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Word parts w/o CF

endoscope instrument used for visual examination within (a hollow organ or body cavity-also for surgical proced.)
endoscopic pertaining to visual examination within
endoscopy visual examination within
apnea absence of breathing
dyspnea difficult, painful breathing
eupnea normal breathing
hypopnea deficient breathing
tachypnea rapid breathing
hematosalpinx blood in the fallopian (uterine) tube
hydrosalpinx water in the fallopian (uterine) tube
pyosalpinx pus in the fallopian (uterine) tube
salpingitis inflammation in the fallopian (uterine) tube
leukorrhea white discharge (from the vagina)
Bartholin adenitis inflammation of the Bartholin gland
abortion expulsion of fetus before viability (termination of pregnancy)
abruptio placentae premature separation of placenta from the uterine wall
eclampsia progression of preeclampsia- potentially life threatening (incl. convulsions/seizures)
preeclampsia abnormal condition during pregnancy or shortly after birth (high blood pressure- no seizures)
Apgar score system for rapid neonatal assessment at 1 min and 5 min after birth
colostrum thin milky fluid excreted by breast during pregnancy and for a few days after birth
meconium newborn's first stool
midwife individual who practices midwifery
midwifery practice of assisting in childbirth
obstetrician physician who specializes in obstetrics
obstetrics (OB) medical specialty dealing with pregnancy, childbirth and puerperium
parturition act of giving birth
puerperium period from delivery until reproductive organs return to normal (approx. 6 weeks)
stillborn born dead (death of fetus after 20 weeks)
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