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Flashcards Practice Test

Movement of items from clean areas to dirty areas to prevent contamination of the environment. Work Flow
A strain of the bacterium enterococcus that is resistant to the powerful antibiotic vancomycin; infections occur when the bacteria enter the bloodstream, urinary tract, or surgical wounds VRE (vancomycin-resistant enterococcus)
Living carrier of pathogenic organisms from one host to another. Vector
Toxic Anterior Segment Syndrome; an acute inflammation of the anterior segment of the eye after cataract surgery. Caused by inadequate removal of detergent or disinfectant residues after cleaning of ocular instruments. TASS
Multichamber unit composed of three to five interconnected chambers, each with a specific task. Tunnel washer
Compact steam sterilizer that has a chamber volume of no more than 2 cubic feet and that generates steam when distilled or deionized water is added. Table Top Sterilizers
Individual who has little resistance to disease. Susceptible host
Device that comes in contact with mucous membranes. Semi critical device
Steam that contains 3% entrained water Saturated steam
Condition resulting from microorganisms or their toxins in the bloodstream. Sepsis
Water produced by a filtration process in which pressure is used to force a solution through a membrane, with the result that solutes are retained on one side of the membrane and the pure solvent passes to the other side. Reverse osmosis water
Abnormal virus-like proteins that do not contain DNA or RNA. Prions
Steam sterilizer in which the air is removed by means of a series of vacuums. Prevacum Sterilizer
Process by which oxygen combines with another substance. Oxidation
Amount of inventory to keep on hand. Par level
Final stage in the manufacturing of instruments; process in which a chemical dip removes all debris and creates a layer of chromium oxide. Passivation
Disease-producing microorganism Pathogen
Bacteria; germs producing fermentation, putrefaction, and disease. Microbes
Quick low-temperature sterilization process that uses gas plasma for the sterilization of packaged devices. The parameters for LTGP sterilization are time, temperature, and hydrogen peroxide gas plasma. Low-temperature gas plasma sterilization
Process that kills viruses, mycobacteria, fungi, and vegetable bacteria, but not spores. Intermediate level disinfectant
Immediate use steam sterilization IUSS
Class 5 chemical indicators; chemical indicators whose response depends on the achievement of all of the critical parameters of the specific sterilization process they were designed to monitor. Integrating indicators
Invasion of the body by microorganisms that multiply and produce injurious effects. Infection
To separate into ions, particles that carry an electric charge. Ionize
Inanimate objects that serves as transmission agent for microorganisms. Formites
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