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Med 350

Gastr Stomach
Cardi Heart
Megal Enlarged
Itis Inflamation
Plast Surgical repair
Cerebr Brain
Path Disease
Ectomy Surgical removel
Enter Intestines
Osis Any condition
Otomy Cut into
Aden Gland
Angi Vessell
Oma Tumor
Nephr Kidney
Hepat Liver
Arthr Joint
Blephar Eyelid
Ologist Specialist
Rhin Noise
Gingiv Gum
Malacia Soft
Ology Study of
Spasm Involuntary movement
Algia Pain
Crani Skull
End Inside
Hemi Half
Oid Like
Hyper Above, more than normal
Cyst Sac containing fluid
Chole Bile
Hypo Under
Scop Observe
Hyster Uterus
Ostomy Create opening
Para Besides
Lysis Looseing, destruction
Cervic Neck
Chondr Carliage
Cyan Blue (lack of oxygen)
Hen(at) Blood
Ost Bone
Psycho Mind
Lip Fat
My Muscule
Lith Stone
Ophthalm Eye
Proct Anus
Cost Rib
Gram Record
Arco Extremities
Rhexis Bust, brake
Carcin Cancer
Penia Decrease
Gen Original, production
Burso Sac
Retr(o) Backwards
Trip Rub,friction
Strept Twist
Desis Binding
Mani Madness
Glosso Tongue
Trophy Development
Supra Above
Ptosis Falling
Dyn Pain
Mast Breast
Rrhaphy Suture
Dent Teeth
Cephal Head
Auto Self
Epi Upon
Hydro Water
Lobo Section
Emesis Vomiting
Contra Against
Iasis Through
Brady Slow
Ectasis Expansion
Cyt Cell
Odont Tooth
Leuk White
Esthesia Sensation
Cantho Angle of the endlid
Steno Narrow, contracted
Cheil Lip
Benign Not cancerous
Semen Seed
Celio Abdomen
Erythro Red
Vaso Vesell
Melan Black
Cauda Tail
Lingua Tounge
Myring Ear drum
Spondyl Sinal column
Ovar Egg
Centesis Puncture
Oto Ear
Bili Bile
Squam Scale
Mening Membrance
Cec Blind
Macul Spot
Pexy Suspension
Onco Tumor
Or Mouth
Spiro Coil
Lacrim Tear
Viscero Organ
Lact Milk
Onych Nail, claw
Thorac Chest
Pyle, phloro Gate
Vesic Bladder
Sphenic Wedge
Myel Marrow, spinal coloum
Anti Against
Myco Fungas
Hallux Big toe
Physio Nature
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