results in condensation of too much moisture. This can be caused by which of the following? if packs are too dense
The diffusion of water through a semi-permeable membrane to eliminate impurities that it contains is: reverse osmosis
Requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE) are in place to protect workers and are mandated by which of the following? OSHA
The most radical of all outsourcing equipment systems is which of the following? selling all hospital equipment to the outside entity, and then leasing it back
The costs incurred by a facility to purchase a specific supply from the point of authorization through its disposal is total acquisition costs
What is required to be readily available for review or reference when working with chemicals? material safety data sheets (MSDS)
The functional center of a cell that governs activity and heredity is the nucleus
If on an examination of a culture, it is determined that no microorganisms have survived, the BI test is: negative
Which of the following is NOT an acceptable closure method for packages? binding clips
A quality control grid table should be developed for each category of items to be checked. To determine which items to check as well as what aspects of each item are to be checked which of the following is used? table of random numbers
Which of the following agents is used to remove chlorides in water? granulated activated charcoal
In terms of labeling packages which of the following statements is accurate? Indelible ink should be used for labeling.
The main purposes of a tracking system for patient equipment include all but which of the following? to maintain the equipment in good repair
The Bowie-Dick test would fall into which class of chemical indicator? Class II
For safety purposes there are guidelines to follow when handling needles and other sharps. Which of the following would NOT be an appropriate guideline? If recapping of needles is done, use a two-handed method.
A hyperthermia unit would be used if a patient’s temperature is which of the following? 94.2° F
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Austenitic stainless steel? It is magnetic.
The Bowie-Dick test is used to measure: the effectiveness of the vacuum system of the sterilizer
It is very important to monitor water temperature. When selecting an enzymatic detergent, it is best to consider all of the following EXCEPT: whether the detergent is approved by OSHA
Sterilizer qualification testing should be conducted in cooperation with the sterilizer manufacturer, and performed after all but which of the following? sterilizer user error
Each of the following is an effective speaking tactic EXCEPT: Speak in a low-key tone.
Only materials specifically designed for sterilization packaging and approved by the FDA are acceptable. dry heat sterilization
Packaging that is able to tolerate 2-3 hours exposure time and a temperature of 320° F to 400° F without melting, burning, or otherwise being destroyed is used for which of the following? dry heat sterilization
Ethylene oxide (EtO) has properties that make it an ideal sterilant for which of the following types of devices? heat-sensitive
In wrapped packs, chemical indicators are best placed in what position? center of the wrapped pack
The maximum concentration of an airborne chemical to which a worker may be exposed over a 15-minute period is which of the following? short-term excursion limit (STEL)
In the central service department which of the following is the single most important method of preventing cross-contamination? handwashing
Packaging which contains which of the following cannot be used in hydrogen peroxide gas plasma sterilization? cellulose
To provide maximum protection of sterile items from contamination, a sterility maintenance cover is often used to overwrap hospital-sterilized packages. The cover should be approximately how thick? 2 to 3 mm
The distribution process begins with which of the following? receipt of a requisition
Garbage disposed of as municipal solid waste is classified as which of the following? general trash
When a package is only wrapped once but requires a special double-layered synthetic non-woven material bound on two or four sides, this is which of the following methods of wrapping? simultaneous
A mandatory law or rule that is issued by a governing body is which of the following? regulation
Being honest and open in communication with customers is an excellent way to build and maintain trust. face-to-face
Trust is engendered by sending messages that are honest and complete. When the message being sent is a difficult or complex one, which of the following would be the best method of communicating? face-to-face
Which of the following stands for the surgical procedure for removal of part of the prostate gland by inserting instruments across the urethra? TURP
Woven fabrics used in sterilization include all but which of the following? canvas
The sterilization method most often used for heat- and moisture-sensitive items is: gas plasma
During a performance review, which of the following questions would be considered a closed-ended question? Do you like your job?
The Biomedical and Clinical Engineering Department is responsible for which of the following? performing safety inspections and function tests on medical equipment
The system of healthcare providers and organizations which provide a coordinated range of services to a specific population is which of the following? integrated delivery network
Advantages of using phenolics for disinfection include all of the following EXCEPT: sporicidal
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