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Quiz 4 Chpt. 51

Which of the following drugs are schedule || substance? Demerol and morphine
Schedule ||| substance? Talbutal, paregoric, Tylenol 3
The part of the prescription that is required for prescriptions of schedule ||,|||,|||4,|5 medication only is the ____ number DEA
The length of time between dosing and the availability of a drug in the bloodstream Distribution
Efficacy of a medication Therapeutic value
The_____ information component is the part of a presentation that lists the name,address, and telephone number of the person who ordered the medication. Prescriber
A drugs official name Generic name
The study of what the body does to a drug is called? Pharmacokinetics
Which drug belong to the drug category of diuretics Bumex, lasix, and mannitol
Vaccines contain microorganisms that have been killed or ____\ (weakened) in a laboratory. Attenuated
Popular term used by government agencies for an opioid Narcotic
Presents information provided by pharmaceutical companies on more than 2500 prescription drugs? Physicians Desk reference
Purpose or reason for using drug IndicAtion
Drugs that are administered intramuscular are absorbed through the _____ Muscle
A drug prescribed to improve a life-threatening or serious condition, as with epinephrine for sever allergic reaction? Acute
The studs of what the body does to drugs is? Pharmacokinetics
Another term for the transcription portion of a prescription is _____\ Signa
Most drugs are metabolized in the _____ Liver
Prescription that is entered electronically and transmitted directly to a pharmacy E-prescribing
Drug therapeutic value Efficacy
Drug is eliminated from the body Excretion
Study of what the drugs do to the body Pharmacodynamics
Part of prescription contains patient instructions Transcription
Part of prescription includes the name of the drug and the amount Inscription
Where are injected drugs absorbers Skin
Where does metabolism take place metabolites the drug? Liver
Two drugs derived from mineral sources Potassium chloride and mineral oils
Created by: Littles_789
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