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Edge Exam

Real Test #2

An inanimate object or substance that is capable of transmitting infectious organisms from one individual to another is called a(n): fomite
The proper way to measure a hemostatic forcep is from the tips to the bottom of the rings
When retrieving reusable sharps that have come in contact with blood, the best method is to use engineering controls like forceps to retrieve
In the come-up/first prevacuum sterilization cycle, the vacuum system pumps approximately what percent of air out of the chamber? 90%
All items disinfected with glutaraldehydes must be rinsed thoroughly. Tap water should not be used for which of the following reasons? It will add bioburden again.
The inventory strategy that imposes higher controls on relatively few items with greatest value and least on items with lowest value is which of the following? ABC analysis
When patients come into contact with chemical residues, they can receive chemical burns or other complications. To ensure that this does not occur, all items sterilized with ethylene oxide must be: aerated
Which aspect of quality control documents each item processed, assists in proper stock rotation, establishes accountability, and assists with recalls? product identification and traceability
When a group is keenly aware of significant details, notices errors in the making, and has the shared expertise and freedom to act on what it notices, this is known as which of the following? collective mindfulness
All of the following are factors affecting sterilization EXCEPT: The amount of bioburden must be high enough to ensure the effectiveness of the sterilization process.
Peel pouches should not be too small because instruments may place stress on the pouch which may cause a tear. Neither should pouches be too large. The reason for this is which of the following? movement may result in contents sliding and contents could break seals
Which of the following statements about packaging practices is least accurate? Packages to be sterilized should not be labeled until after sterilization.
Packs containing woven materials should not exceed the accepted maximum size of: 12 x 12 x 20 inches
Which of the following is not a proper guideline for packaging items for sterilization? Items with removable parts should be fully assembled.
Three conditions can compromise the ability of a package to maintain the sterility of its contents. They include all but which of the following? the sterilization method used
When a quantity of each item equal to that item’s reorder quantity is reserved, which of the following order processing systems is being used? two-bin system
There are two types of sterile solutions. The solution that is administered to patients intravenously is a(n) parenteral solution
The pH scale is used to measure: acidity or alkalinity
When patient care equipment requires a battery back-up system it must be plugged in at all times when in storage
Infectious disease results from the interaction of an agent, a host and an environment. Which link starts the chain that can end with an infected host? causative agent
The package closure for sterilization that is considered “best practice” is which of the following? indicator tape
The agent used to remove the chlorides in water is which of the following? granular activated charcoal
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has developed guidelines for handling contaminated items. They are known as: Standard Precautions
Containerized packaging systems have one or more of the following components EXCEPT: an internal instrument that measures the temperature of the contents
If 150 items are ordered and 120 items are available. The inventory stock out rate is which of the following? 20%
Technicians who are specially trained to inspect, test, and repair patient care equipment are which of the following? Biomedical and Clinical Engineering technicians
All accidents and injuries should be reported to a supervisor immediately and an incident report should be filed. The incident report is needed for which of the following? insurance and worker’s compensation purposes
Which of the following statements about communication is true? Communication is a two-way process.
Shelf life is: event-related
Which of the following is not a proper guidelines for packaging items for sterilization? Hinged instruments should be closed.
Which of the following pieces of equipment is used to aspirate intestinal contents? gastric suction unit
The primary goal of an effective ergonomics program is to adapt the work to fit the employee
Personal Protective Equipment should be latex free, easily used and accessed and include all of the following components EXCEPT: short-sleeve gown with a front that acts as a barrier to fluids
The distribution process begins with which of the following? receipt of a requisition
Manual cleaning of patient care equipment involves which of the following? friction
Response from the receiver of a message is known as which of the following? feedback
There are a number of steps in the sterilization process, however, one step is the first and most important. Of the following, which step is this? cleaning
Which of the following statement about reassembly and inspection of patient care equipment is accurate? Repeat the cleaning of any item that is not clean.
Which of the following is a leading principle in terms of adaptability of packaging material? The package should not extend beyond the actual size of the contents.
The term used to describe situations that unfold in undesirable ways as the result of team members’ performance, the unavailability of essential resources, and system problems is which of the following? breakdown
Only detergents that have been specially formulated for use in ultrasonic cleaners should be used in them. They must be all of the following EXCEPT: allow for slow, controlled soil removal
ANSI/AAMI standards recommend that every load containing which of the following should be quarantined until the results of the BI testing are available? implantable devices
Emergency supply orders requiring immediate action are known as which of the following? STAT order
If a healthcare facility has an immediate need for equipment that is not on hand, the most reasonable solution is which of the following? rent the equipment
If an instrument has a sharp point, it should be protected by means of all but which of the following? adhesive covering
To comply with OSHA regulations, the employer must inform all applicable employees about the results of personnel monitoring. These records must be kept for how long after the employee has completed the last EtO-related tasks? 30 years
Good phone etiquette includes all but which of the following? Always ask who is calling before you inform the caller about whether the individual is available.
All of the following are recommendations for operating a washer/sterilizer EXCEPT: detergent should be high-sudsing
Which of the following would be least likely to help minimize combustible loads? Maximize use of disposable items.
The ability of an organism to gain entry into the host and cause disease is which of the following? pathogenicity
All of the following are methods of specifying what should be stocked on each case-cart EXCEPT: manual
The type of chemical indicator used in low-temperature sterilization which reacts to all critical variables with the state values having been generated to be equivalent to, or exceed, the performance requirements is: integrating indicator
What is the first and most important step in the disinfection process? cleaning
Chlorine and iodine belong to the chemical group known as halogens
Historically, all recordkeeping performed by the Central Service department was done manually by CSTs
Most tap water has a chloride concentration of: 400 ppm or more
The accumulated mass of bacteria and extracellular material that is tightly adhered to a surface is known as biofilm
Which of the following types of behavior relates to basic principles about what is right and wrong? moral behavior
In terms of instrument storage, which of the following statements is least accurate? Instruments with ratchets should be stored in the closed position.
Manual cleaning is done by the use of: friction
The method for testing different types of detergents to find out if one performs better or more effectively than another is: validation testing
A test pack or test tray that contains a biologic indicator, a Class 5 integrating indicator, or an enzyme-only indicator is which of the following? process challenge device
The concept of measuring the current output of a process or procedure, and then modifying it to increase the output, increase efficiency, and/or increase effectiveness is: total quality improvement
All of the following are part of OSHA’s bloodborne pathogens standard EXCEPT: updating exposure control plan monthly
The length of an instrument is determined by measuring in what manner? from the tip of the jaw to the bottom edge of the finger ring
All packaging materials should be at what relative humidity for at least two hours before use? 30 – 60%
The term that refers to how people interact and communicate, as in a meeting, is which of the following? group dynamics
Reactivity data are included in the material safety data sheet (MSDS). This includes listing conditions contributing to hazardous polymerization. Polymerization is best defined as which of the following? a molecular reaction that creates an uncontrolled release of energy
Several factors must be present for teamwork to occur. Which of the following is considered the most important factor? proper attitude
Which of the following statements is not accurate with regard to protecting against sharp objects in the Central Service Area? Turn downward strung instruments to expose all surfaces to jets of water.
If the service recovery method is used to address a customer complaint, the final step in the process should be which of the following? learn from the experience
The MedWatch Program is designed for which of the following? voluntary reporting of device related problems
If you are using a double pouching method, the pouch sizes should be selected so the inner pouch can: be placed inside the outer pouch without folding
Sterile supplies should be stored in all of the following areas EXCEPT: cardboard cartons
Sterile storage areas are also used to store presterilized products from outside vendors. These products should be removed from their shipping containers in which area? break-out area
The instrument processing area in a dental facility should be divided into four sections. Which of the following is not one of these sections? purchasing
Rubber bands are only acceptable as a closure method if the manufacturer of the wrapper material explicitly recommends their use
Items such as cardiac catheters that are sensitive to heat or moisture and will not withstand steam sterilization are sterilized by which of the following methods? EtO sterilization
The requirements for the entire cleaning process from point-of-use to the sterilization of the medical device prior to the next use is detailed in which standard? ANSI/ AAMI
Which of the following would NOT be a valid purpose of inventory management? maximize capital charge on average inventory
For most cleaning applications, which type of detergents are preferred? neutral or mildly alkaline
Patient care equipment should be cleaned and disinfected according to the classification of the equipment
Containers should not be stacked for sterilization unless specifically recommended by the manufacturer
Muslin wrappers are most generally made of two-ply fabric
The four major primary tissues of the human body include all of the following EXCEPT: glandular
Which of the following is a surgical instrument with a hollow barrel through its center? cannula
To analyze issues discovered within quality systems, one practice is to use a process that looks backwards at an event to help prevent its future occurrence. This is known as which of the following? root cause analysis
Process control measures used to assure planned conditions within sterilizers and aerators are met are called technical quality control indicators
Packaging which contains which of the following cannot be used in hydrogen peroxide gas plasma sterilization? cellulose
To prevent a peel pouch from ripping upon opening in a way that contaminates the contents, which of the following should be done? ensure that there is ample space at the end of pouch for users to use their thumb to open the package
Three types of errors that impact quality in the patient equipment area are: inadvertent, intentional and those resulting from incompetence
Which of the following is not considered patient care equipment? instrument tray
A modification of the par-level restocking system in which the types and amounts of supplies that will be needed for regular operation of the department are determined by the customer and the CSD is which of the following? just-in-time distribution system
The award given by the American Nurses Credentialing Center to hospitals that satisfy factors that measure the strength and quality of their nursing care is which of the following? Magnet Status
The Joint Commission standards are: voluntary
Tracking systems do all of the following EXCEPT: minimize equipment usage
Reusable brushes should have all except which of the following done to them at the end of a shift? discarded
There are three levels of disinfection. The level which kills most vegetative bacteria, some fungi, and some viruses is which of the following? low-level
Proper coil size for sterilization of air hoses is: 9 – 12 inches
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