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Common Core

3 Objectives of first aid 1. Maintain Breathing 2. Stop Bleeding 3. Prevent or treat for shock
2 Types of Fractures.. Open and Closed
How to place tourniquet? (Massive Hemorrhage w/ Amputation) Place tourniquet 2-3 inches above wound. NOT OVER A JOINT. Write a “T” and time of placement on forehead
6th Fleet Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea Areas Location: Gaeta, Italy
7th Fleet Western Pacific/Indian Ocean Location: Yokosuka, Japan
10th fleet Conjunction w/ 2nd and 7th fleet
“ICE” method when attempting to retrieve body part to preserve it? (Massive Hemorrhage w/ amputation) Wrap body part in towel/sheet, place in bag of ice. DONT PLACE BODY PART DIRECTLY ON ICE.
(ELECTRICAL SHOCK) Used if power source cannot be secured? A non-conductive object to move casualty away from source
(SMOKE INHALATION) First line of treatment Oxygen
1st degree burn Red skin, mild pain
2nd degree burn Red Skin, blisters, sever pain
3rd degree burn Charred black skin, sever pain
Used to estimate body surface area burned? Rule of nines
Ways to stop bleeding? 1. Direct pressure 2. Pressure points 3. Tourniquet (last resort)
Dislocation Definition... Bone forcibly displaced from its joints
Sprain definition... Injuries to ligaments and soft tissues that support a joint
“ORM” Operational Risk Management
5 Step ORM process... Identify Hazards Assess Hazards Make Risk Decisions Implement Controls Supervise
ADULT CPR Deliver 1st set of 30 compressions. Compressions must be at least 2 inches deep at a rate of at least 100 per min. 5 cycles of 30 compressions and 2 breaths (2mins)
Mishap classes A B C
1st Mishap Class A: $2,000,000 or more
2nd mishap class B: $500,000 or more but LESS than $2,000,000
3rd mishap class C: $50,000 or more but LESS than $500,000
MOPP levels MOPP level 0 MOPP level 1 MOPP level 2 MOPP level 3 GQ is set MOPP level 4
Atropine 2-PAM-chloride For nerve agent casualties
Biological Warfare Pathogens Toxins
“IPE” Individual Protective Equipment
“PPE” Personnel Protective Equipment Establishes as a last line of defense in event of equipment breakdown
Chemical Warfare Nerve Blister Blood Choking
M9 Chemical Agent Detection Paper Turns red/reddish color
Core Capabilities 1. FWD Presence 2. Deterrence 3. Sea Control 4. Power Projection 5. Maritime Security 6. Humanitarian Assistance / Disaster Relief
Gun Salute Presidents Day Memorial Day Independence Day
Who was the 1st CO of the T.R.? Captain Paul W. Parcells
Theodore Roosevelt was the President... 26th President
CVN 71 SEAL... 58 strands on morning line because TR was born in 1858
CNO signed Navy Energy Vision October 2010
President Obama in 2012... Issued president proclamation declaring October National Energy Action Month
PACOM loacation And command Location: Camp Smith, Hawaii Command: US Pacific Command
AFRICOM Location And Command Location: Stuttgart, Germany Command: US Africa Command
2nd fleet Atlantic Ocean Location: Norfolk, Virginia
15th MCPON MCPON Russel Smith
Oldest US Navy Commissioned Vessel USS Constitution (Old Ironsides)
Navy’s Birthday October 13, 1775
Condition that led to the foundation of US Navy Taxation’s without Representation
Guadalcanal 13-15 November 1942 USS Juneau involves in battle Navy policy concerning family members separation was reinstated due to the 5 Sullivan brothers.
Battle of Midway 3-5th June 1942 Turning point of the Pacific War 3 carries: Hornet Enterprise, Yorktown 4 Japanese carriers sunk Japanese planes sunk the Yorktown
1994 First of many female naval aviator’s passed fleet carrier qualifications in combat aviation. USS Eisenhower becomes 1st combat ship yo receive permanent assigned women
20 March 1922 Jupiter, former Collier or coral carrier, was recommissioned after conversion to Navy’s first carrier USS Langley
1984 1sr carrier landing was made by US Navy jet FJ-1 Fury lands aboard USS Boxer
Battle of Coral Sea 7-8 May 1942 Breaking of Japanese navy code 1st carrier vs. carrier battle Strategic setback for Japanese
14Nov1910 1st take off from a ship (Eugene Ely) in a 50hp Curtiss plane from the bow of USS Bermingham
8May1911 Naval Aviation Birthday
Sailors Creed Written in 1993
DEFCON Defense readiness condition DEFCON 5. Normal, peacetime readiness DEFCON 4. Normal, increased intelligence, and strengthened security measures. DEFCON 3. Increase force readiness above normal readiness. DEFCON 2. Further increase in force readiness but
What is the firefighters primary duty? Saving lives Secondary: extinguish fires and limit damage
3rd Fleet Eastern Pacific Ocean Location: San Diego, CA
4th Fleet Caribbean, Central and South America and surrounding waters Location: Mayport, FL
5th Fleet Arabian Gulf, Indian Ocean, and Pursuant Gulf Location: Manama, Bahrain
Created by: CheyyCheyy15
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