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Edge Exam

Real Test #1

Which of the following is an example of surgical asepsis? sterilization of instruments
Whenever there are major changes made to packaging, such as switching the type of packaging material or containers used, what should always be done? Product testing should always be performed.
The method for testing different types of detergents to find out if one performs better or more effectively than another is: validation testing
Acceptable packaging materials must be specifically designed for sterilization packaging and approved by which of the following entities? FDA
Preconditioning is a term used to describe which of the following processes? assisting in the drying of sets by allowing the set to heat up before starting a cycle
Preventive maintenance standards should be established by which of the following for medical equipment? The Joint Commission
Ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol does not have the advantage of being sporicidal
The most common method of verifying the cleaning process is which of the following? visual inspection after completing the cleaning process
Examples of other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) include all but which of the following? intact tissue of a dead human
There are four separate traffic control/dress code requirements for Central Service Technicians. The area with the most stringent requirements is which of the following? biohazard area
Equipment that is nonfunctioning must be identified and tagged by the user. If an equipment malfunction causes harm to a patient, which of the following is done? It should not be disassembled and settings should not be adjusted.
The minimum recommended practice for endoscope disinfection is high-level disinfection
A requisition system or a delivery distribution system is which type of distribution system? demand
Which of the following guidelines for working in soiled receiving and decontamination areas is not appropriate? Sinks and other working surfaces should be at levels that do not afford access to certain personnel.
The type of recall in which there is little chance that using or being exposed to the product will cause health problems is which of the following? Class III
Some commercial items have a fixed shelf life because they contain: pharmaceuticals and latex
In wrapped packs, the most challenging location for chemical indicators is which of the following? center of the wrapped pack
Quality requires central service technicians to look at what they do from which perspective? the customers’
One of the potential disadvantages of team building is the possibility of groupthink among member of the team. Which of the following would NOT be a symptom of groupthink? allowing members to express doubts
Which of the following is the wetting agent that is the primary vehicle used in the cleaning process? water
Which of the following items would NOT be considered patient care equipment? retractors
Excessive metal mass can cause excessive condensation, slower heat-up time, and inefficient drying. Therefore, the weight of wrapped basin sets should not exceed 7 lbs
Which of the following instrument and equipment tracking systems provides the real time location of an instrument as it moves through the facility and the processing cycle? radio frequency identification
Excessive packing material can do which of the following? inhibit sterilant penetration and release
Quality assurance steps, policies, and procedures for cleaning, packaging, operating sterilizers, and loading and unloading sterilizers must be written and reviewed annually. This is part of which of the following monitoring processes? administrative monitoring
Which of the following refers to machines designed for the purpose of cleaning and disinfecting endoscopes and accessories? automatic endoscope reprocessor
Clean instruments with box locks may be immersed in a water-soluble solution for lubrication. This is known as: milking
Unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer, containerized packaging should only be used in which type of sterilizer? pre vacuum steam sterilizers
In terms of communication as perception, which of the following statements is least accurate? People will see the same thing in a communication because they all have the same perceptual dimensions.
Inventory should be monitored and updated how often? on an ongoing basis
The presence of chelating or sequestering agents does which of the following? helps minimize formulation of insoluble deposits in a liquid
Each of the following is categorized as regulated medical waste EXCEPT: municipal solid waste
When working in the Central Service decontamination area, what is the dress requirement? surgical scrubs and OSHA-required PPE
The first step in the packaging process is which of the following? selecting the appropriate type of packaging material and method
Material safety data sheets (MSDSs) include reactivity data. This includes information on a molecular reaction that creates an uncontrolled release of energy. This is known as polymerization
OSHA has adopted a STEL of which of the following for EtO? 5 ppm
The organizational principle which states that a person should be a supervisor of a group that he or she can effectively manage in terms of numbers, functions, and geography is which of the following? span of control
Service provided to return equipment to proper operating condition is: repair service
Storage room temperature should have a humidity level of: 70% or less
Which of the following statements about leaders and leadership is least accurate? Leaders must have formal authority granted by the organization to lead.
The personnel responsible for ensuring that patient care equipment is readily available when it is needed are which of the following? Central Service technicians
Which of the following would be considered an informal communication in the workplace? email
After sterilization, self-contained BIs are crushed and nutrient broth covers the spore-impregnated disk. After completion of incubation, if bacteria live through the sterilization process, the nutrient broth turns: yellow
The central service technician must be familiar with surgical instruments and their uses. The instrument with a hollow barrel through its center is a(n): cannula
Once instruments have been properly decontaminated, which of the following is important to help assure surgeon satisfaction and patient safety? functional checks
Which of the following would not be considered a nonwoven packaging material? synthetic textile blends
Packaging material must provide a reliable barrier to prevent the spread of microorganisms. This is created by establishing which of the following? tortuous path
There are a number of characteristics of self-directed work teams. Which of the following is NOT one of these characteristics? internal competition
Right and wrong according to the standards of conduct of one’s profession is which of the following? ethical behavior
In addition to walls separating the decontamination area from the rest of the department, the use of positive and negative air pressures
the area is designed to reduce the likelihood that airborne bacteria can be transmitted from the decontamination area to the clean area. This is accomplished by which of the following? the use of positive and negative air pressures
Which of the following items would not be suitable for liquid chemical sterilization? implantables
The best way to maintain quality during instrument handling is to establish a standard for each instrument processed
Small, heat-only patient therapy devices are used only on which of the following? sore muscles
Which of the following should be consulted prior to selecting a disinfectant for high-level disinfection of an endoscope? scope manufacturer
Mechanical cleaning equipment should be tested at all but which of the following times? upon being taken out of service
Dry heat sterilization should only be used in which of the following circumstances? when direct contact of the substance with saturated steam is impractical or unattainable
Once assembled, the sterilization package needs to be secured. The closure method chosen must ensure the package: remains together allows for sterilization penetration avoids constriction of the pack
Peel pouches must be sized and applied properly to allow for adequate air removal. This reason for this is which of the following? Trapped air acts as a barrier to heat and moisture.
The concept involving the development and maintenance of effective interpersonal relationships that enhance teamwork is human relations
Which of the following surgical procedures involves the muscular system? fasciotomy
Each of the following statements about sterilization is accurate EXCEPT: Conditions lethal to microorganisms must not be present.
Waste is categorized by all of the following EXCEPT: explosive
The heat process that can be done when disinfecting is a process called: thermal disinfection
Peel packs should be placed in which of the following positions on the cart shelf for sterilization? on edge with paper side of one pouch next to plastic side of the next pouch
Sterile packages must be examined to ensure that they are intact and uncompromised before being dispensed for use. This is known as a product integrity check
The use of which washer has automated the cleaning of misshaped surgical items, rigid containers, and other miscellaneous medical devices? cart washers
In general, containerized packaging should only be used in which type of sterilizer? prevacuum steam sterilizers
The conductivity of water is an important measurement that indicates which of the following? ionic charge
An important part of the instrument maintenance program, helping to maintain the integrity of instruments, and keeping them in good working order is the process called: lubrication
It is not appropriate to put paper-plastic pouches within wrapped sets or containment devices for which of the following reasons? the pouches cannot be positioned to ensure adequate air removal, steam contact, and drying
Prohibiting recapping needles with a two-handed technique is an example of which of the following? work practice controls
The requirements for the entire cleaning process from point-of-use to the sterilization of the medical device prior to next use is found in which of the following? The Association of the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation(AAMI)
Event-related sterility depends on all of the following EXCEPT: the expiration date
The usual cycle parameters for prevacuum cycles for wrapped devices are 272° F temperature, 28 to 30 psig pressure, and exposure time of how long? 4 minutes’ exposure
Most handheld instruments are prepared in sets. The contents of each set are usually determined by which of the following? the staff of the department in which the set will be used
There are three ways to obtain value from an obsolete product. Which of the following is NOT one of them? Recycle the obsolete product.
When a supplier provides a complete inventory, storage, and distribution service for the facility and delivers to user departments on a pre-scheduled basis this is which type of inventory system? stockless supply system
The sequential compression unit would be used for which of the following purposes? to limit the development of deep vein thrombosis and peripheral edema
The critical parameter for ozone sterilization is: ozone concentration admitted into the chamber
Staff who are specially trained to inspect, test, and repair patient care equipment are part of which of the following departments? Biomedical and Clinical Engineering Department
Before patient equipment can be disinfected it must be cleaned
Infections are caused by a variety of microorganisms including all but which of the following? blood
Insuring that an item can be quickly located and determining when consumable supplies should be replaced are factors in which of the following? equipment tracking process
Of the following, which would be safe to be placed in a sonic cleaner? stainless steel
A mandatory law or rule that is issued by a governing body is which of the following? regulation
Which of the following is a relatively new high-level disinfectant that provides a fast and effective way to disinfect a side range of items? ortho-phthalaldehyde
Which of the following statements about tracking systems is least accurate? Once a tracking system is implements, there is no need to update its information.
Who is responsible for the documentation of routine checks and repairs? Biomedical department
Pouches should be used for: lightweight individual items
Post-market device requirements that apply to third party and hospital reprocessors include all but which of the following? minimum price mandates
The decision as to whether to purchase, lease, or rent equipment is made by which of the following? hospital administration
Central service technicians should be concerned about handling regulated medical waste. Regulated medical waste is defined as waste capable of transmitting infectious diseases
Removing bloodborne pathogen hazards from the workplace is part of which of the following? engineering controls
To aid in steam contact, items with lumens must be flushed with sterile distilled water
Control of inventory involves avoiding stockouts. Stockouts are best defined as the condition that occurs when reusable or consumable inventory items are not available
“Neglected packs syndrome” where hard-to-reach packs may remain in storage too long can be avoided by using which inventory system? FIFO
Which of the following is something that should not be allowed in sterile storage areas? shipping containers
The procedures used to return equipment to proper operating condition are classified as repair
All of the following are essential factors in achieving effective sterilization EXCEPT: size of the machine being used to sterilize
Medical terminology involves understanding surgical roots (base word elements that refer to the main body of a medical word). The root “herni” indicates which of the following? rupture
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