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Lesson 1

Common root word and Musculoskeletal terms

cholecyst koh+luh+sist gallbladder
chondro con+droh cartilage
arthro are+throw joint
calculi cal+cue+lie stone
cell sell tumor/cyst hernia
cyto sigh+toe cell
glyco gl+eye+co sweet/sugar
homeo,homo hoe+me+oh similar/same /like
lingua ling+wha tongue
lip fat
lith lith as in fifth stone
madaro ma+dare+oh falling hair
psych sike mind
pyo pie+oh pus
radi ray+dee rays
thermic ther+mick heat
ortho or+thoh straighten
osteo ah+stee+oh bone
pedi pee+dee foot
spondyl spawn+dill vertebra
myo my+oh muscle
myel my+el bone marrow
manus man+us hand
ili ill+lee hip
dactyl dact+till finger
cranio crane+knee+oh skull
costa cost+uh rib
carpo car+poe wrist
adeno ah+dee+no gland
prefix a word before another
suffix A letter or group of letters added to the end of a word which makes a new word
root orgin of the word
Created by: pam4902
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