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Edge Exam

SPD Practice Test

All of the following are essential parameters of steam sterilization EXCEPT: Gravity
Of the following surgical procedures involving the circulatory system, which involves suturing the radial artery and cephalic vein together in the lower arm? Arteriovenous Fistula
Individuals, groups, or organizations that have a vested interest in and may be affected by policy decisions are known as which of the following? Stakeholders
The recommended temperature in the prep and pack area is which of the following? 68°F to 73°F
Effective hand washing consists of wetting, soaping, lathering, and vigorously rubbing one’s hands together for at least how long? 15 Seconds
Patient care equipment is stored at which of the following points? When it is ready to use
In which distribution system is an optimum level of stock for each item used on a regular basis determined for each customer? Par-level restocking system
Each of the following should appear in the labeling of the plastic/paper pouch package EXCEPT: Manufacturer’s Name
The order processing system in which a record is kept of each receipt into and issue from the supply area is which of the following? Perpetual -inventory system
Canvas is no longer recommended for steam sterilization because It makes steam penetration difficult.
Created by: Pink Guy