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Pivot Point 12:1

Chemical Texturizing (Permanent Waving)

What is the physical and chemical process of making straight hair curly is called? Permanent waving (Perming)
What is the main ingredient found in an acid wave? Glycerol
What are thioglycolic acid and ammonia used to formulate? Alkaline wave solutions
Is wrapping the hair around the tool used to create the curl considered the chemical or physical part of the perm? Physical
What are the two basic methods of wrapping the hair around a tool to create a curl? Croquignole and spiral
Which wrapping technique uses one end paper folded in half? Bookend
Which wrapping technique uses two end papers, one on top of the other? one on top of the other technique lol
What happens when water is left in the hair and end papers after rinsing the perm? Perm solution is diluted and curl is weakened
The rectangle perm wrap is also called? The 9-section perm wrap
Which perm wrap places the perm rods in a staggered configuration? Bricklay
The "dropdown" wrap is also called a: Perimeter perm
Strong sulfide bonds are found in which layer of the hair? Cortex
What form does a positive test curl take during processing? An "S" pattern
Which type of perm solution is not recommended for porous or damaged hair? Alkaline
What is the Ph range of an alkaline perm? 8.0-9.5
What is the Ph range of an acid perm? 4.5-7.0
What is the Ph range of neutralizer? 2.5-7.0?
What product rebonds and restores disulfide bonds? Neutralizer
Hydrogen peroxide, sodium bromate or sodium perforate are commonly used in: Neutralizer
Which type of perm processes with heat? Acid
Hair should be wrapped without tension when using this type of perm? Alkaline
How long should you rinse EVERY perm for? 5 minutes minimum
Leaving neutralizer on the hair for too long can cause? Damage
Which type of perm causes minimal swelling and should be wrapped with even tension? Acid
What is the hairs ability to absorb moisture called? Porosity
What is the hairs ability to stretch and return to its original shape called? Elasticity
Would an alkaline or acid perm be a better choice for resistant hair? Alkaline
Characteristic of hair generally referred to as fine, medium or course? Texture
The number of hairs per square inch on the scalp is called? Density
What should you apply to the skin to protect the client from burning to the skin? Protective cream
What determines the size and shape of the new curl formation? Size and shape of perm rod
Should you perform a perm on a client with scalp abrasions? No
What is the proper cape/towel procedure for a perm service? Towel/cape/towel
Which perm wrap helps avoid splits between bases? Bricklay
The area between two partings is called the: Base
Weak or limp curls are caused by: Underprocessing
Frizzy curls can be the result of: Overprocessing
Hair rolled with too much tension can cause: Breakage
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