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Chapter 1

Acquiring Medical Language 2nd Edition

Root Foundation or subject of the term.
Suffix Ending that gives essential meaning to the term.
Prefix Added to the beginning of a term when needed to further modify the root.
arthr/o AR-throh joint arthroscope, arthritis
cardi/o KAR-dee-oh heart cardiology, pericardium
enter/o EN-ter-oh small intestine enteropathy, dysentery
gastr/o GAS-tro stomach gastrointestinal, gastritis
hepat/o he-PAH-toh liver hepatology, hepatitis
neur/o NUR-oh nerve neurology, neuralgia
hem/o HEE-moh blood hemorrhage
hemat/o heh-MAH-toh blood hematoma
my/o MAI-oh muscle myocardial, myalgia
muscul/o MUS-kyoo-loh muscle musculoskeletal, muscular
angi/o AN-gee-oh vessel (most commonly refers to blood vessel, but can also refer to other types of vessels as well) angioplasty, angiectomy
vas/o VAS-oh vessel vasospasm, vasectomy
vascul/o VAS-kyoo-loh vessel vasculopathy, vasculitis
derm/o DER-moh skin dermoscopy, dermis
dermat/o der-MAT-oh skin dermatology, dermatitis
cutane/o kyoo-TAY-nee-oh skin subcutaneous
pneum/o NOO-moh lung pneumotomy
pneumon/o noo-MAW-noh lung pneumonia, pneumonitis
pulmon/o PUL-maw-noh lung pulmonologist, cardiopulmonary
gen/o JIN-oh creation, cause
hydr/o HAI-droh water
morph/o MOR-foh change
myc/o MAI-koh fungus
necr/o NEK-roh death
orth/o OR-thoh straight
path/o PAH-thoh suffering, disease
phag/o FAY-goh eat
plas/o PLAS-oh formation
py/o PAI-oh pus
scler/o SKLEH-roh hard
sten/o STIH-noh narrowing
troph/o TROH-foh nourishment, development
xen/o ZEE-noh foreign
-ac, -al, -ar, -ary, -eal, -ic, -tic, -ous pertaining to
-ia,-ism condition
-ium tissue, structure
-y condition, procedure
-icle, -ole, -ule, -ula small
-iatrics ee-AH-triks medical science
-iatry AI-ah-tree medical science
-iatrist EE-ah-trist specialist in medicine of
-ist ist specialist
-logist loh-jist specialist in the study of
-logy loh-jee study of
-algia AL-jah -dynia DAI-nee-ah pain
-cele SEEL hernia (a bulging of tissue into an area where it doesn’t belong)
-emia EE-mee-ah blood condition
-iasis AI-ah-sis presence of
-itis AI-tis inflammation
-lysis lih-sis loosen, break down
-malacia mah-LAY-shah abnormal softening
-megaly MEH-gah-lee enlargement
-oid OYD resembling
-oma OH-mah tumor
-osis OH-sis condition
-pathy pah-thee disease
-penia PEE-nee-ah deficiency
-ptosis puh-TOH-sis drooping
-rrhage RIJ -rrhagia RAY-jee-ah excessive flow
-rrhea REE-ah flow
-rrhexis REK-sis rupture
-spasm SPAZ-um involuntary contraction
-centesis sin-TEE-sis puncture
-gram gram written record
-graph graf instrument used to produce a record
-graphy grah-fee writing procedure
-meter mee-ter instrument used to measure
-metry meh-tree process of measuring
-scope skohp instrument used to look
-scopy skoh-pee process of looking
-desis DEE-sis binding, fixation
-ectomy EK-toh-mee removal
-pexy PEK-see surgical fixation
-plasty PLAS-tee reconstruction
-rrhaphy rah-fee suture
-stomy stoh-mee creation of an opening
-tomy toh-mee incision
a-, an- not
anti-, contra- against
de- down, away from
ante-, pre- before
pro- before, on behalf of
brady- slow
tachy- fast
post- after
re- again
ab- away
ad- toward
circum-, peri- around
dia-, trans- through
e-, ec-, ex- out
ecto-, exo-, extra- outside
en-, endo-, intra- in, inside
epi- upon
sub- beneath
inter- between
bi- two
hemi-, semi- half
hyper- over
hypo- under
macro- large
micro- small
mono-, uni- one
oligo- few
pan- all
poly-, multi- many
con-, syn-, sym- with, together
dys- bad
eu- good
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