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Development and Agin

MU BSC 105

How many sperm can penetrate the corona radiata (egg)? One
How long is the pre-embryonic development? One week
How long is embryonic development? Second week to second month
How long is fetal development? Third month to ninth month
When can the gender of a baby first be determined? Third month
When are symptoms of early pregnancy first present for the mother? Second week
When does a baby first open its eyes in the womb? Seventh month
What is the approximate number of weeks until the due date? Forty weeks
What is the first embryonic membrane to appear? Yolk sac
What role does the yolk sac play in humans? First site of blood cell formation
What provides food for the embryo in humans? Placenta
What is usually performed in the fifteenth to seventeenth week of pregnancy to test for possible birth defects? Amniocentesis
What are some ways a mother can help prevent birth defects? Healthy diet, avoid alcohol and drug abuse, and avoid infections that can cause birth defects
Why might it be important for medical personnel to know that you are pregnant? Several medications that are healthy for adults could be harmful to the fetus, radiation for x-rays could harm fetus, and anesthesia and immunizations are also potentially harmful to the fetus
In what week does the heart of a fetus first become developed? Fifth week
What week does the heart become fully developed? Tenth week
About how many beats per minutes does the heart have in the tenth week? 150 to 195
When does the heart begin to settle into normal levels? After the twelfth week
Can a baby hear in the womb? Yes
When can a baby first hear? 18 weeks of development
When can the baby first recognize its mother's voice? 25 weeks
What does a person with androgen look like? Looks like female typically, but has undescended testes
What happens in the first stage of birth? Cervix dilates
What are Braxton Hicks contractions? False contractions that occurs through out the pregnancy, last about 20 to 30 seconds and occur every 15 to 20 minutes
What happens in the second stage of birth? Baby emerges
What happens in the third stage of birth? Afterbirth is expelled (placenta)
What determines the sex of the baby? SRY gene
When do the sex organs first begin development? Six weeks
When is the development of sex organs complete? About 14 weeks
What are some symptoms a mother might experience when first pregnant? Nausea, heartburn, vomiting, loss of appetite, constipation, and fatigue
Why does a mother gain weight in pregnancy? Enlargement of breasts and uterine enlargement, weight of the fetus, amniotic fluid, size of placenta, increase in own total body fluid and minerals
What can the increased weight of the mother lead to? Lordosis or lower back pain
How much might a pregnant woman's metabolism increase during pregnancy? 10-15%
What are the major changes that take during pregnancy mostly due to? Estrogen and progesterone
What stimulates the uterine muscles to contract? Oxytocin
What happens to the skin (integumentary system) as aging occurs? Thinner and less elastic, less adipose tissue, and sweat glands become less active (affects temperature tolerances)
What happens to the cardiovascular system as a person ages? Artherosclerosis (possibly), heart muscles weaken, blood vessels lose elasticity and can cause blood to leak back into valves and higher blood pressure
What happens to the immune system as a person ages? Can become compromised, the thymus shrinks,
What happens to the digestive system as a person ages? Metabolism slows (weight gain), saliva production decreases, and bacteria can stick to teeth
What happens to the Respiratory system as a person ages? Decrease in elasticity of lung tissue
What happens to the excretory system as a person ages? Kidneys become smaller and less efficient, possible lack of bladder control
What happens to the nervous system as a person ages? Brain loses 20% of its weight and volume between ages 20 and 90, neurons more sensitive due to lack of blood flow in narrow vessels. Memory loss, strokes, and Alzheimer's
What happens to the sensory sytems as a person ages? Lose sensitivity and more stimulation is needed. More likely to lose smell and taste
What happens to the musculoskeletal system?
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