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week 1 term

sender encodes or creates the message
feedback takes place after the receiver had decoded or interrupted the message
message content being communicated and channels in which is communicated
receiver decodes the meaning of the message
verbal com takes place when the message is spoken
non verbal com body language known as kinetics
complete all necessary information must be given
clear message must be heard clear
concise brief and to the point
courteous asking to place them on hold. thanking them for holding
cohesive summarize and allow time for understanding
facial expressions most important nonverbal com
territoriality distance at which we feel comfortable with others
posture manner in which we carry ourselves
position arrangements you are put in.. put yourself in for com with someone else
gesture using a body part to enhance or emphasize words
defense mech way of seeking relief from uncomfortable or painful reality
regression withdrawal, feeling of powerlessness
denial refusal to accept information
repression temporary amnesia
projection blaming someone for your own impulses and thoughts your guilty of
sublimation socially unacceptable behavior
displacement transfer of unacceptable emotions
compensation over emphasizing
rationalization making unacceptable events acceptable by rational reason
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