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ch 3 words from part

Chabner 5th ed. Chapter 3 words from parts

arthralgia joint+pain
otalgia ear+pain
myalgia muscle+pain
neuralgia nerve+pain
leukemia white+blood condition
septicemia pertaining to infection+blood condition
ischemia to hold back+blood condition
uremia waste material+blood condition
pneumonia lung+condition
bronchitis bronchial tubes+inflammation
esophagitis throat+inflammation
laryngitis voice box+inflammation
meningitis membranes around the brain+inflammation
cystitis urinary bladder+inflammation
phlebitis vein+inflammation
colitis large intestine+inflammation
cardiomegaly heart+enlargement
hepatomegaly liver+enlargement
adenoma gland+benign tumor
adenocarcinoma gland+cancer+tumor
myoma muscle+benign tumor (fibroid)
myosarcoma muscle+flesh+tumor
myeloma bone marrow+tumor
nephrosis kidney+abnormal condition
necrosis death of cells+abnormal condition
erythrocytosis red+cell+slight increase
leukocytosis white+cell+slight increase
encephalopathy brain+disease
cardiomyopathy heart+muscle+disease
nephropathy kidney+disease
rhinorrhea nose+flow
menorrhea month+flow
hemorrhage blood+excessive discharge of blood
menorrhagia month+excessive discharge of blood
arteriosclerosis artery+hardening
hematuria blood+condition of urine
peritoneal peritoneum+pertaining to
inguinal groin+pertaining to
renal kidney+pertaining to
esophageal throat+pertaining to
myocardial muscle+heart+pertaining to
vascular blood vessel+pertaining to
axillary armpit+pertaining to
mammary breast+pertaining to
pulmonary lung+pertaining to
chronic time+pertaining to
pelvic pelvis+pertaining to
thoracentesis chest+puncture to remove fluid
amniocentesis amnion+puncture to remove fluid
arthrocentesis joint+puncture to remove fluid
tonsillectomy tonsil+to cut out
hysterectomy uterus+to cut out
oophorectomy ovary+to cut out
salpingectomy fallopian tube+to cut out
cholecystectomy gallbladder+to cut out
mastectomy breast+to cut out
myelogram spinal cord+record
mammogram breast+record
electroencephalography electricity+brain+process of recording
mammography breast+process of recording
angiography blood vessel+process of recording
dialysis complete+separation
mammoplasty breast+surgical repair
rhinoplasty nose+surgical repair
angioplasty blood vessel+surgical repair
bronchoscopy bronchial tubes+process of visual examination
laparoscopy abdomen+process of visual examination
laryngoscopy voice box+process of visual examination
colostomy large intestines+opening
tracheostomy windpipe+opening
radiotherapy radiation+treatment
chemotherapy chemical+treatment
cryotherapy cold+treatment
craniotomy skull+to cut into
laparotomy abdomen+to cut into
phlebotomy vein+to cut into
Created by: sarcannon
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