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ASM Block 8 (N)

What grit range is considered Coarse? 0 - 180
What grit range is considered Medium? 180 - 320
What grit range is considered Fine? 320 - 800
What grit is recommended for topcoat removal? 120 Grit
What Grit is recommended for primer removal? 240 Grit
What is an abrasive mat? Nylon mesh impregnated with aluminum oxide
What are the three grades of abrasive mat? Very Fine, Fine, Medium
What grade of abrasive mat is used for primer removal? Fine
What grade of abrasive mat is used for topcoat removal? Medium
What are the two methods of mechanical removal? Hand-held abrasives, and motor driven abrasives
What are some examples of hand-held abrasives? Bonded abrasive papers or cloths, abrasive mats, metallic wools, and wire brushes
What are some examples of motor driven abrasives? Mat conditioning discs, abrasive discs, flap brushes/wheels, and wire brushes/wheels
When using abrasive paper how should you work? From coarse to fine
What T.O. Outlines the masking material? 1-1-8
What is the advantage of metallic wool? It can accommodate the shape of whatever you are working on
What materials does metallic wool come in? Aluminum, steel, brass
How would you prevent Galvanic corrosion? By matching metallic wool material with the material you are sanding
What is the preferred system to use to collect all dust and sanding remnants? High efficiency vacuum
What could cause a Galvanic cell? Particles left in crevices or butt joints
What are wire brushes used for? To remove paint that is not tightly adhered to the metal surface
When removing topcoat, how much pressure is needed? The least amount of pressure
What is another name for an orbital sander? DA or dual action sander
When using a sander, to prevent damage, what must never be exceeded? Manufacturer’s recommended operating air pressure
When sanding on magnesium surfaces, what must you remember? The powder and dust created is extremely combustible
When using a pneumatic drill, where should you start and stop the tool while using it? Off of the surface
What are advanced composites referred to IAW T.O. 1-1-8? Non-metallic
What are advanced composites defined as IAW T.O. 1-1-8? Fabric covered surfaces
Before attempting to remove coatings from any surface, what must you know? The material composition of the substrate
What is the preferred method for paint removal? (PMB) Plastic Media Blasting
What T.O. Should you refer to if the repair requires the total removal of the topcoat and primer? Weapon’s Specific and then T.O. 1-1-690
How is Plastic Media Blasting used? Only removes the topcoat and leaves as much of the original primer on the surface as possible
What must you perform wet-sanding with? Silicon carbide sandpaper
What kind of sandpaper can be used on all advanced composite materials? Aluminum oxide and silicon carbide sandpaper
When cleaning up, what kind of vacuum is preferred for use? HEPA vacuum or compressed air (no greater than 30psi)
What Determines what PPE to be used? Bio-environmental survey
What is corrosive, and will burn you if it gets on your skin? Chemicals for stripping
What must be done when the paint has deteriorated and become damaged to the extent that it is no longer protecting the metal from corrosion? The coating system must be removed?
Paint will be removed IAW what T.O.? T.O. 1-1-8
What T.O. Recommends using wheat starch? T.O. 1-1-690
What is the media used in Plastic Media Blasting fabricated from? Plastic stocks free from high-density particle contamination and other impurities
What particle size should be used in Plastic Media Blasting? U.S. screen 20-40 mesh
How is the media particles shaped? Irregular sharp, angular edges and corners
How many different types of Plastic Media types are there? Six
What are the three coating removal methods? Hand-held abrasives Motor driven abrasives Chemical paint stripper
What must you never use on advanced composites? Chemical stripper
Who must the dry abrasive blasting be approved by? SPD (Systems Program Director)
What type of blast media do we use? Type 5 - Plastic
What is Type V (5) media particles? Acrylic Plastic
What are the three components of the Blasting Cabinet? Cabinet / Glove Box, Blast / Reclaimer Assembly, Dust Collector
If the Zahn cup is broken or missing, what can be used as an alternative? #4 Ford Cup
What is the Zahn Viscometer Cup? Device that measures viscosity directly from thier containers
How is viscosity expressed? In seconds
What is Viscosity? A fluid’s internal resistance to flow
What are the three components of the Blasting Booth? Blasting Unit, Blast Reclaimer, Dust Collector
How often should you shake the cabinet filters Every four hours of use
What is solvent pop? Small swelled areas with pinpoint holes in the finish
What do resins turn into? A solid
How do u measure a Zahn cup? A steady stream, or when it first breaks
What are the main parts of the paint booth?
What is Velocity? Air traveling through an empty paint booth
What is a nanometer used for? To measure the capacity reached in the dry filters and baffles in the paint booth
What is T.O. 1-1-8?
What is T.O. 1-1-691?
What is the tack test? 6 hours
What is the cure time to remove from a controlled environment 6 hours
What is the cure time before first flight? 72 hours
What is the cure time before application of decals? 8 hours
What is the cure time before engine run up? 30 hours
What is the cure time before wet tape test? 48 hours
Faulty finishing material is part of what? Shelf life program
What are some contributing factors of coating defects? Oil, water, grease, dust, wax, and silicone
What are the seven paint coating defects? Pinhole cavities, peeling, blistering, fisheyes, pitting or cupping, crazing/mud cracking/checking, and sandpaper finish
What are Pinhole Cavities also known as? Solvent Pop
What causes Pinholes? Dirty Surfaces, Oils, and Solvents trapped under the coating
What causes Peeling? Failure to remove Water, Oil, or Grease from the surface
What is peeling? When the paint does not adhere to the surface
What is Blistering? Small swelled areas like water Blisters on the human skin
What causes Blistering? Oil, Grease, and moisture in the airlines, and incorrect thinner
What are fisheyes? Small crater like depressions in the coating
What causes fisheyes Silicone being left on the surface, greases, and hydraulic fluids
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