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APU Study II

APU Study- Warnings/Cautions/Notes Preparation and Start

Do not move engine start switch to WHAT when APUI is running? RUN
Ensure WHAT? Exhaust, ram air scoops, and OWFS are clear prior to APU start? APU
Wing movement will occur when wing sweep handle and wing position are not aligned and when hydraulic pressure is applied to A/C. Electrical power is not require for WHAT? Wing sweep operations
Do not WHAT? APU or ADG 2 or 4 if corresponding engine is removed? Couple
Ensure window power is switch is WHAT? OFF
Do not remove hydraulic power if wings are at WHAT? wing sweep? If it has been set to WHAT switch to RESET for 5 seconds, then to HOLD prior to hydraulic power removal ALT FULL FWD, ALTER WG SWP
Set WHAT priot to APU operation if an engine or SCDU is removed? Brakes
Do not operate APU's when fuel in mains is below WHAT? 6100ibs/tank
Monitor applicable WHAT? and WHAT? lights during APU operation? Fire and Caution
Monitor applicable WHAT and WHAT during APU operation? Caution lights and Hydraulic quantity gauges
Ensure WHAT tank fill valves are closed and all XFER pumps are off during APU operations (Unless xferring fuel to extinguish fuel hot light or to replenish mains. Monitor quantities during xfer as mains may over fill even with fill valves closed) Main
Check all WHAT/WHAT/WHAT Fire switch lights and ensure none are depress. If so, determine why, if no problems exist reset switch light ENG/APU/OWF
When MX is being performed on A/C, WHAT are not to be used if ground equipment is available? APUs
Engine SCDU can only be powered in 2-min intervals by placing WHAT? switch to LOW or HIGH for approximately 5 seconds ENG INST TEST
IF LM1 is NOT desire. ensure WHAT power control switch is srt to OFF GROUND REFUEL/DEFUEL PANEL